Melania Wins $3M In Libel Case Over ‘Escort’ Lie

According to Sky News, First Lady Melania Trump has won $3 million and an apology from publisher Associated Newspapers after the Daily Mail claimed in August (using a sensational double-page spread) that the former-supermodel had worked for an escort service prior to her modeling career taking off.

The newspaper falsely claimed that the modeling agency the First Lady worked for in Italy was “something of a gentleman’s club” and that her agency in New York “operated as an escort service for wealthy clients.”

Like the mainstream media’s ongoing campaign to pretend there was some sort of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, the Daily Mail admitted it had no evidence to back up its smear.

The lawyer for Associated Newspapers told the judge:

“The defendant acknowledges that these claims about the claimant [Melania Trump] are untrue, and we retract and withdraw them.

“The defendant is here today publicly to set the record straight, and to apologise to the claimant for any distress and embarrassment that the articles may have caused her.”

In a statement, the Daily Mail said,

“We accept that these allegations about Mrs. Trump are not true and we retract and withdraw them. We apologize to Mrs. Trump for any distress that our publication caused her.”

The Guardian reports that Mrs. Trump’s original suit sought damages of $150 million and that she has accepted the newspaper’s apology.


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  • rick meek

    GOOD for her !!!!!

    • HOPE

      How much Trump have to pay for all those things he say about Obama and Hillari

      • Fred Lucia

        When it’s true you don’t have to pay

        • HOPE

          WAO, that’s the special thing that Trump group followers have , the gray matter in the brain become you in ashes by racial hatred that have lived with you you entire lives. Ensure that Obama was not American and to say that he had proof that Oama was born in Africa, is to you a truth, if it is so makes me sad you sick way of thinking and the future of your children if they have learned from you to support a slander as truth. God bless America (America is a continent no a country if you do not know.)

          • Fred Lucia

            Wow talk about close-minded and Prejudice there’s no sense talking to you comma check your facts

          • Donqixote

            America may be a continent but the United States of America is a sovereign country. The USA is the most racially diverse country in the world. We are a country of laws and only those that break them, are castigated.

          • Moe

            The most evil thing we ever had in Washington was pathological liar Obama, millions love Trump, we were screwed by Obama and nutty people like you. Everything about Obama was and continues to be a lie, only someone stupid without common sense cannot see that fact. Trump, cannot break the law like the former executive branch did, they truly got away with near murder. Your a moron.

          • Snufy

            What kind of a deranged idiot are you? You nutjob liberals have no idea what truth is. There is plenty of evidence that your hero Obama was foreign born, and no factual evidence otherwise. You cling to lies with no evidence of truth behind them. If there is racial hatred, it comes from people like you who are one sided and are blinded to truth. You throw out insultive and inacurate names about good Americans, all to further your evil thoughts. The United States of America is a country populated be idiots like you.

          • ganderdavis

            @ Hope i’m sorry but i don’t remember Obama taking anyone to court for slandering him.Maybe he didn’t because he was afraid the truth or more info regarding his past would surface.So guess he figured not to trip that wire and blow himself up by opening his big can of worms for all to see.

          • Ricarrdo estavans

            Why didn’t BHO sue. I guess he did not want real investigators to be poking around just those phony journalists who tend to look the other way when a democraps commit crimes.

          • Ricarrdo estavans

            There goes the race card again.

          • John Flynn

            “America” is generally accepted as the USA. the “continent” (as you assume) is NORTH America (and there is also a continent named SOUTH America). pls get things straight!!!! this is your geography lesson for the day. HOPE, I hope I can have hope in you….no pun intended, of course

          • Kevin Tomblin

            Wrong! Bill Clinton made the accusations about Obama’s birth certificate back in 2008.

          • charjo

            To HOPE~NORTH AMERICA is a continent of which our country, AMERICA, ——the United States of America—is a part of! Not sure where you went to school and studied your Social Studies and geography but I am definitely not impressed! I was a teacher for almost 45 years and one of my pet peeves is American citizens who have no clue about this country they live in….like Obama who thought there were 57 states! By the way, his own grandmother claimed she witnessed his actual birth in KENYA!!! I doubt the man (Obama) could pass a basic exam about the history of the USA!

          • Debbie D

            You’re a low IQ low info fool.

      • biilyjoe

        NOTHING —- BECAUSE IT WAS ALL TRUE–and there’s a whole lot more that should be said and done to those 2 criminal-scoundrels–obongo/hildabeest.

        • Louise Adams


      • Boyd Herrst

        Nothing, it’s all true !

      • Louise Adams

        Nothing because they’re all true!

      • ganderdavis

        Melania sued becaused the story wasn’t true.If the stories about Obama and Hillary are not true then let them sue.

        • Ricarrdo estavans

          Both of them will never stand for the discovery phase of a lawsuit. Too much digging by real investigators, not the phony journalists masquerading as real journalists.

      • amerall

        HOPE : You cant win a libel suit if what you say is true! You can only be sued if you print or say things that aren’t true! Get it?

      • Ricarrdo estavans

        During the discovery phase of any civil lawsuit both parties have to present evidence either way. I do not believe Hillary or Hussein want to have real investigators digging through their dirty laundry. Talk about a can of worms. Both of them do not want anyone to have access to this evidence. “Nothing to see here just move along”

  • Tina Scott

    Good for her

  • David Renaud

    Melania Trump is OK by me !!!!!!!

  • Beeker D.

    NOW, if we could just get the MSM to APOLOGIZE to us for the ‘Flim-Flam Obamaman’!

  • diqiti

    Hit the lying fudiot libtard media whet it hurts…

  • Larry Brule


  • pat

    HahHah. That’s what he gets.Serves him right for being so disrespectful.

  • pat

    My comment pertained to Kaepernick.

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    Why is the liberal brain so small.

  • Terry Butts

    But unless they are going to be (using a sensational double-page spread) to print that apology most will never hear of their confession that the story was false. - 2015 | Privacy Policy