North Korea Detains American Professor

North Korea detained a U.S. citizen this week teaching at a university in the capital of Pyongyang without justification, media reports have confirmed.

Kim Sang-duk, known in America as Tony Kim, was due to fly out of Pyongyang on Saturday before he was detained by authorities, making him the third U.S. citizen in North Korean custody.

A statement from the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology confirmed that Kim was taken into custody by airport authorities “after several weeks of service, teaching at PUST.”

Kim, who is in his late 50s, was also involved in several aid programs for North Koreans and had previously worked as a professor at the Yanbian University in China.

Other American detainees include University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier, who was sentenced to 15 years hard labor after he was caught tampering with political propaganda in a hotel lobby, and 62-year-old Kim Dong-chul, who was sentenced to 10 years for allegedly spying on the North Korean regime.

North Korea has previously released detainees Kenneth Bae and Matthew Todd Miller from custody, in what analysts believed were potential bargaining chips in any negotiations between the two countries. However, the North Korean government has since urged Bae, a Christian missionary, to “commit suicide.”

The incident comes amidst rising tensions between the U.S. and North Korea, with Donald Trump warning this month that he was sending “an armada” into the region to fend off any potential threat.


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  • rick meek

    SO WHAT – Whose the moron that WALKED into a hornets nest and then begs for help to be extracted…..

    • Boyce Timothy



    Sorry, but WTF is ANY U.S. citizen doing in that backward, communist butt hole nation??!! I don’t GAF if you’re slant-eyed, round-eyed, whatever, N. Korea is a nightmare police state run by a family of maniacs who answer to no one. I recall some other younger idiot who went there and took a poster for a souvenir. He’s in a labor camp, assuming he’s even alive, what a f***ing moron! There are plenty of places one can do humanitarian service. Even if it’s a case of identity servitude, where people of a particular ethnicity feel compelled to help their nations of origin, you need to have some common sense and self preservation. I’m Cuban born and would never set foot there for anything, as well as places like Honduras, Mexico, El Salvador, etc. I do altruism in the US.

    • Boyce Timothy

      Makes sense and agree!

    • Steve Wilson


  • beagle2725

    when will the dumb A** I can change the world liberals learn to stay out of the shit holes of the world learn, now I suppose the tax payers have to pay someone to get their dumb butts out, why would anyone with a once of intelligence go teach in NK. Dumb ASS

    • Boyce Timothy

      Book smarts….maybe! Common sense…..ZERO! What do you expect from crazy people…..just like these democrat socialist! Look at what you socialist put in office for 8 yrs that was literally destroying The standard way of life….in America but blessing illegals and rag heads! Dumb and Dumber! You see where the Congressional investigators sent to Clinton home portion of Clinton Library in Little Rock were tortured and buried still alive? More on he Clinton Death List!!!!


    Why in the hell would any American citizen go to a country of our enemies?

  • Chris Berg

    I have no idea why anyone from any country would want to go to, or be in, North Korea, for any reason. But now let us round up EVERY North Korean in the US, and see how they like it back in North Korea. I say fair is fair, and you cannot deal fairly with insane animals, so you have to match their policies, and beat them at the games they created, unfortunately…

    • John Somers

      Unfortunately, I agree with you.
      Put the message out that they are ALL accused of trying to get U.S. Defense info.
      The only problem is that kim would just say fine execute them. He does NOT give a chit about the people.

  • Earn nest

    Seems his wife, a pretty young white christian, has not returned calls from her missionary work in Somalia.

  • alfy

    stupid is, as stupid does.

  • metheoldsarge

    No job could pay me enough to visit North Korea.



  • DollyT

    Any “American” still in North Korea a re Idiots and not worth the time of day. - 2015 | Privacy Policy