Nearly 200 Democrats sue Trump

June 14 (UPI) — Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., said nearly 200 Democrats in Congress filed a lawsuit Wednesday against President Donald Trump over foreign payment violations.

Blumenthal on Tuesday said the lawsuit has drawn at least 196 Congressional plaintiffs. No Republicans have joined the legal action but are invited, Blumenthal said.

The Democrats involved argue Trump is violating the U.S. Constitution’s Emoluments Clause by profiting from business deals involving foreign governments and continuing to do so without the consent of Congress.

During a call with reporters, Blumenthal said Trump has “repeatedly and flagrantly violated” the Emoluments Clause. Blumenthal said Trump has “never sought the consent of Congress” for profits received in deals in more than 20 countries where his businesses operate.

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  • Vicky Goldstone

    The definition of a frivolous lawsuit. Should all be counter sued.

    • Big Iron

      There are laws against frivolous lawsuits against judges; I would think that Trump “trumps” a judge. A “counter claim” should be automatic and most likely was. Of course judges are fair game when the suits against them have merit. It IS one way to get a crooked judge off the bench and get his “stuff” to boot! Scares the “hades” out of them when it happens because most think they are immune.

  • Vicky Goldstone

    Corporations are separate entities and it is corporations and the people that work for them that might get payments for services rendered like hotel rooms not Donald Trump.

    • Big Iron

      Good point.

  • Robert E Ahrendt

    Does THE PRESIDENT BEG or BRIBE Congress for their “consent ” ? ?

    • Kathy Plant


  • mark

    What about the ten million dollars Obama made from his book while he was in office. I don’t know anyone who read it and I live in Ca. I also can’t see how he made that much since i saw his book for sale in three different .99 cent stores. No body makes money from selling a book at the .99 cent store but the .99 cent store!

    The democRAT’s are nothing but hypocrites!

    • Calvinius

      None of those dollars were paid out by the federal government, genius.

      • mark

        Hey brain dead! None of the money that the democRATS are suing about is from the Fed’s! Just how dumb are you?

  • Chitown22

    On the same day as the shooting of their Republican Congressional peers in Alexandria; and we are supposed to believe tha the Democrats and Medias wars against President Trump had no influence on the shooter. These people are just as Guilty as the shooter!

    • Big Iron

      With the involvement of the “deep state” one must also consider MKULTRA under whatever “dark” name it’s being called these days after it was supposedly disbanded. The PTB has deep tendrils and long memories.

  • robertleo

    They are so desperate they can’t sleep at night. What will they come up with next?

  • Daniel Imbs

    The Democrat are so strongly opposed to Trump that they have put the interest of the American people on the back burner for political own agenda. I am learning to hate Dumocrats.

    • Big Iron

      Both parties are corporations which are controlled by “minions” of the PTB / the corrupt, international Globalist cabals that want to rule the world and they do control much of our government one way or another. The PTB is the groups that controlled the kings of the European monarchies …from behind the thrones. Mayer Amstel Bauer who was the founder of the House of Rothschild around 1800 is reported to have said: “Give me control of a nations money and I don’t care who makes its laws.” Also, determined that playing both side of a war is “good” business. By the beginnings of the 1800s he had central banks in 5 European nations.

    • Calvinius

      Trump is the greatest threat to the interests of the American people.

  • JaxMO

    Blumenthal was elected to congress after having “stolen the Honor” of being called a Vietnam Veteran and must be charged and tried for such!

    • Big Iron

      “Song bird” McCain claims to be a hero but was far from it. Ask a Viet Vet who had/had credentials in the intelligence commmunity where it was common knowledge. I just wonder how they’ve been able to keep it quiet for so long.

  • The democrats wish to make our country, the U.S. democrats nation, all are a pack of sore losers, lets unite and not act light a bunch of kids that lost a game,,,, do as the rest U.S, citizens have done when Obama was in office, wait until the next election and try again to elect someone who is looking out for our country instead of lining their pockets and use the tax payers money to take vacations as Obumer did. stop crying,,

    • Fed Up With Politicians

      I wish the democraps would leave this country!

    • Big Iron

      That’s the PTB / Globalist’s agenda. They wish to use commi-socialist liberals because they are easier to control than conservatives although they are being manipulated as well. Trump was NEVER supposed to win the election; it was supposed to be an establishment Republican candidate or if not one of those bums then Hillary. The PTBs “grand plan” was shot down by Trumps win. Hillary thought she’d won; after all she WAS promised that she would win …!

      We need to support Trump! At least he appears to be trying to work for the American people. First president to do so since Kennedy and Reagan. Kennedy’s election was fixed [as have been attempted in all elections]; Reagan’s was NOT but there were 2 attempts at assassination after which HE fell in line. Trump’s was NOT but he outplayed them and now they are angry and spiteful …and also have long memories …much like spoiled children.

  • suzy2


  • Fed Up With Politicians

    Send us all their names so we can campaign against them in their next election!

  • Robert Dimmock

    The democratic a-holes are scrapping the bottom of the barrel looking for things to make trouble for this President and his administration; and at the same time making claims now that they want work with the Republicans to make things better. They are so busy talking themselves out of a job they can’t see or don’t care about the damage they are doing to this country. It seems like if a democrat has his mouth open, he’s lying.

  • david obrien

    get these 200 democrats names and address round them up and deport them out of the usa permanently

  • Albedamned!

    These morons are setting a real bad precedent. Obama should have been sued for faking a President. - 2015 | Privacy Policy