Libs Push Gender-Bending Book into School Curriculum

When officials from North Carolina’s Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district were forced to pull a pro-transgender book for first-grade kids from its curriculum due to intense public pressure, they decided to try to spread the same message under the radar.

The book, “Jacob’s New Dress,” was pulled and replaced with “Red, a Crayon’s Story,” which is very nearly the same thing, according to WFXB.

“Jacob’s New Dress” is a book that celebrates a boy who wears dresses to school, as the title suggests.

“Red, a Crayon’s Story” is a story about a blue crayon that has been incorrectly labeled red.


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  • sandraleesmith46

    This is insane; children should NOT ever be exposed to such nonsense before they’re 18 and mature enough to process it in an healthy manner! Destroying children is just plain SICK!

    • backrow

      not even sure at eighteen they are mature enough.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Considering the maturity level of today’s 18 yr olds, you may well be right; but they’re certainly not before that age.

        • jeff

          I know a couple teenagers (under 18) that were mature beyond their years, more so than some 30/40 somethings I know. 🙂

          • sandraleesmith46

            Those are BY FAR the exception to the rule; as rare as hens’ teeth.

    • Larry Gagnon

      Actually, you are correct. Gender identity disorder is a psychosis that has stricken some unfortunate individuals; they deserve our sympathy, help and understanding. They do not deserve encouragement to see that which is not there. Encouraging gender identity disorder is just as reasonable as encouraging anorexia nervosa or limb identity disorder; in all cases, the disease victim is victimized again by those who insist on joining the psychosis.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Psych 101 for nurses: you never “feed” a delusion, whatever it is. Well, this is certainly a delusion and should not be supported; rather, the person should be encouraged to seek help in the form of adequate therapy. The APA knew that back in my day; but extortion and threats have coerced them to change their “rules” and the DSM IV and V!

        • Larry Gagnon

          Sandra: Your knowledge about DSMs exceeds mine. What changes have been made to the DSM? (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual re Mental Disorders – right?) I do not understand why anyone thinks they are helping by encouraging surgeries and hormone treatments to fight against the person’s own inherent hormone expression. I would never suggest to a 5-foot-6-inch-95-pound person that they need gastric bypass to fight their obesity.

          • sandraleesmith46

            In the DSM III, all homosexuality and associated disorders were listed as behavioral disorders, which they, in fact are, meaning they’re learned, but unhealthy thought and behavioral patterns. In the mid and late ’60s, leading up to the printing of the DSM IV, there was intense legal and fiscal pressure (extortion) placed on the APA and the DSM publishers, to remove homosexuality from that list of behavioral disorders; it was NOT a medical or psychiatric decision at all. Like so many since, those folks believed, foolishly, that appeasement on that 1 issue would “settle the homosexual lobbies down”; it didn’t, it simply emboldened them, and their associates, such as NAMBLA. Indeed, the ink in the DSM IV was scarcely dry when NAMBLA started lobbying for acceptance of pedophilia in the same way, back in ’73! In the DSM V, they’ve started adding those opposed to those unhealthy behaviors as the ones with mental illnesses, rather than the ones actually suffering such behavioral disorders themselves.

        • Terry Maloney

          As a retired nurse I can tell you that there are times when going along with a delusion is the only way that you can communicate with a person and get them to co-operate with you.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Reinforcing the delusion only makes it harder for the victim to eventually let it go; after all Nurse went along with it; it must be okay.

    • Terry Maloney

      You are right about that, which is why a lot of the college students are out protesting and can’t give you a reasoned answer as to why they are protesting. They never had a chance to get their heads straight to begin with.

      • sandraleesmith46

        They don’t even know what they’re protesting; let alone why. They’ve been brainwashed from the cradle up by parents who were brainwashed before them.

    • Johnnyboy

      This is what the Democrats do. If you dont like it vote them the hell out of politics. They must be removed from any position of power or politics.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Where they need to be is in asylums.

        • Robert

          Are there any asylums any more?

          • sandraleesmith46

            Not like there used to be when I was a kid; they began closing them down before I’d finished HS. But there are a few around and I believe some of the old buildings could still be used and resurrected for the intended purpose….

        • Boommach

          They need to be on their knees and repent. We are not dealing with nuts, we’re dealing with evil.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Oh, no, sorry; I was thinking of the law which requires they prove to be a danger to self or others for commitment; and on a permanent basis, so they can’t do more harm than they’ve already done. They can repent anytime or place; but they need to be secured at least until they get that fact and act on it.

  • I certainly do not like trannies.
    Nor grampas who want to be grannies.
    Feet don’t grow on heads
    And blue is not red
    Those libs have their brains up their fannies!!!

  • tdg54

    If a “red crayon” be a “blue crayon” can a 7 year old be a 60 year old??

    • Terry Butts

      sure by their “logic”

      After all if someone 7 thinks they are 60 it would be the same kind of “DISCRIMINATION” to point out to them they are in fact 7 not 60 as it is to point out to someone they are actually a MALE instead of FEMALE when they are a male who thinks they are a female.

      • tdg54

        Got me there, Ter.

      • Larry Gagnon

        Words should have some meaning that people can understand. When an anatomical boy says he “feels like a girl”, it is not at all clear what he means. Whatever he does mean, to say he is a girl is to decide that someone’s subjective feelings determines their gender. But feelings can change quickly. So, using the term “girl” to describe someone who is anatomically a boy is a useless path to follow. Even the most liberal person would allow that same person to feel like a boy the next day.

        • Terry Butts

          “Whatever he does mean, to say he is a girl is to decide that someone’s subjective feelings determines their gender.”

          Exactly and that is what some judge did that started that whole bathroom use controversy.

          The judge declared that ones “GENDER IDENTITY” was to be treated as if it was their actual gender calling it a crime to restrict what bathroom etc. they were allowed to use based on their actual biological gender.

          His declaration was that an EXISTING amendment that banned discrimination based on gender applied to “GENDER IDENTITY” as well when in fact it did not even mention GENDER IDENTITY just ones actual gender.

          Liberals took this ruling and began making laws to PROTECT that “new right” (to be treated as if they are what they feel they are) the judge created in some cases claiming it to be a “hate crime” to even question an obvious male wearing a camera about why he wanted to gain access to a women’s facility or to point out that they were in fact male in contradiction of their “FEELINGS” on the matter.

      • Larry Gagnon

        P.S. You are completely correct. BTW: There is nothing wrong with reasonable discrimination. As a heterosexual, I discriminate against males when seeking a dancing partner. I bet that even homosexuals would not object to my discrimination. in this regard. True anorexics honestly believe that they are overweight, but that does not make them overweight by any helpful standard.

  • Sally, Dick, and Jane has been replaced by Sally’s Dick!

  • Allen Washburn

    Nature has it’s own course and it will take it no matter what book is read. I’m a Straight heterosexual male married 20 years and raised 2 boys in Massachusetts where at the time they were in school so was that book on their curriculum. I’m not liberal in fact I’m very far from it but this book caused no harm. Being gay is not a choice it’s a gene and this books only affect on straight young people will only be teaching tolerance. Stop being fear mongers and homophobes and let nature take it’s course. Hell you act like being Gay is a disease.

    • Allen you are a liar. To oppose kids having transgenderism crammed down their throats has NOTHING TO DO with your lieberal ‘homophobia’. People like you want to force your sick values on the rest of us.

      • VirgoVince

        Are you sure you read that comment RIGHT, seems you are entirely wrong and
        you SHOULD apologize to Allen??

      • joe

        well said!!!

      • Allen Washburn

        How am I a liar? And I don’t have sick values. My values are live and let live as opposed to you. You’re a homophobe that is scare being gay is contagious or maybe you’re afraid you may be gay and if you read that book you’ll suddenly want a penis in your mouth or anus. Face it your’e a bigot, an unintelligent bigot who’s afraid his child may be gay.

        • LIE. Again, dummy, being opposed to cramming transgenderism down kids throats has NOTHING TO DO with your beloved ‘homophobia’. Your accusation of such is a lie, and YOU are sick.

    • VirgoVince

      Truth IS, Allen, MOST people think ‘being Gay is a disease’!

      • Allen Washburn

        That’s right and it’s scares the shit out of insecure people.

    • Terry Maloney

      You talk about nature but do you see any other natural creature other than man acting like humans. We are the feel good generation. And wether or not something is the natural thing to do if they thing it will make them feel good they will obsess on it until they get what they want. That is NOT natural, it is perversion!

      • Allen Washburn

        Many other species other than human display homosexuality and it’s been well documented so that argument is incorrect. If you don’t believe me do some research, I’ll start you on your way.

        I am not gay and glad neither of my boys turned out gay but I refuse to bash people that are. As I’ve stated previously I live a live and let live life. What other people are has no interest to me as long as it doesn’t affect me or my family. I stand firm in saying that this book will not turn your child gay because they read a 20 page book that teaches diversity and acceptance of it. BTW Mr’ DICK HEAD I have blocked you so reply all you lke I won’t see your response. You seem to just like to argue as opposed to discuss.

        Larry here is a link to get you on your research path.

  • The libs have it all upside down
    They want to dress boys in night gowns.
    Mars cannot be Venus
    A girl has no penis
    These teachers are all dumb sick clowns!

  • Michael Sullivan

    Time to home school your children

    • Yes! Government schools want to HOMOschool our kids!

  • Larry Gagnon

    Gender identity disorder is a psychosis that has stricken some unfortunate individuals; they deserve our sympathy, help and understanding. They do not deserve encouragement to see that which is not there. Encouraging gender identity disorder is just as reasonable as encouraging anorexia nervosa or limb identity disorder; in all cases, the disease victim is victimized again by those who insist on joining the psychosis. If we assume say a blue crayon is not blue or an anatomical girl is not a girl, then we have destroyed the meaning of the terms “blue” and “girl”. The assumption by the truth destroyers that a person has to “feel” a certain way to be a male or a female insults everyone. If you are a female, you do not have to feel like having children or sewing or housekeeping. If you are a male, you do not have to feel like playing football or engaging in any other activity that is traditionally thought of as male or macho. Not all females “feel” the same way about any issue or proposed activity and neither do all males. Experiencing a minority view or unusual “feeling” does not change your gender and should not motivate you to undergo massive surgeries or life-long hormone treatment. No one has a duty to “feel” like everyone one else of their gender.

    • Allen Washburn

      Larry Nature makes mistakes that can’t be unmade by some social group therapy or telling someone they are sick. That is only going to make the person feel more alienated and alone. You are right though they do deserve our sympathy because of people like everyone in here screaming it’s wrong and persecuting some poor human being because they were born different.

      • Lying Allen, NOBODY in this chatroom suggests persecuting anyone! Liars like YOU are the problem. We’re simply saying cramming transgenderism down kids throats is wrong.

        • Allen Washburn

          It’s called tolerance. teaching not to persecute because of difference.

          • AGAIN, liar. NOBODY in this chatroom is suggesting PERSECUTING anyone! You are too illiterate and STUPID to understand that very basic point, dummy. YOU were the one who brought up the ‘persecution’ accusation, but you can’t back it up. Therefore you are what I said you are – a LIAR.

        • Allen Washburn

          And Mr. Dickhead…If you read my second Comment. I state the only negative thing I have against Homosexuals is them cramming it down our throats, So I hate to say I agree with you but on that point I agree with you.

          • Good – but you are still a liar.

          • Allen Washburn

            Think what you want….what idiot morons think of me doesn’t affect my sleep at all. in fact having a bigoted Homophobe call me a liar actually makes me laugh. You have a nice life.

          • Again, you have refuted NOTHING I’ve said, dummy. I exposed your LIES and you had no refutation. I exposed your misuse of words like ‘persecute’ and ‘homophobe’ and you had no response. You have conceded the argument through your vicious use of namecalling and hyperbole. Game, set, and match to me. You lose, dummy!

      • A nother
        L ying
        L oser
        E asily
        N egated

        • Allen Washburn

          To bad your IQ matches your shoe size…your name even points to a phallic obsession… sure your’e not a closet Homosexual. Your’e very poetic in your replies and try to be cute with them also.

          • I’m not a homo but you are a hypocrite. You accuse others of persecuting transgender people, then you conflate transgenderism with homosexuality. Then you accuse someone who points out your lies of being homosexual! You’re all over the place, Allen Washedup!

      • Larry Gagnon

        Allen: Let’s assume that we are talking about an actual sufferer of gender identity disorder. How do you know they were born different rather than had their concept of a specific gender distorted by an overbearing parent or other influential person/group? Would you tell an anorexic (or limb identity disorder sufferer) that they are sick? Or, would you try to help them understand that they would likely be happier in the long run if they could see themselves as thin (or the owner of that limb)? Do you have a citation to any study supporting the statement that gender identity disorder sufferers are “born different”? Was Bruce Jenner born different? Do you know that since Bruce decided that he was a female, he increased his speaking fees by $50,000 per engagement (on average)? Assuming you see yourself as a male, can you help me understand how you do not “feel like” a female? How would you hypothesize that your feelings differ from a male who suffers from gender identity disorder? I am not at all sure how I “feel” different from my wife (who, by the way, is female).

        • Allen Washburn

          Because I’ve know one for a very long time who got kicked out of his house by his parents because she had a penis and a semi developed vagina. The parent chose to name him Stephen and raise him as a boy. That wasn’t her choice.

          • Larry Gagnon

            Allen: You appear to be referring to a hermaphrodite. That is a very rare condition in which a person is born with sexual organs of both genders. I think it is universally accepted that such persons are not transgender. Transgender people are people who have the anatomy consistent with one gender but, for some reason, “identify with” or “feel like” the other gender. Many of these victims of gender identity disorder go on to have surgery to modify their outward appearance consistent with the other gender and then are given hormone treatments for the rest of their lives so that their secondary sexual characteristics comport with their “feelings”. You are completely correct that hermaphrodites are born different. Like people born with only one arm or one leg, hermaphrodites are clearly victims of genetic errors. I do wonder what motivated the parents to kick such a person out of their home. You probably do not have the full story as it is nearly inconceivable that a parent would punish a child for a genetic abnormality. I do not know whose fault such a condition is, but I do know it is not the kid’s.

          • Robert

            Larry, well said

          • Allen Washburn

            Larry her penis was fully formed and functional the only way they could tell was through xray and it was determined a birth defect of having an undeveloped uterus..I said vagina but they didn’t classify her as a hermaphrodite. she had to have the surgery to turn the penis inside out. Take Estrogen. Basically she had to follow the full course a Transgender would have to. She even tried living as a man at the behest of getting her family back and spawned a child. In the end though she was never happy the marriage didn’t work out and the child is fine with having two moms. Stephen explained it like a champ….I wouldn’t wan to to have that conversation. In short no she wasn’t a hermaphrodite and was never diagnosed as one.

            I was just as confused as you when we first talked about it and said the same thing. The end result is Stephanie is much happier..the father finally accepted it the mother did not. As you say being born as a hermaphrodite is a genetic disorder so is being gay. Would you choose to be ridiculed and made fun of and beaten up because you choose to like men? I sure the hell wouldn’t.

          • Terry Butts

            “so is being gay.”

            False if this was a fact then ALL IDENTICAL TWINS would either both be gay or both not be that is not the case so it is not GENETIC.

            Genes can be tested for, DNA sets ones PHYSICAL FORM based on their ancestry this includes everything from the shape of one’s eyes to the color of their skin, MENTAL beliefs however are learned as children either by DIRECTLY being taught how to act or by observation of how others are acting.

            Even if a GENE is ever found that does DEFINE someone as being gay to argue that it is OK because its genetic would be no different than using the same DEMAND for nearly every unacceptable behavior out there they are already attempting this same argument as a defense for THEFT, PEDOPHILIA and murder.

            Remember that story from the UK the man was still sentences to 5 years in jail despite ARGUING that because the kind of RAPE he was committed was ACCEPTABLE in the culture of his home nation that he should not be punished for committing the crime.

            The logic he used in his defense is no different than arguing that (despite NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE) the behavior was caused by genetics and therefore should be not only allowed as normal but those who REFUSE to accept the OBVIOUS MALE in front of them is anything other than male be PUNISHED for pointing out the OBVIOUS TRUTH about the man.

            Gender IDENTITY is not the same as GENDER the first is a MENTAL BELIEF about ones body the second is the FACT BASED BIOLOGICAL FORM one was born with.

        • Allen Washburn

          As I stated I’m also straight and Married 20 years with two boys….I am very male and have no female feelings or attributes.


    No wonder our school system ranks so low among other nations. The democrats are destroying our school system brain washing our children.

  • theLonelyMountain

    While I am totally against this book being in the school, there is a way to use it against the agenda. Simply ask the kids, “How do you think the red label got on the blue crayon? Do you think its okay if the blue crayon wanted to have a red label? Would you get confused about the color? Is it true that no matter what label you put on blue, his color will never change?” Kids are smart enough to know the answers to these questions and to convince them otherwise is to brainwash them to believing in a wacko narrative.

  • Terry Maloney

    Why do we of the majority have no say in this, because we do not unite and get signatures that will make it impossible for them to push their ideas on us.

  • John Green

    Take these kinds of books and burn them

  • Jim Hagarty

    You don’t understand…Bishop Fulton J Sheen – Catholic in the 50s or thereabouts once stated give me your children at 5-10 yrs old and I’ll have them for ever. The so-called Liberal Progressives want only to indoctrinate your children when they are most defenseless and incapable of objectively analyzing what they are told by an all-controlling oppressive government. Indoctrination – NOT EDUCATION – has become the mission of our public school system so that the output does not become educated, free-thinking students who can reason for themselves and objectively examine facts and all sides of any issue…rather, the DEMs want to INDOCTRINATE the children – your children in what (in their twisted opinions) is THE (not a) Politically Correct way of thinking, speaking, writing and approaching life.
    And – remember always – words have meaning so while it may be correctly called “The Democratic Party” know always THERE IS NOTHING DEMOCRATIC ABOUT IT. It is totalitarian and absolutely opposed to any dissenting point of view. You could more safely challenge Islamic Beliefs in Saudi Arabia than challenge Democrat positions at any meeting of Democrat politicians…

    • Robert

      Beautifully stated, Jim, but was it not Dr Goebbels who made that 5-10 year old boast?

      • Terry Butts

        I think there have been many that have said essentially the same thing because they know if they are the only influence a child receives when developing their understanding of right/normal and wrong/abnormal they can control what they accept as true and how they behave for the rest of their lives.

  • Kay B

    It is my hope and prayer that President Trump flushes all of the perverts and sickos from the teaching profession. That swamp needs to be drained big time.

  • A_patriot

    Proof that the Left has a specific agenda. Get your children OUT of PUBLIC School, NOW.

  • robertleo

    People who keep pushing the gay agenda will be in for a rude awakening when the God of this earth brings them in for judgment. It’s not far too distant future. In the meantime we just have to do the best we can to protect our children with this kind of onslaught.,

  • Allen Washburn

    God love the 1st Amendment. It’s ok to speak your mind as long as it goes along with what you feel. How has being gay deteriorated this country in any way? If you’re not gay why should you care what someone else’s sexual preference is? The one and only thing I have negative to say about gay people is that they push their sexuality down our throats but other than that they are just people. People with different sexual preferences. But as much as you say they try and force people to be gay…that’s simply not true, they’re saying it’s ok to be gay. And you people screaming Faggot and gay bashing is the same thing trying to push your ideas down their throats.

    Gay people just want to be able to walk down the street and not be ridiculed.

    • tdg54

      I’ve got no problem with gays. I have a large problem with “transgender.” You are what you have. If you wish to “play” the opposite gender, that’s fine, but don’t tell me you are what you aren’t, and then suggest it’s the new “normal,” cause it surely isn’t.

  • Joe S Hill

    When a lie is spread and treated like the truth, than all sorts of things will start happening, and spreading the Gender bending lies onto any of our little children is an offense that will be very unpleasant! this is nothing but a mental and spiritual disorder, and one, that can be easily overcomed if one wanted to-but pushing this lie onto little children goes way beyond offensive, it’s an invitation to a serious ass kicking! having the absolute nerve to make such an offensive book aimed at exposing little children to Transgender and Homosexual values is no different then exposing them to hard core pornography, and the people who do these things need to be put in a line in front of a firing squad,and shot! the liberal progressives who peddle this bullshit need to watch their backs when they cater to brainwashing children with these immoral lies, that’s seriously unacceptable!

  • Micky Mikutowicz

    you have GOT to be kidding !!


    another attempt to indoctrinate little innocent babies because they don’t believe we have a right to bring our children up with our own set of what is right and wrong. If you are conservative they want to make sure they get your children under their spell. So they can become what alot of our youth has become at the universities. Out of control. This is why the government should be taken out of our schools so communities can decide what they want their children to learn and when. People need to start thinking about how to protect their children from these kind of problems. This won’t be the last and they won’t tell you.

  • 2 parrots and a dog

    Pure evil. They are trying to destroy our children’s values and the way they view everything so they can be controlled.

  • Robert

    Isn’t this manipulation of a child’s life considered “child abuse”? I’m waiting for the first brave soul to bring a suit. Children are NOT lab animals, a la rats. Stop treating them as such. Guide them, do not attempt to remake them in some corrupted image.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Presented to you by the Democrat-Communist Terrorist Organization.

  • Wayne Buck

    All these little children suppose to be transgendering is a full blown load of bullshit ! There are ‘NO SUCH THING’ as transgendering in a world of mentally stable individuals. Anyone saying they are LGBTQ are nothing more than the product of very very poor parenting and a proper up bringing.”ANY” parent who supports this kind of mental disability has a lot of mental issues of their own. There’s ‘NO WAY’ any Higher Power would believe in or support such a warped concept ! =(( IF YOU DON’T AGREE OR DISAPPROVE ? OPINIONS ARE LIKE ASSHOLES-EVERYONE HAS ONE !! I MEAN WHAT I SAY & SAY WHAT I MEAN ! GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Gardener8

    Will these deviates never stop? It’s not enough for them to be twisted – they want everybody to approve of it and embrace
    the deviance.

  • Carroll Osteen

    This is disgusting ! What are kids supposed to think when boys wear dresses and act like girls ? This is just to confusing for kids to have to deal with ! Just more propaganda interfering with real learning .

  • Terry Maloney

    The disorder that we need to eradicate is the idea that we can not expect everyone to live up to a certain set of standards. We must expect people to live by “our” rules. The idea that no one can tell them how to live their lives is what has started all of this garbage. They forget that they are a part of society and in order to function there are certain common ways of behavior. They can always start their own town of country and not be a part of society as a whole. - 2015 | Privacy Policy