New N. Korean Missile Is Dangerous

Kim Jong Un is currently raving about the success of his Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile according to CNN.

One expert is claiming that this recent missile is placing Un in a club that the west simply doesn’t need him in. This new missile can reach anywhere in the United States and that is a scary thought.

“We believe this is a new type of missile,” a South Korean military spokesperson, according to TheBlaze.

“It looks clearly different from the Hwasong-14 in the external looks of its nose cone, the linkage between its first and second stages, and its overall size.”


    just look at the russian original of the missile the only diff is the nose-cone the launcher is russian the missile is russian this korean paint-job is more russian smoke-and-mirrors.

  • Richard Young

    As much as we would all like to have this North Korea issue resolved diplomatically, MYSELF INCLUDED, I believe it is time for President Trump to consider making a pre-emptive military strike against “Rocketman” Kim. I KNOW, I KNOW, call me an insane, idiot moron. But the fact is, if Trump attacks NK, he will be criticized and attacked for doing so and if NK attacks the U.S., he will be criticized and attacked for letting it happen. It all comes down to the old “Damned if you do and Damned if you don’t”. Not only is America in danger from this NK “leader” but the entire world is. He has to be stopped one way or another because Kim wants no part of diplomacy.

    • spencek

      Where did they get these rockets? Did our enemies or allies furnish them?
      Who will be happy if they are shot at America?

      • Richard Young

        I know I won’t be happy ☹️😢


        rocket man dosen’t have the tech-savvy to build this quality of truck-launcher or missile. they are russian 100% just the nose cone is korean. the missile body looks like the rs24 icbm . the launcher -truck and guidance/radarcontrol is russian. RUSSIA NOT CHINA IS THE KOREAN SUGAR-DADDY. during the korean war we were fighting russian eliete pilots very few chinese pilots. when the russians come out with a new toy, korea gets it very shortly after the russians do.

        • jackieray

          they have to deal with each other as we have sanctions on both countries

  • Bob Greer

    Who cares smoke us all life sucks

  • Older Than Dirt

    How is it that he can launch and create more new missiles that Elon Musk ? Where is the money coming from ? What countries and terrorists organizations are supporting all of this ? What country is behind him ? Who are the “silent partners” and what is their goal ?
    These are the questions we need to find out about. Heck I’ve never even seen any reference to his factories – they do take factories don’t they ? Scary part is that apparently our government doesn’t have any answers to all of this – but I am sure our leaders have their
    bunkers ready JUST for them !

    • Paul Kalmakoff

      All great points you make…
      These ICBM’s cost money, don’t they?
      How much does each one cost?
      Anyone know?
      Who builds them?
      Where does the money come from to FEED the military that launches them?
      …and why the hell don’t we “neutralize” them as soon as they are lit?

  • shamu9

    The first one he launches at the U.S, will be the Last one! Fat gay little Freak with “The 3 Stooges’ Haircut”

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