McCain repeats call for Jones Act repeal

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Thursday repeated his call to repeal the Jones Act after the Trump administration announced a temporary lift on shipping restrictions for Puerto Rico as it recovers from Hurricanes Maria and Irma.

“Trump admin has finally waived #JonesAct for #PuertoRico. Now Congress must repeal this law to aid long-term recovery,” McCain wrote on Twitter.

Lawmakers this week have pushed for a one-year waiver of the law, which mandates that American-owned and -operated vessels transport cargo between U.S. ports, so that Puerto Rico can receive much-needed aid after being battered by two major hurricanes in the last month.

McCain this week re-upped his call to repeal the law, which he has called “archaic and burdensome.”

“It is unacceptable to force the people of Puerto Rico to pay at least twice as much for food, clean drinking water, supplies and infrastructure due to Jones Act requirements as they work to recover from this disaster,” the senator wrote in a letter to acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke.

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  • Bruce Kellar

    Anything McCain is a proponent for should measured with great scrutiny. His liberal politics cause great consternation for America. He seems to be against anything that benefits the nation and for those things that harm us.

  • Ah nutz

    they’re paying ???? bs

  • Mike Golden

    I had never heard of the Jones Act before this disaster. McCain said it was archaic and burdensome law, just sounds stupid to me. When they say archaic they mean old, so must be it was named after John Paul Jones. I appears to be stifling competition and driving up prices for the people of Puerto Rico just the very thing Trump is against.

  • Bill

    mccain will say and do anything to make President Trump look bad. He and Trump are not the best of friends because Trump is catching up to the corruption that exists in d.c. and those A hats are afraid of getting caught with their pants down around their ankles for the TRUTH.

  • Ron C

    John you have brain cancer…try NOT to over extend yourself…Just keep showing up on CNN and telling everybody you hate Trump. In your zeal to hurt Trump you just may hurt the working men & women in America…just saying…leave the legislation to clearer thinking minds.

    • old codger

      He has/ had a mind????????????????????????????????????????

      • Ron C

        True, his mind always has been faulty.

    • URWorstNightmare

      You are what is truly called a sick person like the Las Vegas shooter. Attacking a person due to his/her health is beyond contempt.

      • Ron C

        Having concern for a fellow RINO, would only be seen as sick, by a hateful liberal…as it will be found out that the Vegas shooter was a liberal hater…sad.

        • URWorstNightmare

          It’s called having concern for a fellow human being. Something you obviously know little about. With you political types it always comes down to labeling. If the Vegas shooter was indeed a liberal hater then by all means you are describing country music as music of the left as some would describe rap or rock. Boy! Are you way off. How would that make the shooter of Scalise and his fellow teammates a liberal hater just because he used a gun as the Las Vegas shooter did. You seem to be describing all gun owners of which I myself am one as Liberal haters of which you most likely are from the sounds of your post.

  • fbair1

    McCain is a liberal plant, by Clinton and the DNC, believe nothing he says or does………….

  • fbair1

    Also McCain sees Trump draining the swamp, and he was one of them in the swamp……

    • rick meek

      Cancer will drain McCain and others…..

      • URWorstNightmare

        You rick meek are a dick and should be banned from this site.

        • rick meek

          Yep – and enjoying every minute of it……It’s your uneducated opinion and ya can keep it to yourself…..


          Hey URWorst… McCain has been a subversive traitor since Vietnam. His last days (and final days, thank GOD) in Congress have been one and only one vindictive mission ~ to destroy the Presidency of Donald J Trump by what ever means possible. He got butt hurt and had his ego bruised when Donald Trump commented directly about ‘hero’ John McCain, by saying I prefer war heroes who don’t get caught by the enemy early in the war and become Treasonous POWs for the enemy. The truth hurts, the truth humiliates, the truth “outs” traitors and those giving comfort and aid to the enemy. John, your whole life is a lie and your fellow POWs watched what you did in Hanoi ~ AND THEY DIDN’T FORGET AND THEY HAVE NOT REMAINED QUIET, HAVE THEY? Your treachery has earned YOU a slow, painful certain DEATH. You have well earned the long, slow and painful metamorphosis into foul human corpse jelly. You are a vile and degenerate excuse for a human being. JUST DIE! Think I’m being too harsh, URWorst? Na-a-a-a-a-h!

          • Artemis

            Deplorable….The things that you just said are all true, and I remember when all of that broke in the news. Where on God’s green earth did all of these “younger” people ever get the bright idea that McCain was a “War Hero”. If I might add to your comment, I do believe that his “co-prisoners” at the Hanoi Hilton that he “squealed” on were Tortured because of him, and as I recall, I think it was mentioned that some of them died as a result of torture/beatings! Mr. McCain probably has “American Blood” on his hands, and they think of him as a “Hero”? It’s amazing how many of the American People have been duped by our “wonderful” Government!!!

          • 2Deep4_U

            You are a DAMN Sociopath and a IDIOT.

  • vailb

    I agree-this rino is pathetic.

  • Terry Butts

    So basically he fails to comprehend that Puerto Rico is NOT A STATE but wants it treated as if it was one.

  • David Byrd

    What a hypocrite it’s wrong they should pay more for things but thanks to the song bird we are stuck with the awful and unconstitutional law called Obama care which the traitor of the people judge Roberts rewrote from the bench. Nice to see though that trump has exposed McCain for his true self.

  • Ron

    Mr McCain is without a doubt a RINO. I do not understand why much credibility would be given to him even to the extent he is carried The issue in Puerto Rico is that their Democratic leaders have failed the population but not fixing their Electric Grid, Roads and Bridges and water supply to the level we have in other states in the US Their elected officials should be replaces with individuals that have business acumen and the ability to rebuild the islands infrastructure.

  • GoldenGirl2u

    First off anything McCain says is suspect. That being said, I feel for the people of P.R. but having watched some of the news reports I am disgusted with the reporters who are trying to blame Pres. Trump. The Government of P.R. is to blame for the total devastation of that island. The 2 hurricanes would have caused damage no matter what but the severity of it was the people running that place into the ground. I was stunned at the what I call shacks for homes, packed on top of each other, electric shaky at best. An island at least 1000 miles away from U.S. one hurricane after another and the idiot reporters think anyone could have done better. Give me a break, you live in the middle of an ocean where access is cut off. God bless the people of P.R. and hope and pray that they can hold someone in their own Government accountable and regain a better life for themselves and their families. So called news people need to sthu and quit trying to pit people against each other. They are a disgrace to act this way in time of tragedy.

  • Rightleaning

    Why didn’t McCain think of this before if it is so important. Another day late, dollar short idea.

    • lorna shores

      the thinking part of the brain, is where the cancer is!

  • Barbaracvm

    Mc double standard is beyond words. He care more for the people of PR. I am sorry they are going through such a rough time. BUT I wish Mc would give as much concern for the all of the living POWs who the US government left behind. For decades he has prevented the families from having access to the files of people who sighted living POWs left behind.

  • Albedamned!

    He has lost all my respect!

  • Jackson Brannon

    If Mcain is against it then by all means keep it in place!!! He is a proven lying Traitor that has a mental Brain rot that is affecting his judgment!!!

  • Dwight Hartmark

    As an Arizonan l can tell you, John McCain is full of himself, and is jealous of President Trump. We will all celebrate when both he and Jeff Flake are out of public office.

    • old codger

      I’m waiting to piss on McLames grave!!

    • Artemis

      My sentiments exactly!

  • lorna shores

    you go John, as soon as you get your foot in your mouth, start to do a slow chew! i notice the GOP in Arizona has censured your ass!

  • Bob Cohernour

    Those members of the “Establishment”, from BOTH parties who don’t want OUR President Trump to succeed in any way, will do anything and everything to see that he doesn’t. That is why they are trying to undermine his every step so they can find a way to have reason for impeachment. Myself and millions of others believe this a terrible injustice for anyone to endure, especially the President of the USA, who was duly elected by the citizens themselves. He is OUR President, and you members of OUR Congress are in for one HE!! of a revolution if you keep this “sham” up. Get Mueller off his high horse that you put him on, start doing your damn job of running the country and work with OUR President Trump to make America Great Again. We are just about fed up as we can get NOW, and if ANYTHING happens to TRUMP, you WILL pay for it. Believe US.

    • Artemis

      Those are “people” (and I use the term loosely), that have their priorities all screwed up! Country comes BEFORE Party and it appears that WE may have teach them this the hard way!

  • Eddie

    I knew if we waited long enough, even brain-dead McCain would say something that makes sense. The Jones Act is archaic and meaningless today and should be repealed. Those of us who like to cruise to Hawaii are forced to make a pit stop in Ensenada in order to comply with this stupid Jones Act.

    • URWorstNightmare

      Agreed, but no need to get personal about his health. That is not dignified.

  • rick meek

    Hmmm – open US ports to foreign ships with NO REGULATION or inspections……..YEAH – sounds like more money in someone’s pockets…..

  • SSranger

    Alas, it appears John McCain is truly suffering the protracted effects of combat fatigue.

  • AC1USNRetired

    Just read the Jones Act and similar requirements imposed by the British government was one of the complaints of the Colonists and one of the complaints lodged by the states that joined the Confederacy. I, holding my nose while doing so, agree with “senator” McCain

  • URWorstNightmare

    Bunch of Idiots here. Read the Jones Act and understand that it works against all Americans. It should be repealed. No dignity from any of you when attacking someone and mocking his/her ailing health. Leave your undignified comments about someones health off these posts and learn some respect. Attack his political decisions if you must but leave family and health alone. Hopefully karma payback will be a bitch for those of you that cross that line. - 2015 | Privacy Policy