Mayor Wears ‘NASTY’ T-Shirt for Trump

After insisting that her baseless public criticism of the Trump administration was “not about politics,” the hyper-partisan liberal mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, decided the best way to show how she felt about the president after he visited the devastated island was to sport a t-shirt that read “NASTY” in big bold letters for all the world to see.

The ugly feud between Cruz and Trump began when the liberal mayor suggested in an interview Saturday that the president was failing to take action to save Puerto Ricans’ lives, treating them as “animals that can be disposed of.”

“We are dying here,” said Cruz. “I cannot fathom the thought that the greatest nation in the world cannot figure out the logistics for a small island of 100 miles by 35 miles. So, mayday, we are in trouble. So, Mr Trump, I am begging you to take charge and save lives. After all, that is one of the founding principles of the United States of … America. If not, the world will see how we are treated not as second-class citizens but as animals that can be disposed of. Enough is enough.”

Trump responded by noting all the actions the U.S. was taking and specifically slammed her for following the Democrats’ script by being “nasty to Trump.”

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  • muymalo

    Maybe she is referring to herself. Truth in labeling.

    • Betty Case

      I agree with your comment

    • Mike Cummings

      nah there is a differance between nasty and gross , she just doesn’t realize her position.

    • Carmen B

      I see we had the same notion!

  • jackcandobutwont

    so PR spends more money that it makes/steals from their constiutents….then blames it on POTUS Trump!! amazing…and the media gobbles the BS up like candy!!

    • Reasoned thinker

      jackcandobutwont — Absolutely correct!


    Okay, she continues, now let’s investigate her for political corruption!!!!!! Take her down! She’s dirty, you know she’s dirty, so take her down! Now what will your tee shirt say???????

    • Carmen B

      That would be the job of her constituents, right? Just vote her out if she does not represent them well!

      • ONLYJB1

        Now! Let’s talk about voter fraud. Puerto Rico is eat up with corruption. The power company is more than 6 million in debt?

    • Reasoned thinker

      ONLYJB1 — I love your post!!! It is right “on target.”

      • ONLYJB1

        Well thank you. There’s more to Puerto Rico’s corruption that no one knew about! Now people will know! Don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with political corruption. How to stop them? HANG the guilty in public!

  • William Wallace

    SICK SICK BEOUCH! This is just more obvious Party playing. This woman who colluded with Unions to hold out on delivery of humanitarian aid while slamming our POTUS saying that he and FEMA and others had failed to deliver.. .(This while on LIVE TV with pallets of aid standing high in background) .. This is nothing more than the LEFT using the people in dire need as pawns to get what..???? CASH!!! That is what these sick “leaders” are doing. She was elected by the Unions and that is whom she answers to. That and the Democratic leadership who are using this horrible situation to spread lies and propaganda against a duly elected President! Wake up people.. The D’s and Liberals care for NO ONE but their own leadership and will do anything to stay in power.

    • Skeeter Ash

      You nailed it William. Piled high in the background and that was quite a while ago. She is a lying, self loathing beeeeeyoch!

    • David Bonilla

      You do know those pallets weren’t federal help, right? They were collection drives sent from regular people, not government.

    • Bridget McClellan

      100% true.

    • Reasoned thinker

      William Wallace — What you state is scary, but true!

  • William Wallace

    She is “school in Summer”…. No class.

  • Carmen B

    At least she wore the correct label about herself in this case! I am only sad we have the same first name!

  • Lola Hutton

    Love it. She shouldn’t be so anxious to wear a t-shirt that labels her. She could always add “Don’t touch”. The trouble is that she is a person in a position that carries responsibility to her people. What is she doing to help? Has she put aside funds to meet trouble when it happens? Is she putting herself on the line to help her neighbors? Is she even showing up to meetings…? Looks like she likes the title, but not the responsibility. The kind that blame others for their failures. Eeewww, Nasty!

  • ReaperHD

    Most of the Puerto Rican POPULATION living in Gestapo Jersey were on WELFARE, FOOD STAMPS and SEC8 HOUSING when I worked there most of my life. I saw it in person as I had to go to their houses for my work.

  • Charles Girard

    Sometimes i wish we would just say to an ungrateful, political bitch like this, F U fix your own country, we’re done. This evil bitch held back water and supplies from her own people that’s how bad she wants to be queen.

  • Bob USAF(ret)

    She didn’t have to state the obvious, she is a liberal democrat, so we already know she is nasty.

  • comanchewill

    all I can say is “what an idiot”

  • Frank Roza

    F her and the burro she rode in on!

  • Gene A Daniel

    nasty she is referring to herself for totally degrading the man and country that can help this poor country out. Trump should cut off supplies to a minimum

  • Kim LaMela

    I don’t Understand did not PR want to be on their Own? Not Part of the United States??????? It’s more then Obvious they can’t survive without the US, their leadership is completely useless to them, Our President has sent a 3 Star General, a Task Force, Food and Supply’s Money and from the Ground Media we have all seen the Devastation that has accrued, and the Complete Chaos the Leadership of PR is in, For These Idiots to think the United States can fix their Issues overnight is Disgusting and most Likely it’s Liberal game playing against our President. Our President has been hit with Numerous Storms at one time and Resources are being moved from one to the other, From all the Reports he and his team are doing an outstanding Job. That Mayor should be removed from office.

  • perhaps her T-shirt is how she sees herself.

  • disqus_3MEvLTGTn0

    What the hell does this bi*ch want. We sent troops ships planes and choppers. Puerto Rico was told for years to update their transportation, electrical distribution systems. Don’t blame Trump for your inactions.

  • disqus_3MEvLTGTn0

    Next thing you will here is “Let them eat cake”. Marie Antoinette.

  • Jim McGann

    She is corrupt who helped PR into a $70+billion debt and will soon want to be bailed out. She represents thee worst traits of a Puerto Rican.

  • rivahmitch

    Since she likes and supports the idea of independence for Puerto Rico, we should give it to them. It would produce just desserts for her and save us American taxpayers a fortune .

    • Techquad

      One mayor of many is not the problem, its the demo-nuts that put all those super dummies in charge.. some just desserts, are sometimes asked for second helpings… will go down like CA. They just never learn, but we must do something to get the 3+m a new chance…

    • Reasoned thinker

      rivahmitch — Good points!

  • Mom

    I have recently read that the reason the aid is sitting rotting on piers and in the holds of ships is because the Puerto Rican truckers unions went on strike. Democrats will sink to any level to make Republicans, conservative or Democrat-lite, look bad.

  • Tennman39

    This mayor refused to attend the meetings that were set up between PRES. TRUMP, 1ST RESPONDERS, FEDERAL AND STATE POLICE, FEMA or anyone that could help the people recover from the storm. Instead she has blasted the President before she even knew the massive steps he and these professionals were taking to establish life support and necessary lines of communication.

  • epauls

    Since we have witnessed many sports millionairs refusing to hold their hand over their heart we now witness that many Democrats have a ‘hardened’ heart…. Is Liberalism a Disease?

  • Edward Ackell

    A true case of optic problems…her optic nerve is hooked to her rectal nerve and she has a shitty outlook on life..she should talk to Murphy and Blumenthal for aid,,they will caary it personnaly to where she wants ..they walk on water…

  • Pete

    Yet she wont activate the local truckers to distribute the supplies rotting in warehouses, because they want the military to do it for them! Lady got to look deeper into her own efforts!

  • ???

    The woman is an inept idiot who has openly failed at her own job. She hasn’t provided for emergencies on the island surrounded by water and annually in the path of hurricanes, and is now trying to lay the blame on the President and all those who are endangering their own lives to help. It is amazing how some women want the job, but not the work. God help Puerto Rico, with the likes of her they will need it. James Head - 2015 | Privacy Policy