Merkel Implies Trump Offers ‘Simple Answers’

BERLIN (AP) — Chancellor Angela Merkel cautioned Monday against seeking “simple answers” to complex global issues, a day after suggesting that Europe’s relationship with the U.S. had shifted significantly following NATO and G-7 meetings with President Donald Trump that produced disappointing results.

The comments at an election rally Sunday in Bavaria, where Merkel stressed that “we Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands,” were widely seen as acknowledgement from Europe’s most powerful leader of the changing dynamic of trans-Atlantic ties.

Her foreign minister, a political rival, upped the rhetoric Monday by declaring that with Trump’s policies, “the West has become smaller.”

Merkel’s remarks came after a Group of Seven summit at which the Europeans couldn’t reach an agreement with Trump on climate change.

“The times in which we can fully count on others are somewhat over, as I have experienced in the past few days,” she said. “And so all I can say is that we Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands.”

Merkel also emphasized the continued need for friendly relations with the U.S. and others. Her spokesman Steffen Seibert, said Monday the chancellor is “a convinced trans-Atlanticist.”

U.S.-German relations “are a strong pillar of our foreign and security policy, and Germany will continue working to strengthen these relations,” Seibert said. “Precisely because they are so important, it’s right to name differences honestly.”

Where Europe’s relationship with the U.S. during the Cold War and in its immediate aftermath had a strong emotional component, Merkel’s comments suggest she now sees them as more “pragmatic and transactional,” said Sylke Tempel, an expert with the German Council on Foreign Relations.

“She feels there is a turning point — trans-Atlantic relations won’t be the relations we’ve seen over the last decades,” Tempel said. “Trump accelerates it, but it was to be expected.”

She also noted that Merkel is seeking a fourth term as chancellor in September, and does not want to be seen as being too close to an American president who is widely disliked in Europe.

“You don’t want to be sitting too comfortably in Trump’s boat, or in Trump’s boat at all, because Trump’s not liked here,” she said.

During a speech Monday in Berlin, Merkel did not specifically mention Trump but quoted a 1963 speech by former President John F. Kennedy in Frankfurt, where he told the audience “those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.”


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  • sandraleesmith46

    I guess Merkel isn’t acquainted with the KISS principle; sometimes SIMPLE is the BEST solution, instead of always trying to complicate matters with emotionalism!

  • PBHayes

    If the Germans fail to rid themselves of Merkel and her leftist policies their culture in the next 20 to 30 years will cease to exist. Islam is being allowed to infect almost the entire continent which translates into the loss of those beautiful historic cultures to be replaced by a 7th century barbarism.

    • gunnygil

      Hurrah!!! Someone finally has stated the absolute about the idiot brain dead Europeans who have not be able over the past 100 years whether they want to be free, dominated, communist, Nazi, socialist, etc., etc..The one thing they do know is that they do NOT want to be self governing so maybe Islam, especially radical Islam is their answer….TOTAL SUBMISSION. NO freedom to make decisions and with that no responsibility for the decisions, Much like the neo-democrats of the North American continent

    • Charles

      Too late. Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark and Sweden, along with Pope Francis have already created the conditions for the Vatican Caliphate.

      • keedon

        No, a Muslim Caliphate. Islam is going to replace Christianity in a decade in Europe. Europe will go bankrupt and Islam will carry them into the DARKAGES.

      • PBHayes

        Have to agree but still hope the people of those nations rise up and throw out the barbarians including their leftist governments.

  • Bruce Kellar

    Merkle is the one now possessed by the Muslim brotherhood with no chance of return. She should be allowed to wallow in her ignorance and liberalism. Is there a difference?

    • Rx7pj

      What the hell is wrong with you?

      • Bruce Kellar

        Certainly not the same malady that you suffer from. Foolishness becomes a way of life for the uninformed or mentally incompetent. Why would you publicly be defensive of anyone that opposes the USA much less abscounds with our money while asking for more, then caters to our arch enemy that has sworn to kill everyone in the US, except muslims. Are you residing on this planet? Is there no activity in your frontal lobe? Have you no scruples or common sense.

  • Ah nutz

    “global warming” crap =not complicated = simple =it’s crap.

  • Robert Pekarik

    Germany needs to focus on the out of control immigrant crisis that Merkel, along with the other out of touch European leaders, created. The United States cannot help them with this self destructive agenda. Merkel does not belong in a government position she belongs alongside Obama creating confusion and distrust as a community organizer.

    • old codger

      Actually she belongs in a padded cell at the INSANE asylum!!!

  • Merkel threw Germany under the bus with her open borders to all Muslim refugees. Now she has to live with the horror she created. How many Germans will no die at the hands of Muslims? She can’t blame Trump for this.

  • baitmando

    Ef the EU and their one world ambitions. They are destroying themselves from within with the EU global cabal, and want us right with them.

  • Joseph Cavalier

    KISS!!! Get on the ball, fool. You Nazi’s never learn. First Hitler, now Merkel!!!

    • safari1024

      You have touched on the hidden point here. In trying to thinly veil a swipe at Trump’s “simple” solutions, she has unmasked the politician’s desire to overcomplicate. The more convoluted a solution, the more benefits can be reaped through the little side deals that can be hidden in the layers. And I don’t think Merkel is a NAZI, just another greedy, grasping politician, who puts special interests before the welfare of her citizens.

  • MarcJ

    La Merckel was borne and raised in communist-ruled East Germany – and it shows!

  • Jmanjo

    I think what she is saying is that OMG the US doesn’t want to pay our way anymore. What should we do, Obama promised us everything. We may have to start paying our own way and sticking up for our countries on our expense. Climate change sounded great as long as Obama was paying for everything. Now, we really look dumb! And all these free loading refugees are bankrupting us!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Says the woman who sold … no — gave her country away to Islam.

  • PXXAT5

    KISS; Keep it Simple Stupid….Earth to Merkel, you are overthinking the problems, this generally happens when a person wants to avoid doing the obvious, and wants to do something else. Never lie to yourself, to others , yes, but never to yourself, it’s called self delusion and it does not end well. Clean-up and correct the migrant problems you have in Germany, then upgrade you military forces, to face Russia and pay your NATO dues, then come talk to us about “America First”.

  • Concerned Citizen

    One of the major problems with our world and those in positions of authority and influence is their propensity to make things overly complex. Simple solution are a much better answer to the multiple problems that we are facing.

  • Paladin

    She’s a product of the East German regime… whadaya xpect???

  • Charles

    Merkel obviously knows nothing about Occam’s razor.

  • keedon

    Merkel will chase NATO out of Europe and try to go it alone without the most powerful and best armed country in the world carrying the load, the USA. How are the European countries going to defend themselves then? Without us they are defenseless now.

  • Gerry Costa

    Why would anyone listen to a person who has led her country into the sewer, let it get overrun by muslims with open borders obozo thinking and trying to somehow justify it. She is as big a waste of good oxygen as pelosi or waters or schumer.

  • Bruce Kellar

    German christians will be clamoring to immigrate to the US soon. We don’t want them. They carry poor genetics and a history of social chaos and failure. Merkel has committed treason and her sedition has mostly gone unnoticed for some strange reason but I don’t live there. Europe will accelerate into the abyss of anarchy along with their sister Arab nations. Merkel is for some reason intent on speeding things up. It is fear that causes weak people to do dastardly things anticipating reprisal. Merkel has in her wardrobe a burka already! - 2015 | Privacy Policy