Liberals Cry Trump Is Committing A Conspiracy

Director and liberal activist Rob Reiner has officially gone off the deep end and is claiming that President Trump is in a conspiracy to commit treason.

Partial transcript as follows: 

KURTZ: Let me ask you about some of your own words. You tweeted the other day, ‘When an American president attacks our closest allies and embraces a hostile enemy power’ — you say — ‘he’s in a conspiracy to commit treason.’ So because you disagree with Trump’s foreign policy — which you have every right to do — treason?

REINER: I don’t say he is, I said one can only conclude. And there is a big difference.

KURTZ: That’s a fine distinction.

REINER: It is a fine distinction but I don’t know whether or not he committed treason. That will be something that we either discover or don’t discover as Mueller’s investigation goes on because unfortunately the House and Senate investigations are not moving along. So we’ll have to see what happens.

KURTZ: You don’t see that as an overly inflammatory word to use about a president?

REINER: It is a very inflammatory word, but if it turns out to be — let’s put it this way.  No, no if. Let’s put it this way. From what I see right now, but there is a lot of blanks that need to be filled in for sure.


  • Ron Long

    I thought this moron died?

    • elmcqueen3

      He should have.

  • Tom Malorzo

    Seems to me Kurtz is the one committing treason.

  • Irene M

    This stupid hollyweird person has always been a liberal! They don’t acknowledge their own actions! IF anyone’s committed treason it’s “obamer”!

  • Chuck

    Like all “has beens” he keeps shooting of his mouth trying to say relevant. Reiner, get lost!

    • Brabado

      Reiner is nothing but a “Has been” unfunny Buffoon, and a card carrying liberal loser, since the days of Archie Bunker Show…
      Archie was right on target, by calling him “Meat Head”….
      Semper fi.,

  • Ron C

    Reiner is a loser and always has been, horrible deceitful creep!

  • Frank Roza


  • Angelika K Griffin

    DON’T NOBODY listen to all of these “little” Hitlers……..!!!!

  • Brabado

    From the very beginning of time, the one and only “Evil Guilty Party” – when CONSPIRACY IS PRESENT – are the Evil Corrupt Liberal Democrat and The Clinton Cartel, who have been conspiring against the Pres. of the U.S., Donald Trump since he was “only a Presidential Candidate”, and since becoming President.

    They are so obnoxious, evil doers and treasonous, that Democrats can not stop obstructing his performance to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and make us forget the “8 Dark Years of the Obama’s ignorant and failed administration”.

    Liberal Democrats – “Stealth Socialists” – wrote the Book on Political Conspiracies, Voting Fraud and Political Whacking: Any doubts? Read their history or ask The Clintons. – i.e Vince Foster, the 2 Mena Boys, Seth Meyers, and hundreds of other political vicitims…Yet, never investigated or convicted for their crimes!


    Semper Fi.

  • Gale

    Rob Reiner is still the flake he was years ago. No brains. ALL ACTORS should stay out of politics, they don’t have a clue.

  • Terry Butts

    So because OBAMA tried to flip who our allies enemies were and Trump did not go along with it they are trying to project obama’s actions onto Trump?

    Then after describing exactly what OBAMA did trying to project it onto Trump as if he was the one that did they claim it was conspiracy/treason for Trump to recognize who is and is not an actual ally of this nation.

    The fact is most of the nations that HOLLYWOOD media think our are allies are the nations demanding our constitutional rights be revoked, restricted, or otherwise controlled by THEM some even thinking their FOREIGN citizens should be allowed to vote in our elections giving FOREIGN NATIONS control over our laws.

    The fact that Trump recognizes who this nations true enemies are does not make him guilty of a conspiracy much less treason against the CONSTITUTION or citizens of this nation.

    Treason by legal definition is “PROVIDING AID AND COMFORT TO THE ENEMIES OF THIS NATION DURING A TIME OF WAR” to my knowledge we are not currently in any war declared in accordance to the US constitution. The fight against terrorists such as isis are defensive measures to protect this nation and its allies but is not a war declared by congress. (Unless the media failed to report that vote to the people)

    Remember TREASON against globalist trying to overthrow this nation is the act of following the US constitution instead of their Politically Correct nonsense engineered to impose a socialist government upon this nation.

  • Jmanjo

    Reiner has always been an idiot! Even Archie Bunker had him figured out! What a jackass.

  • David F Lanphere

    Always remember that Kurtz came from CNN, so he is still working on clearing out that infection to his psyche. When I watch him, I pay close attention, just to watch for slips back to his CNN days. Rob Reiner has always been a passenger on the “short bus” along with his liberal friends. Just remember “Limousine Liberals” don’t have to actually live in the world they promote, they just sit in their luxury and watch their desperate victims suffer. I am still trying to figure out what crime President Trump has committed, unless his crime is just that he soundly defeated Hillary! I can only imagine all they spent on stuffing the ballot boxes across the country, thus winning the “popular vote”, but they still lost, and they still can’t get over the fact that the actual American Citizens didn’t want her. Mueller will never find any actual evidence of criminal activity on the Conservative side, because all the criminality has always been on their side. But then, any time anyone goes against Hillary, or Bill, they have an “accident”!

  • Spunky

    So he freely admits to fake news spreading

  • scott forman

    TREASON was commtted by Obumer,the Hildebeast and many other demonrats . Reiner is an idiot. - 2015 | Privacy Policy