Navy sends warning shots to IRAN

JUST IN:  United States defense officials have told reporters that a U.S. Navy ship was forced to fire warning shots at an armed Iranian patrol boat on Tuesday when it came within 150 yards of the American ship in the northern end of the Persian Gulf.

It has been widely reported that the Iranian boat is said to have been operated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, according to a defense official familiar with details of the incident.

“The Iranians did not respond to any warnings from the U.S. ship, including radio calls, firing of flares and five short blasts from the U.S. Navy ship’s whistle, which is the internationally recognized communications signal for danger,” the official told reporters.

Worried that the Iranian ship might try to ram directly into them, the U.S. Navy ship fired a series of warning shots into the water.  The warning shots appeared to work as the Iranian ship immediately stopped its provocative actions, although it remained in the area for several hours.

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  • Timothy Thompson

    Sink the bastards. We should not be intimidated by these pipsqueek boats. They think they can get away with this sort of actions, the taking of our two Seal Team boats under the watch of Obama gave them a false sense of security, we’ll not take it anymore.

  • DonRS

    Such a silly report! No pictures of the Iranian “ships”, “vessel”, “boat” that “threatened the U.S. Navy FLOTILLA. In the past, the Iranian “ships” involved in “capturing” the navy PT boats were 25 ft. BOSTON WHALER FISHING BOATS. Isn’t it amazing that both U.S. PT boats’, navigation systems were inoperative – a highly improbable happening. At the same time, their “mother ships” had them under total surveillance during the ENTIRE INCIDENT!

    Our NAVY and Military leaders have become so inept and cowardly, we are no threat to anyone – and they know it!

    • Bill L

      They are hampered by the rules of engagement

      • DonRS

        Indeed, they were positively RIDICULOUS, one-way, rules making our side “cannon fodder”, under Obama. We are now operating under a new Commander-in-Chief. While I don’t know for a fact, but under Mattis and Trump they must have become more reasonable! However, neither set of ROE would prevent our intervention in the capture of our troops by a hostile force, or a force threatening our forces. Under Obama, the White House had to approve actions by our forces against the enemy. That DEFINITEKY NOT THE CASE under TRUMP!.

  • paul patterson

    Jesus H Christ!!!!! Quit firing flares and sounding your horn. Blow the bastards out of the water. THAT is a warning shot that will be understood by all. When you do that, these little dogs will get back on the porch where they belong and will quit being a pain in the ass.

  • jdp

    jdp…Navy should let Iran know any more of this type of activity will no longer be just warning shots shoot to kill is needed to stop this belligerence. - 2015 | Privacy Policy