Nearly 70 Border Tunnels Discovered

A report released by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) this week demonstrates all tunnels discovered were under the U.S.-Mexico Border.

The report revealed that from fiscal years 2011 through 2016, 67 cross-border smuggling tunnels were discovered along the U.S.-Mexico border. Sixty-two out of the 67 smuggling tunnels were in the Border Patrol’s Tucson, Arizona, and San Diego, California, sectors which are known strongholds of the Sinaloa Cartel.

The GAO also found there were 534 detected ultralight aircraft incursions and 309 detected incidents of drug smuggling that involved small fishing vessels. Seventy-five percent of the maritime drug smuggling incidents occurred on the Pacific coast.

“While these methods account for a small proportion of known smuggling, they can be used to transport significant quantities of drugs or for terrorist activity,” the report noted.


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  • Andrew Molina

    Deploy the mini-guins

  • pappy450

    We have a LOT of extra water with all the floods going on, use it to flood the tunnels, and if any drug smugglers are in there… OH WELL less TRASH to have sneak in. OR flood the tunnels with carbon monoxide. The creeps will go nitey-nite and never wake up.

    • Louise Adams

      Great idea!

    • rs1123

      And leave the dead bodies there for air fresheners and to remind people what might happen to them.

    • Gen11American

      Couldn’t we also dispose of excess Carbon Dioxide in those tunnels, and then seal them off at our end? Just wondering.

      • pappy450

        Sure! Then we could also make those “global warming” OOPS (I mean “climate change”) freaks happy too! Two birds with one stone.

        • Gen11American

          Those climate change freaks, including Al Gore, won’t be happy unless the US economy totally tanks. Once it does, perhaps Al Gore might gain enough vengeance to feel vindicated for losing to Bush 43, but I doubt it. The globalist elites won’t be happy until they’ve killed off 90% of the “bottom feeders” on Earth, leaving enough space and resources for their own descendants to live high on the hog for the next ten thousand years.

          • Holy Joe

            I don’t think so. The Communist dominated modern day DemocraticParty wants to bring in all the “non working uneducated ‘bottom’ feeders” – and their multiple breeding off-spring- to simply swamp the normal
            U.S. Elections – it is all part of their fundamental “One Worlder” pure Communist & Democratic Party Policy to completely destroy the U.S. of A. The “ideals” of modern day Cuba and now above all Venezuela’s Ultra Left Dictatorship – which is hell bent on starving their more responsible citizen’s to death – is what these benighted Modern Day Progressive Liberal Politicians have in store for all Americans. Under LBJ any form of selectivity in quaifyijng and encouraging intelligent immgrants was destroyed in favor of sheer numbers of almost totally unqualified applicants, most of whom would certainly not have qualified for admittance in the years prior to his “unholy” incidental ascension to the presidency after the assassination of JFK..

      • James

        I am afraid you have fallen into the same misconception that the left has been guilty of. We actually need carbon dioxide, without which plant life would cease to exist, and eventually all carbon based life forms with it.
        This is the stupidity of the left. They have no clue what is real and what is not, they only repeat what their elite tell them, without informing themselves!

        • Gen11American

          If you reread my blog, you’ll see I used the term “EXCESS CO2.” That way there will still be plenty of CO2 for the plants. And there’s obviously plenty of CO2 in our neighborhood because I’ve never seen the grass so green. Due to heavy rains day after day, we haven’t been able to mow. Problems, problems.

  • Andres Guerra-mondragon

    Throw a few granades inside each tunnel and they are ruined forever. Or wait till they use them and ….crush then while they are inside… tunnels,no smuglers, NO DRUGS

    • Gen11American

      Here’s some additional suggestions to add to yours. Those tunnels should either be filled with cement, or else with sludge from water treatment plants, or perhaps with some form of brightly colored florescent “Ghost Buster” scum which clings to the bodies and clothing, helping immigration officials easily identify those who are using the tunnels for drug or human trafficking.

      • Terry Butts

        If the media had not alerted the ones who used the tunnels that they were found they could have used that tracking powder used in previous cases where anyone entering the tunnels would be covered and easily identified. Even posting surveillance teams watching the tunnels to summon backup when they start entering/exiting the tunnels.

  • Chris Berg

    The Mexicans think it is perfectly ok and funny to perform illegal activities in the US because they think the US stole this country from them ( which is NOT true), and they do not follow laws in their own country either. Mexico is one of the countries of the world ( along with the Philippines, India, most Middle Eastern countries…)who ENCOURAGE its subjects to leave the country, and they do NOT want those people back.

    • Elizabeth Propst

      The thugs in Washington encourages illegals coming in. They are terrorists, not Americans. They need to be deported and pay for damages their unconstitutional government activity has cost the American society.

      • pappy450

        DEMOCRATS are the thugs that WANT them here. The see them as “potential voters” because once here, they distribute all the free “goodies” (welfare, housing, cell phones, EBT cards etc. to the to make sure they are BRIBED sufficiently to make SURE they will vote scumocrat. (and yes, all you naysayers…it has been already PROVEN they ARE “allowed” to vote)

        • Elizabeth Propst

          So very true! Socialism and redistribution of wealth instead of working for a living is a spiritual disease that violates the 7th commandment (thou shalt not steal) but also the 1st commandment (thous shalt have no other gods besides me) which these people make the nanny-state government their source for everything and they worship whatever government teaches them in the government public schools.

        • Holy Joe

          They can also bring in their older relatives, who are then given Social Security payments without ever having contributed anything to the system.

      • vladilyich

        Trump just DOUBLED the number of H2B work visas for next year since all Americans now have good jobs. He’s going to give away a couple of hundred thousand “leftover” jobs to foreign nationals.

    • Gen11American

      Every avowed member of every Reconquista Group in US needs to be arrested for subversion and dumped off at the southern tip of South America with no money and no passport. That should discourage them from perpetrating a hoax for years! Yes, America did defeat the Mexicans in 1847 because they refused to recognize independence of Texas, but as a provision of the Treat of Hidalgo, the United States paid Mexico for the territories we took over, and it took 40 years before the US Army succeeded in conquering the hostile Indian tribes which occupied those territories, costing over 30,000 lives!

  • gunnygil

    C-4 the tunnels and then gas them. Fast boats unmarked blasting the boats out of the water in the shark waters. But the only thing that is going to stop the drug trafficking is the 5 % of the world’s population that uses 75% of illicit drugs, the US population, be removed from their buying and usage. Drug usage is NOT a disease but a decision and those whom decide to use let them OD or die of flat out keeping them from their fix. NO users, no dealers. Exactly why the politicians don’t really want to stop the trafficking since they can control the drug abused minds of their constitueints

    • Billy

      Amen to that, Gunny.
      Semper Fi
      SGT BDR

    • Kevin Harrison

      then explain away fas or fetal alchol snydrom how is that the babies fault be cause that IS A DISEASE LIKE IT OR NOT YOU DONT LIKE IT TOUGH —- DEAL WITH IT

      • rs1123

        You’ve picked out 1/1000 of 1% of all the cases. They’re sad to be sure but we can’t determine policy based on that.

        • Kevin Harrison


          • Kathy H

            It is not a disease!! It’s a choice to do drugs! I say “Give all the druggies $500.00 and push them over the border to Mexico so they can buy all the drugs they want.” Cheaper than trying to rehab people that don’t want saved. All these years we’ve paid to combat the drug problem including awareness in the schools has been money wasted. The little snowflakes will do as they please. They don’t care who they hurt while doing as they please.

          • Kevin Harrison

            that show quite well what you, know about addiction NOT A GODDAMNED THING

  • Skyhawk

    How about IEDs planted inside, triggered by proximity.

  • homer1057

    Have you ever been to the, what used to be the Berlin wall” I have and the FACT was, there less than dozen safe crossings of illegals per year! Maybe that ought to be a templet for the S.Border wall!


      When you have AMERICAN,AND MEXICAN politicians that have been bought and paid for by the drug kingpins, they are not going to pay much attention to it, even if there were 500 tunnels, now if you can find a few tunnel rats that served in NAM, they know how to handle this kind of problem!



  • James R. Currier

    Seal the end on the American side then flood with VX gas.

  • Elizabeth Propst

    More proof that Obama, Hillary, most Democrats who support the aforementioned criminal thugs, as well as the establishment Republicans who were obstructionists to curb illegal immigration are themselves accessories to these crimes and should all serve prison sentences and pay for retrobution toward Americans for the damage their collusion with criminal thugs entering illegally has caused against our Republic and American people. They all knew about these things and the Federal Government wants drugs coming into this country because the people that are doped up on them are more controllable and more prone to having their 2nd Amendment rights stolen because other socialist idolaters believe the government is trying to keep us “safe” by taking their guns. I say never mind Mexico paying for ‘the wall’, have Obama, Hillary and all of the establishment U.S. Govt crooks pay for it. And if they run out of their (our) stolen money, chain them together and make them labor to build it themselves, and it needs to be built right!

  • PPTA

    I wonder why we put up with this crap. And why we put up with the Sub Human Trash in our government that allow this.

  • Tom Murphy

    Fill the tunnels with alternating sections of concrete and horse manure or pig manure.

  • Vernon C. Lindblade

    Ain’t nothing like dynamite, bulldozers, and rock, land mines, etc!!! Happy cinco de mayo!!!!!!

  • Get the dynamite out and blow them up and put a couple of tons of cement in the openings on our side.

  • Wayne Thorson

    They put up fences to keep dumb animals in or out. That fence Trump is planning on building is complete worthless. The tax payer is going to get took again cause Mexico sure isn’t going to pay for it. That drug cartel has already bought enough choppers to fly over trhat wall.

  • James

    And remind me how Trumps Wall will stop folks from building these tunnels?

  • mhgoats1

    Do not say anything, mine them with the trip device at the end or near it, long as no damage is incurred to U.S. properties.

  • wayne g dearry

    This article just shows HOW desperate they are and HOW bad things are in Mexico. If I were Pres. I would consider taking over Mexico and fix their WATER problem first and then build an economy there. I could make them an agricultural conglomerate along with a lot of industry. Raise the standard of living and bring them into the 21st Century which they will NEVER attain on their own. In my world they would not need any tunnels. The money that spent on a wall is stupid. Six to ten mil would build a lot of desalination plants and a lot of infrastructure. I would build- not isolate. The Govt. there will always be corrupt. They have to go. Drug people have to go. - 2015 | Privacy Policy