Michelle Obama Cries Harassment

During a speech last year to young girls in Argentina about education and empowerment, former first lady Michelle Obama instead delivered a “woe is me” diatribe in which she portrayed herself as a victim of sexism.

“As I got older, I found that men would whistle at me or make comments about how I looked as I walked down the street,” she told the young ladies, as quoted by Time magazine. “As if my body were their property. As if I were an object to be commented on instead of a full human being with thoughts and feelings of my own.”

While that’s a common sentiment shared by many women, some found fault with the then-first lady’s testimony, claiming the speech should have been about empowerment, not victimhood.

An unnamed writer for Mad World News opined at the time that instead of delivering an arrogant spiel “about having succeeded despite being sexy in a ‘man’s world,’” Obama should have sought to genuinely empower the young ladies “with a message that they can do anything they set their minds to.”

Instead she chose to brag “about herself and the accomplishments she’s had in life,” describe “how she had to overcome a lot simply for being a woman” and “whine that she wasn’t taken seriously because of her gender.”

Yet for a woman who allegedly had it so hard, Obama managed to graduate Princeton University cum laude, earn a degree from Harvard Law School, practice law in the field and service in various high-profile government positions in the city of Chicago, according to a profile of her at Biography.com.

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source: http://conservativetribune.com/michelle-obama-tells-story/

  • TexasTeddy

    Poor Moochelle,

  • Ms_V

    OMG, the only whistles this thing ever heard were for someone else or from a blind man.

  • Fromo1946

    I am speechless, wow, I’m sorry, not in my worst days of being a drunk, would I have leered at her…she’s too in too herself, just like Oblammie!

  • DonRS

    Unless and until everyone is bending over kissing her prodigious black ASS, she will continue her pronouncement of lifelong self pity. From a comfortable early life to top notch universities to becoming the First Lady, the woman has ALWAYS WHINED. WHO CARES what she conjures up in her pitiful little tiny mind.

    • Mo Par

      What ever happened to the speech she gave when she said I finally feel good about America. Was it just a fleeting feeling of the moment? She lives better than MOST of the people of the US and she still complains. I think she should live in Venezuela for a while!

  • Raymond Levy

    are you shore that the cat calls where for you?? I think that they where for the gal behind you , because your one ugly bitch…….

    • pappy450

      Not a ‘bitch” just an ugly “Trannie” that USED to be Named Michael Robinson. (hence the UGLY man/ “woman”)

      • Carol Durgin

        There has to be hidden someplace, birth records for a Michelle Robinson or a Michael Robinson.Can they pay someone off to actually change birth records? Just a thought. You hear all kinds of rumors. I would want to know for sure.

        • pappy450

          Obammie “slipped up” and actually called “her’ Michael..ON TV Then went back to “Michelle” AND there are many pictures of “her” with a telltale bulge in the front of her dress. Pay to change birth records???? Over 3 million dollars in Lawyer “fees” (at last check) probably MORE now. to HIDE oscumbag’s “records” from the public. I would say MONEY will buy anything THESE days (including silence) if you have enough.

    • Mo Par

      She must have been in a VERY depraved neighborhood at the time.

  • pappy450

    First LADY?? I think NOT…First “TRANNIE”…Need to be in a jail CELL with her “husband” and all his corrupt MINIONS.

    • Sure great comment there, pappy, butt unfortunately it makes ya appear to be a third grader merely spewing out froth with no basis or fact to back it up. Merely lamenting your biased views, uh there, pappy.

      But while we’re speaking of corrupt, Obama has had the least amount of scandal than any other recent presidency. As for trump, his first six months in office has been nothing but corrupt scandals…chaos within the WH, his lies average 5.9 per day, no major legislation passed. Trump admires and praises Putin any chance he gets, while calling the U.S. media America’s worst enemy. Now how does that MAGA…

      • RM Sky

        Just goes to show everybody ur just another SJW spewing lies about Obama! He had more scandals in his 8 yrs in office than any other president ever!! Hope and Change only to more crooked politics than before ever! Nobody thought it was possible!! Let a crook from chicago in and thats all we got! More crooked politics!!!

        • RM, instead of lathering your jaws by spewing nonsense, give me three concrete and valid Obama scandals. Should be quite easy according to you…

          • eyeque

            1) fast & furious- guns to Mexico
            2) Lois Lerner
            & the IRS
            3) spying on the American people via the NSA

            Those are 3 memorable events… oh,

            Hillary’s 30,000 emails from her time at the state department and the illegal server but I’m sure you dismiss them away as nothing… W’s fault, right?

          • 1. Fast and Furious…started by the W. Bush administration. Obama ended it in 2011
            2. Lois Lerner/IRS ~ Except for wild ‘trumped up’ accusations by the right, an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation, completed in 2015, found “substantial evidence of poor judgment and institutional inertia” but “found no evidence that any IRS official acted based on political, discriminatory, corrupt, or other inappropriate motives that would support a criminal prosecution.”
            3. The NSA is not controlled by the president. They’ve been spying on Americans ever since their inception. Why they’re even spying right now with Trump as prez. But I won’t blame him for that as you tried to accuse Obama…

            As far as Hillary’s private server…they all do it…even Trey Gowdy and Jason Cahffetz conducted government business over private servers…Gowdy still does…

      • pappy450

        Try doing some thinking there TEX, When OSCUMBAG was a senator, Did you ever actually SEE him with a “family”….OR even HEAR of a “WIFE”?? Bring In Jesse Jackson and company and POOF Instant “family”…Then when he was shoved in there after HE himself ,SAID ON NATIONAL TV HE WAS NOT ELIGIBLE, THEN again POOF…”natural-born status” (thanks to the DEMOCOMMIE PARTY, records hidden from view by high-priced attorneys and a FAKE “birth certificate” that had more layers of photoshopping done to it than you could count. Have you been SLEEPING for 8 years or have you been drinking the liberal kool-aide so long it clouded your MIND?

        • pmbalele

          Since Sessions is out now, we can keep Hillary as next President. Some people are so dumb when they are appointed to these political jobs. Look, Sessions, thought had it all when Trump was elected. Not so. So Sessions came in with a vengeance to bully poor Blacks and poor whites and other racial minorities. The guy declared himself George Wallace and President of US. Now he will go out with a vengeance not as President of US. We will allow him to keep the George Wallace part for him.

        • That’s exactly my thoughts…ya pulled it right out of the hat…Yeah pappy, try doing some of your own thinking as you are being taken for a sucker simply because all these bogus conspiracy theories stroke your biases the right way. They give what ya want to hear and not the truth. Besides, the ones chumming up to Russia is most likely the commie party and that would be Trump and Republican company…

          • fbair1

            Exactly how has Trump chummed with Russia, where’s proof, or just mouth…

          • How has he not…he continually praises Putin while calling the American media the true enemy of Americans and claims our U.S. intelligence are wrong about Russian meddling in our democracy. He had a private meeting with Lavrov and Kislyak while giving them secret Israeli documents. He secretly met with Putin twice at the G-20 meeting with no American translator, just a Russian one, now that sounds fishy that he didn’t want any American to witness what was said. The Trump administration always siad they never had any meetings with Russians until they’re forced to disclose it after it leaked out…Trump even said 100% no one in his campaign had ever talked to a Russian official, when Carter Page, Felix Sater, that pinhead Roger Stone, Manafort, Flynn, Sessions and Donny Jr. had. There’s at least 18 meetings that we now know of with Trump officials and Russians. Trump also was working on allowing Russia to regain their NYC offices after they had to abandon them in Obama’s December sanctions.

            So where’s your ‘mouth’ hanging. I don’t know what infatuates you with Trump so much that you’re willingly to be ignorant and blind to what he’s doing. Oh, right since the media reports what Trump says and does they’re fake…

        • mrp15

          As an Illinois senator, Obama hung around gay bathhouses and one of his lovers met an untimely death before he could reveal the truth about Obama. So to create the Manchurian President, Jesse Jackson gave his respectability by pairing him with Michelle who was a constant visitor at Jesse Jackson’s house. Bring in two daughters and poof–we have a presidential candidate.

      • gunnygil

        You are full of it. The corruption you speak of now is built by detractors who still think they had the election won from the first day of campaigning with their slave sheep. 2018 was supposed to be the year that the socialist One World Order American Communist Party (DNC) was to take over the country and hand it over to the Bolshevik covert order, and now they are pissed off royally, that the murderous Adolf Hillaroid is not the first Satanic (susposed) female to run a once free nation into the abyss of history gone bye bye.

        • Gunny, don’t exactly know where you get your ‘fake news’, but Russia was full tilt in hopes of Hillary losing, ya know…the real commies. When news broke at the Kremlin that Trump won, all those Russian parliamentarians immediately stood up and cheered.

      • donl

        Hey Coach, Obie was ONE BIG Scanda; he was constantly spewing his Communistic Rhetoric,

        • donl, ya don’t even have a clue at what you’re saying and most likely have no idea what the definition of communism is without first looking it up.

          • donl

            I spent 4 years in Cuba ’60 thru 64, talking directly with the Cuban people, listening to what they would tell me, watching their government take their weekly pay from them and giving them back a small portion of what they earned. During the crisis watching the men escourt their families to the fence to flee Castro’s men. I saw it first hand, so where did you see it going on? Coach!

      • fbair1

        The reason you never heard of scandals is the DNC, Clinton and the Rich democrats owned the press, as demonstrated right now about how they are attacking trump. Which are you gay, transgender, illegal, or a refugee, or just on the government tit?

        • Ya know, fbair…you the big boy with the little britches aren’t worth a reply. With your little third grader slurs ya may get a pat on the back by a few here, but anyone with any common sense will never take you or your words seriously. You don’t even know how to conduct yourself in a decent debate.

          Behave yourself, ya hear…

  • Dana Cole

    Sounds like the remarks of never-quite-made-it to the role of a has been.

  • Jj Doodah

    They only whistled when they heard her barking……and started chasing cars…..

  • muymalo

    No worries, Michelle. I will never whistle at you if you walk by. I guarantee it! Melania, however, would get my attention.

  • flashy0ne

    Boy, she’s lucky she doesn’t have to withstand the beating President Trump goes through on a daily basis.

  • Gerry Costa

    Why can’t her and her POS husband just go away forever — oh wait — I hear that there is evidence coming out that involves obozo in all this demoTRASH corruption — just maybe, hopefully he will be put away forever.

  • Bruce Kellar

    She really should go somewhere that is not so hateful. Somewhere without special funding for educating blacks. Somewhere that allows everyone the same privilege she has enjoyed during this period of reparations to her militant self. I cannot think of any person who knows of Obama proclaiming her beauty, but rather the contrary. What a vain bitch.

  • samnigromd


    By Samuel A. Nigro

    Date:February 2001

    Victimism — the self promotion of victimhood by self serving propaganda against a non-guilty, falsely accused “perpetrator” or “alleged victimizer” (victimor).

    Victimist — a promoter of victimism; one who creates a “false perpetrator” (victimor) and a “false victim” (victimee).

    Victimee — One who falsely claims to be a victim.

    Victimor — One who is falsely accused of being a victimizer or a perpetrator.

    Victimizer — One who is actually guilty of victimizing another.

    Victimism is feigning the victim role with a purpose of manipulating others for selfish gain so one can censor, intimidate or prevent civilized dialogue. Victimism is a manifestation of hate for others with avoidance of genuine dialogue because victimists monopolize communication by a sob sister whining and “poor me” exaltation which unjustly scapegoats, degrades and dehumanizes victimors. Victimism demeans the victimists and victimees into a bizarre form of self admitted inferiority demanding unjust entitlement. Victimism impedes community participation and not only blocks justice but itself is a hate crime of the worst sort because it is based on impudence and false accusations. Victimism is demagoguery against equal treatment and trust. By its “name-calling”, it assaults others, prevents free speech, and is anti-intellectual. It incites hate and violence. Victimism actually does what it accuses others of having done. It teaches real victimizers how to victimize and it conditions potential victims how to hoax by being a victimee.
    Victimism cannot exist without complete reliance on the press and media’s need for shock, attention-seeking and hypnotizing themes to entrap people. The press and media rely on hoaxes rather than truth, and victimism is almost always a hoax. By hoax after hoax, the press and media are a modernist, skeptical and relativist curse on mankind especially when publicizing victimism.
    Victimism is a natural result of the press and media fundamentally being modernism in action. Thus, victimism and the press and media are anti-common good, anti-peace, anti-justice, anti-dignity, fake messianism, gnostic apparati, intellectual play schools for adults, perpetual kindergartens, and sources of incitement and phrase salesmanship. Victimism is to participate in the press and media’s continuous replay of Orson Well’s “Invasion of the Martians.” Victimism, like the press and media, is anti-transcendental in that it is primarily self aggrandizement uninterested in truth, oneness, good or beauty. Victimism and the press and media are hand and glove.
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    Victimees love to be hated because it enables them to claim special privileges including the right to hate the victimors. Carefully coached by victimists, victimees embrace double standards and can see their side only. Collectively, victimees form a support group rightfully called Justice Anonymous. Victimees claim special privilege and rely on a latent weariness of victimors such that the latter do not and cannot vigorously combat press and media hoaxes (The press and media will not be fair for victimors). And victimors, aware of their basic innocence, often feel no strong need to speak up against the manipulations and accusations of the victimists.
    1. Homosexuals are prime users of victimism. An example is the gross exaggeration of the abuse of homosexuals by the Nazis in World War II. Deplorably, about five thousand homosexuals were murdered by the Nazis. But this does not diminish the fact that many more homosexuals were supporters of Hitler. Less than 10% of Hitler’s originating group in power had normal sexual orientation. They almost all had been evaluated by the Berlin Sex Research Institute which was the first place Hitler’s comrades burned in the celebrated “burning of books.” What they actually burned were their own discrediting sex history records. Furthermore, homosexuals typically rely on self inflated indignation and self proclaimed “They hate us.” Actually, the entire “homophobia” flim-flam is a method of establishing victimee status. Basically, homosexuals use victimism because if they are not aggressive, they will be aware of their sickness. But there is more: the genital maniacs of the gay cult are the most INTOLERANT of all: They are INTOLERANT OF THEIR OWN BIOLOGICAL GENDER…and one cannot be more INTOLERANT THAN THAT.
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    Obviously, Afrocentrism is bogus and based on a nostalgic wish for something other than being “formed by this nation” as per Baldwin. No real African would call a Negro American “African” any more than a European would call me “Italian”. Neither name changes nor clothing changes nor appropriation of another place’s customs will make one a member of that other place. “Negro” is correct. “African-American” is, per Baldwin, an un-historical victimism attempt to fill a self-created vacuum in one’s background, created by removal of “Negro” history.
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    By proclaiming some sort of oppression, victimists themselves are oppressors in the most unjustifiable way, because they knowingly and shamelessly are contriving to exalt themselves and oppress others who are not deserving of such. In a way, victimism is a sign of incompetence if not inferiority. Claiming to have been crushed, victimists advance themselves by crushing others. The Golden Rule has been abandoned. Victimism is the fallacy of special pleading raised to a level of art form. Victimism is a way of bypassing the rules. History is deformed self-servingly and oppression is fabricated repeatedly. In spite of pompous “tolerance” proclamations, what victimists (and liberals) really cannot stand is anyone discussing matters with them reasonably, forcefully and convincingly. Victimism enables them to be angry instead of being confident, civil or decent. Basically, without using victimism, they will become aware of their inferiority and their inability to embrace freedom equally. Victimism hides one’s own racism.

  • parthenon1

    Stop feeling sorry for yourself, ( I’ll bet you secretly enjoyed the treatment if it actually happened), but if you really want to see people getting excited at a really attractive lady look at Melaina Trump and realize the left (yeah your supporters) have been really nasty to this really high class First Lady !!

  • VirgoVince

    STFU, mooch, you’re living on borrowed time!!

  • USSJEAN1937


  • USSJEAN1937


  • sandraleesmith46

    Boys don’t usually whistle at other boys; and Michael is a MALE.

  • GoldenGirl2u

    Hmmm, did she mention how her and her husband had to give up their law license in ILL.? I thought not, how about how they lied and doubled our National Debt, how they had lavish vacations all over the place for their entire family and whoever else they took along at no care about how the American Citizens were hurting? How she forced a lunch program on schools that was so bad that the children were throwing it out and going hungry rather than eat the garbage. How they fooled and continue to fool people is beyond me. Don’t have an ounce of sympathy for these people, truly hope they get what they deserve, jail cells…

    • joan

      Also, how’d BO become a Millionaire during & after office. Ripping off the USA taxpayers, pay 2 play scams..etc. He wasn’t that wealthy b4 office. Oh, it was reported awhile back Sasha has $900k & applied for Food Stamps. Not sure if true, but a thought 2 Follow The Money. The kids have been trained 2 be as Crooked as the so called Homo parents.

  • Ironmike4610

    Ef that bluegum!!

  • Jmanjo

    Racist crybaby

  • Connie Wilhite

    Just playing another race card. She and Barack must not have any deck left.

  • Vincent Marcantelli

    This woman and her husband and ALL of there Black friends really do dislike ALL white people…..even those white people who put them in there positions of power that they so well enjoyed…….remember those trips, she would take one USAF plane, and within (2) hours he was taking Air Force (1), and that’s what we got for nothing……a lot of bills, while the rest of us supported that life style, and for what, but the most important question is and should be asked what in the HELL did we as a nation get in return, lets try this on for size, two very ungrateful, uncouth, social misfits. But, what’s so very interesting is just how stupid, the so called “wise” [socialite] crowd is, look the “wall street” bunch is paying Obama, large, long money for his BS lies, before he was damming them, now he’s getting there money, as he again lies to them, and in many circles, these people are called “smart, intelligent” who are they kidding?. Now that they are not living in FREE HOUSING, not getting ALL of those Govt. peek’s, and for all of those years being sheltered from the real world and what the real people thought of them for the way they treated this country and it’s people, just a little honesty, just a little truthfulness, and above all stand up for the country that gave you the life style that you found so easy to take for granted!.
    No, Mrs. Obama, no one “Hates You”, were just So Glad that your gone!

    • 1937shirley

      Sad to say she’s not gone enough yet! She and he are still in the background spewing out their liberal lies and causing more damage to the country.

  • William McNamara

    wow. Big Mike must have been on one hell of an acid trip if he thought men were whistling at him.

  • Moe

    Thanks to the Obama supported Former President Act passed by democrats, poor Michelle can continue to take numerous factions and charge them to the working class Americans. This was she can keep the millions they made while in office for herself. When I hear of the terrible stuff done to the both of them I just want to cry. They totally screwed the nation over, shit our flag and walked away laughing.

  • 1937shirley

    Again? Whine, whine, whine. Nothing else to do Michelle? Burger King has a lot of openings.

  • Philomena


    • old codger

      MAN, MAN!! That isn’t a WOMAN but A TRANNIE, drop the soap in the shower “MAN”!!!

  • Will

    wonderful brilliant woman. Sure wish she was interested in being President. Now, as a First Lady, we have a former escort, model for lesbian porn…… good work, GOP

  • jab

    I can believe men made comments, but whistle i doubt it very much. How much was this payday?

  • Netencho

    Oh SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!! You and Your Half Breed need to be arrested and hanged for Treason!!

  • gunnygil

    K A R M A

  • lynnk


  • Packprowler

    Sexy? Who in their right mind would think she was sexy?

  • Babsan

    Who cares what this ugly TRANNY says.What a scumbag BITCH

  • fbair1

    Yea, shes got it tough, 8 million dollar house, private guards, daughters go to private schools, free health insurance, and it ain’t obamacare. How fuking stupid goes this hag think we are?

  • John Enea

    BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT>>>>> Take your BUTTS>>>BUTTS>> BUTTS>>> and stay in ANOTHER COUNTRY if they will have you or your worthless husband!!!!! please please pretty please!!!!!

  • mrp15

    Harassment? with all the freebies she/he received at taxpayer expense she is full of baloney. I wish I could be harassed like that: vacations, unprecedented staff, “date nite,” etc., etc. Toss between her and Hillary who was the worst first lady ever. Media making a big fuss and Scaramucci “off-the-record” and betrayed by journalist profanity, yet overlooking ALL of Hillary’s profanity-laced tirades especially after she lost the election for the second time. When her secret service detail greeted her, she responded by cursing at them. And as for Michelle, Maxine Waters, and other black members of Congress, whenever they are rightfully attacked for their actions, they get their detractors to back off by playing the race card.

  • robertleo

    How pappy450 can you back up your allegation that Michelle is a Trannie? I know what it means.

  • Terry Butts

    “While that’s a common sentiment shared by many women, some found fault with the then-first lady’s testimony, claiming the speech should have been about empowerment, not victimhood.”

    Have they not figured it out yet? The entire obama occupation of the white house was about imposing victimhood over empowerment demanding people be punished based on their RACE or RELIGION for actions done centuries ago they had nothing to do with while teaching minorities etc. that they DESERVE some kind of reparation or other people paying their way their entire life because of ancient history that has no actual effect on people who were born 100+ years after the end of that part of history.

    At the end of the civil war reparations were paid to former slaves either by dividing the former slave owners property among them or selling it off and dividing the money among them at least in the areas where the government officials did not embezzle the funds or steal the property like the ones who sold the cattle they were supposed to give to the native Americans who the GOVERNMENT had disarmed, placed on reservations and prohibited from harvesting their own food.

    Commenting on what someone looks like is NOT TREATING THEM LIKE PROPERTY. While one may be offended by such comments it is no different when coming from women who treat men the same way people are people some say dumb things but it is not discrimination or treating someone as if they were their property just to make comments about someones looks unless that comment is a blatant claim to own said person whistling is not such a claim.

  • Agnes Diamond

    I think they are running out of money with all the high living since they left the white house had to pay the own way . The free trips , fancy foods , clothing etc are now their problem.

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