Libs Panic Over Trump’s “Energy Dominance”

On the campaign trail, President Donald Trump promised that he would work tirelessly to ensure that American energy was once again allowed to grow, and that America would become the greatest energy producing country in the world.

As president, Trump has taken several steps to begin following through on that promise. On Wednesday, during a roundtable meeting with state, local and tribal leaders as part of “energy week,” Trump made a promise to them — and the American people, The Washington Times reported.

Promising the lift regulations, Trump vowed that he would oversee a “golden age of American energy dominance.” That’s a promise that millions of hard working Americans are counting on Trump to follow through on.

Liberals on the other hand are undoubtedly going to start panicking over this promise. To them, anything that doesn’t involve solar panels, wind turbines or other alternative forms of energy that don’t work terribly well is a tragedy.

“For too long, the federal government has put up restrictions and regulations that put this energy wealth out of reach. It’s just totally out of reach,” Trump said.

“It’s been really restricted, the development itself has been restricted and vast amounts of deposits of coal and other resources have, in a way, been taken out of your hands and we’re going to have that change. We’re going to put it back in your hands,” Trump vowed.


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  • Keith

    That’s why we voted for this man, and the dead voted for Hillary.

    • bobvelon

      You mean the mental misfits and stem dead….

      • cjjf

        Actually it has been proven and prosecuted that some dead in VA. voted democrat thanks to being signed up by a volunteer for the Dems..

  • tomsfordcars

    We need the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipe Line construction to get underway immediately. Enough of this bull crap, left wing, tree hugging nonsense with their politically motivated regulations and falacies.
    Our President is 100% correct. We have coal and gas available and using our resources is a sure way to secure energy to support much need Economic Development along with adding thousands of jobs to our work force.
    As I have said numerous times, “No wind, no sun, no gas, no lights!”

  • Big Ed

    For fifty years the right has pressed for energy self-sufficiency for America and for the same fifty years the left has insisted that “if we started today, it would be ten years before we had minimal energy sources lined up”. This ten year delay in energy availability has been the left’s reason for doing nothing. It seemed to me that if we started immediately, much good would happen within ten years and it would get better and better every year after that. American companies got the ball rolling with “fracking” and now Trump is forging ahead with a total energy superiority as a goal. The Democrats, as always, are still attempting to turn it off, or to delay it, or to claim millions of people will die from health problems-anything to keep us under the boots of Muslims. Winning is wonderful.

    • Willie Reeves

      Someone need to turn you off because all you are is another dumb a** republican who support and still support a fool as yourself. All you fools listen to this clowns BS and believe every word, come out from under that rock you live under and think for yourself for a change just maybe, just maybe the fantasy world you live in now will become real.

      • Big Ed

        I am a proud Republican and I happily support any politician who will work for smaller government, who will follow the Constitution, who will talk about this country with great love, who is willing to defend the country and its citizens with every tool available for the purpose and who has a genuine feeling for all citizens. I will never follow any of the known criminals in the Democrat Party. I find politicians who hate the country to be despicable (and non-politicians, too). I’ve seen socialism and its cousin, communism, installed over the globe and I have never seen it work. In every case, where socialism was the law of the land, there was no law-people suffered, were hungry, were jailed and beaten to get them “thinking right”. Today’s Democrat Party has become the new home of the CPUSA. It sounds like you may be intrigued by socialism/communism-if so, this will be the last time I hope to have any discussion with you because while you think I may be a dumb a**-I’m not so dumb as to spend any more time with the likes of you!

        • delong003

          B R A V O Sir! And have a very happy Fourth!

      • old codger

        I didn’t even have to hover my mouse over your avatar but I did anyhow, to know that you’re a DemoCommieSCUMboRAT Ovomit lover! P.S. Your demi-god is at best 1/3 Black!!!!
        Trump has done more “POSITIVE” in 7 months than your a–wipe pResident did in 8 years! It was spelled that way on purpose as he was an “ILLEGALLY” sitting pResident) aka PHONY Resident of the W.H. and towards the end referred to as the “RAINBOW” House!

        YOUR A–CLOWN went as far as telling “ILLEGALS” it was A-OKAY to vote and they ARE NOT EVEN CITIZENS!

    • Mr Larry Rodger Chase


  • Terry Butts

    Hopefully some form of competition rather than a GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED MONOPOLY will be allowed so prices will go back down. In many places especially when controlled by liberals minimum monthly electricity bills are $500+ no matter what amount of energy was used simply because they want to PUNISH people for daring to use electricity or other resources.

    It has gotten to the point that many towns have passed HOUSING laws to force people to keep the utilities turned on or risk having their homes condemned as UNFIT, SUBSTANDARD etc. HOUSING because so many were turning off the utilities they could not afford and using alternative sources when they could the cities that provide them were losing income.

    When the government controls the prices we see things like the recent “MILLIONS DONATED FOR BALL PARK CONSTRUCTION” by one energy provider who then promptly PETITIONED to increase their rates because they needed the money to keep up with repairs.

    Sorry but in my opinion if you can afford to DONATE millions to anyone you do not need a rate increase. Unfortunately for their customers the GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE in charge of controlling what they get to charge does not think this way and AWARDED them the rate hike. Essentially FORCING their customers to pay that DONATION.

  • Ah nutz


  • robertleo

    I only hope when he has reached the apex, the individual states will not take away our reward with taxes. They seem to do that when all seems to turn our peachy. Especially in Washington State. - 2015 | Privacy Policy