London attacker identified

Just last year, a documentary aired on the BBC called “The Jihadist Next Door,” which followed around a number of Muslim extremists in the UK who wanted to implement Sharia Law there, and had sympathies towards ISIS.

By the time the documentary aired, one of the jihadists followed (named Abu Rumaysah) had already left for Syria and appeared on ISIS propaganda as an executioner. Here’s a picture of Rumaysah in the documentary – and in ISIS propaganda not long-after.

It’s a shame the documentary didn’t inspire any vigilante justice – because it would’ve prevented one of Saturday’s terror attacks in London.

According to the Evening Standard, MI5 and police faced growing pressure today over whether the London Bridge murders could have been prevented after it emerged that at least one of the attackers was a known extremist who had been reported to the authorities.

Neighbours in the block of flats in Barking where “Abs” — one of the three alleged terrorists — lived said that he had been thrown out of his local mosque because of his views and had a reputation for aggressive behaviour.


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  • cambo

    Maybe we’ll soon come to realize that the Muslim world is at war with the infidels. They will not live in harmony with anyone. They are a cancer on humanity. The only good ones are the one’s who have died. They can no longer hate anyone or anything. The world will never be at peace until they are eradicated like vipers.

    • SmithWinston6478

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  • Velma Saccone

    We need to remove them all from the world as they are all terrorist who want to kill everyone who is not a muslim. That is their only function and the world need to realize this fact.

  • Gen11American

    Fine. One of London attackers has been identified. Now EVERY MEMBER of his extended family allowed into Britain needs to be ousted and sent back to whatever Islamic hellhole they originated from rather than allowing them to remain in Once-Great-Britain! When other extremists get the message that their families will suffer expulsion if they commit violent terrorist acts, they might cease and desist, or else family members fearful of being ousted may be more inclined to rat on their own family members! The fact that is forbidden by the Koran is just one more reason Islam and Muslims are totally incompatible with the values of Western civilized nations!

  • Joecolt

    Britain PM said we have over 23,000 Muslims under investigation, Way to Many to play with, they need to send them Back from where they came from and Re-Vet them Extremely, if they want to return to Britain. - 2015 | Privacy Policy