Ocasio-Cortez Attacks Males In Congress

Democratic nominee for New York State’s 14th congressional district November election Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez insists that Congress being comprised of “80 percent males” created “blind spots in our legislation.”

Partial transcript as follows:

MARGARET BRENNAN: Last week on this program we had the man you defeated, the New York Congressman Joe Crowley and he congratulated you on your win. He said you very much deserved it. He also explained two factors he thought that were- were decisive here. One of them being the year of the woman, he called it, and also the timing of the primary. Are those factors in your view?

OCASIO-CORTEZ: Well, I think that the factors that ultimately created our win was the fact that we had bold commitments and I campaigned on hard commitments of Medicare for all, tuition free public college, ensuring a Green New Deal for our future and championing those issues were the reason that we won. We won across demographics. We won- we expanded the electorate ourselves. We did the work of organizing.

BRENNAN: So you reject the idea that your gender was a factor here?

OCASIO-CORTEZ: Um, you know, I think that you know I think that in this moment, there’s a confluence of factors that makes this moment inspiring. Right now more women than ever are running for office and I do think that women want representation in Congress, absolutely. Congress right now is 80 percent male. And that creates blind spots in our legislation. It means we don’t have family leave, we don’t have paid maternal and parental leave. It means that we don’t get the equal pay that we want. So I think those issues certainly were important.

BRENNAN: Well right now there is a female leader within the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi. If you are lucky enough to win in November and come here to Washington will you support her?

OCASIO-CORTEZ: You know, I need to get to Congress first. I need to work on winning my general election, but I’m excited to–

BRENNAN: You don’t see her as the party leader?

OCASIO-CORTEZ: I mean she is the current party leader, absolutely. And I look forward to be parting–to be part of that conversation and, and winning back the House. There is no decision about the party leader until we win the House first.

BRENNAN: So you are leaving open the possibility you may endorse her, if you win in November?


  • steve

    The problem with socialism and a socialist running for government is they want all this free stuff, but eventually other people’s money runs out and the economy crashes. Don’t vote for socialist democrats.

  • gene smith

    Well isn’t she just Precious.
    Actually, at this point ,and from what I have observed, this woman should stand quietly by and learn a bit about what she is pretending to know about.
    Sadly, she will attract votes from stupid women who just can’t get away for there being some extra value to a woman politician////an unproven fact ( Consider Hilllary )

  • ahrcshaw

    mamak.. .She is a joke! The major problem with Capitalism is that it creates Socialist leaders, who gain power. When they think they have the power they attack anything while having others do their bidding. Some one tell me one Socialist Leader who is not rich! One non rich Socialist leader anywhere in the world! Then look at what the US has to offer: Sanders, Warren, Oblaimer, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Soros, you name them they are all Capitalist moved on to Socialism for more power, and self esteem. I admit I am not a Democrat, but when you consider any of these who in their right mind would have one of these running the country.

    Trump with all his fault has unearthed these swamp rats and cesspool fools along with the rhinos that lean their way and seek the powers. At this point this country Is at a cross road, just like all the wars we have fought, but this one is more dangerous because it comes from within. American born and bread Socialist who want to destroy the constitution, eliminate our freedoms, Make everyone dependent on the government except themselves.

  • lmorgan138

    What an idiot. So dumb dumb, how do you plan on paying for everything? She probably has no idea except for taxing the hell out of everyone. Her slogan should be “Free Stuff For Everyone!”

  • Too dumb for prime time, the three steps to hell are liberalism, socialism and communism and we are in full blown stage two.

  • Meg

    Bernie Sanders is a socialist and he became very rich while in the govt. I don’t see him giving any of his money away. He just goes and buys another house. Cortez is an uninformed idiot and only by the grace of God can we keep her out of our govt. Please get out and vote.

  • Ron C

    Seriously…we already know socialism fails when you run out of everyone else’s money!
    You lazy bums need to get a job or starve for a living, and stop stealing from the folks who do work for what they get!

  • Jim Wardell


    • Kol

      I have extened family in Russia. I have spent a lot of time there. Russia is a socialist democracy. EVERY Russian citizen is provided with government-sponsored health care which is rather good despite a few problems. Unlike America, they do not have 30-odd million people who cannot afford adequate healthcare or who have no healthcare available at all. And EVERY high school graduate there is entitled to a tuition-paid-for university or college education, without being saddled with $20,000 student loan debts, the sole purpose of which is to benefit profiteering banks/moneylenders. And as a result, the average Russian you meet on the street is much better educated than our “average” American!

      • Ron C

        Yeah right! That is why Russia is an economic power house right…? LOL

  • Mac Daddy

    God bless NY because all I ever heard was if I ever went there some big city slicker would take advantage of me. Well I see that they buy bigger loads of BS then us old southern boys. Because this candidate that these folks put in Flies on 1 set of colors but in reality has a different set. Oh by the way granted Boston College is not Ivy league but it isn’t by a long cry some local community or Jr. college it is classified Big Time like Georgetown, St. John’s, Fordham & Catholic University (All were & are highly respected Catholic Schools). Also she sure as hell lived in a better neighborhood then where I grew up. See she has Ideas like all the Socialist Democrats but no solutions to pay for them other then enslaving the Middle-Class too pay for them buy raising our taxes till we become the poor. Oh by the way how would any of you NY city slickers like to buy some land down south that only get flooded once a year (all the time).LOL

  • Batbear

    Hey, let’s not trash her too effectively; we WANT her to be the face of the Democrat Party, finally exposing it for what it is. You know the Democrat media’s not going to do it. The Democrat media won’t let us do it. So let her do it for us.

  • Jmanjo

    Well well well..we have her gender correct now…bitch.

  • proudmomoffive

    Occasio-Cortez what a loony! She doesn’t even know how to speak! So much for a bartender that used to steal her co-workers tips! And this is the new face of the DNC? They are soooo doomed! Ship her to Venezuela!!

  • EdWatts

    It’s Hillary all over again — “Vote for me because I have a vagina!”

  • Dianna Zerbe

    this “little” girl should shut her mouth & grow up! she’s like my grandson! wants everything handed to him & he doesn’t have to do anything for it! America has got to stop giving away freebies to everybody who thinks they are deserving! she makes me want to throw up every time I hear her talk & read what’s she says! hopefully people won’t be intimidated by her & put her in her place which shouldn’t be in United States Congress! I can’t believe people voted for her!

  • Ron C

    And according to what is being taught in the halls of academia…you have to do what Ocasio says…because she is a women, and a democrat women of color…right?
    Because we all know the socialist democrat’s judge all things by skin color & gender…their is no longer any room for individual freedom, only socialist government mandates…right?

  • Ron C

    Sadly it is taught in the halls of academia, that if a women of color, such as Ocasio says something that is factually untrue…You still have to do what she wants…or you will be called all kinds of vile names…!
    Sadly the minds of higher education have decide that all truth is decided on mere skin tone alone…and that all white skinned people are evil Nazi’s…True story, and the public is swallowing it…hook-line-and sinker!

    • Kol


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