Mark Levin Says Hillary Should Be Impeached If Elected

Right-wing radio conservative Mark Levin is pretty much assuming that Trump isn’t going to be able to defeat Hillary – but if he can’t, Levin says that she needs to be immediately impeached by a Republican Congress.

He explains why in a Facebook post:

Yes, Hillary Clinton must be prosecuted, but she won’t be; if elected, however, she must be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors in what is and will be continuing revelations about her criminality. The fact that she has attempted to cover-up and obstruct her Espionage Act violations in hopes of winning this election, and may well be successful, and has lied repeatedly to the American people and Congress, must be addressed by Congress — outside the unconscionable and corrupt perversion of the rule of law by the Obama administration.

Wow. This would be a very bold move by a Congress that would be weakened by the civil war caused by the Trump wars. In fact, there are some signs that the Democrats have a chance to recapture the House of Representatives from the Republicans, if the polling is accurate and Trump is failing badly.

So is there any chance they’ll do this? Not without overwhelming support of the American public, which will be defused obviously, if Hillary is indeed elected… - 2015 | Privacy Policy