Liberals Compare Biden To QB Nick Foles

During an MSNBC interview, Joe Biden was asked by Andrea Mitchell if he saw any correlation of his potential 2020 presidential run with the back up quarterback Nick Foles underdog story or even fictional character Rocky Balboa.

“Now, I know you made a sacrifice to sit down with us today because you could have been on Broad Street. You could have been heading towards the art museum. There’s a parade going on in Philadelphia. And Nick Foles said the other day, ‘Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is part of life. It’s part of building character. Without failure, who would we be?’ Does that inspire you when you think about – you’ve run for president twice – when you think about the future?”

Biden stated he does not fear failure.

Mitchell then asked again, “So is there some part of Joe Biden who is identifying with Nick Foles and the team as they climb the steps of the art museum today? Is there a part of you that thinks about rocky balboa?”

  • Lee Strabel

    Biden is a dementia filled loser

  • Richard Barton

    More like Ryan Leaf

  • Kaywhever

    He better worry about Water Boy and a charge of treason before he gets in as quarterback.

  • John Flynn

    The only QB Biden is similar to, in any way, is Colin K………!

  • AFGus

    Freaking hilarious! Liberals say and do the stupidest things.

    • Ken Schneider

      Thats why you keep a very few around for entertainment !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ronportsmouth

    Joe Biden is a loser and always has been. Never had an original idea ever. He is a follower and he followed obama so closely he got brown all over his nose. Hell the only job he ever had was that of a politician. Had a law license but never used it. How can this puke identify with the common person who works every day and earns just enough, if lucky, to pay his bills until the next month. Uncle Joe. What a joke. He may end up in prison for child molestation if the reports are correct.

    • bobvelon

      That whole administration was a joke and a bunch of losers…..Maybe he should apply for a job driving a garbage truck…They all belong in prison…

      • Alibaba

        Actually, I start to think that whole administration was an experiment. And the worse is ahead of us…

    • Junior Sampals

      Joe Biden leaned on the US Navy to get his crack head son Hunter a Commission in the SEAL special operations force at the ripe old age of 35. The poor boy failed his first drug test only 1 month after his commissioning. They must grow some gooood cocaine up there in Dele-ware.

  • Jmanjo

    Biden is an absolute jackass! This embarrassment of a man paraded around naked in front of mixed secret service agents and did so at private parties as well. He taunted the men agents by making passes at their wives. This is not the kind of man anyone would be proud of or look up to. Just a jerkoff!

    • Junior Sampals

      When he was conceived Joe Biden’s brains ran down his mommies leg.

  • lizzardman

    The only thing CREEPY UNCLE BIDEN has in common with an NFL QB is that he likes to reach up between youngsters legs. Freak!

  • randolph.poole

    Geez, Andrea Mitchell is a leftist moron who gave up any pretense of impartiality years ago! Comparing Biden to an NFL quarterback…yeah, right! A better comparison is probably to a college Assistant Coach…how about Sandusky? Both remind me of perverts!

  • Go,Bernie

    I’m thinking Johnny Mansel…..too little has been with big problems

  • gideonrockwell

    Biden is a walking talking ad for why Libertardism is a mental illness.The whole party has nothing to run on except attacks on Trump. No Demotards voted for the tax bill. They are still in denial saying only the wealthy will benefit. Millions upon millions of People have gotten bonuses and raises from their employeers and money added to their 401K’s. The poeple are seeing more money in their checks. What is the Demotard going to say when President Trump asks the question in 2020, “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago ? to the people. Joe needs to enjoy a quiet retirement maybe at Happydale rest home.

  • Grandpa

    The only thing this scum bag will be remember for will be him going to jail for being a pedophile and touching little grips he well be call inmate Cuomo and getting beat up everyday what a scum bag treader treasonsest pile ofshit pervert

  • don lavrich

    biden is a joke, and a loser to boot!

  • Mark Sauck

    Doesn’t anyone besides me remember crazy Joe? All the rediculous stuff that guy said after Obama took office In his first term over 10 years ago. I know it was all pretext to keep another VP from looking like the better guy as has been the common trend over the many past presidents because God forbid a white guy might come out looking the better person, and I know how democrats think. So now they may want to parade the good act out again but this time Biden II is the smart, wise person we all must take seriously. After the Democrats last candidate can anyone trust the show they will put on to fool everyone. I voted for Trump because I knew he was genuine. What you saw and what he said was real. Not some made up to look like a character to fit an image some crafty politician dreamed up. But, liberals will always have selective memories.

  • Art Hock

    Biden is an incompetent clown! Quarterback? You have to be kidding! A quarterback has to be a leader and needs a brain and that lets Biden in the dirt!

  • pmbalele

    There you go again; comparing an honorable male – Biden to vagabonds in Repubs and TPs who are caught everyday cheating on their wives. I have asked Repubs and TPs to learn from the Sukuma of Mwanza Tanzania: Here is a video:

    • Vern Davis

      You must be having a PM day if you think Biden is an honorable man.

  • Michael Thompson

    Yup, smokin’ Joe Biden, taking a knee for the country……..

  • Vern Davis

    Biden probably could throw a football better than he could Gov. our country.

  • parthenon1

    Sorry but Biden is not a strong Christan like Foles and besides one has to be able to spell football to be a quarter back!

  • Rick W

    Yea he us about as patriotic as the NFL, and it’s a good thing he isn’t scared of failure due to the fact that is been the biggest part if his life.

  • JoAnn Graham

    Isn’t the left all about perversion and yes the whole world has seen Biden touching little girls inappropiately and no one said or did anything to correct that problem like it was normal for left to be straight out perverted ….DisgustingDisgustingly sicko

  • Junior Sampals

    Joe Biden reminds me of the retired couple who were down on their luck. To help ends meet the wife decided that she would try prostitution. After her first night walking the streets she returned with $57.25. When her husband asked who paid her 25 cents she said, “Silly, all of them did”

  • Donald Johnston

    Just when we think that the Libs can’t get any dumber, they manage to surprise us again. Hyping Biden for their 2020 candidate is beyond laughable and exposes their desperation. His stupid comments is why Obama kept him out of the country most of the time. - 2015 | Privacy Policy