Liberals Compare Biden To QB Nick Foles

During an MSNBC interview, Joe Biden was asked by Andrea Mitchell if he saw any correlation of his potential 2020 presidential run with the back up quarterback Nick Foles underdog story or even fictional character Rocky Balboa.

“Now, I know you made a sacrifice to sit down with us today because you could have been on Broad Street. You could have been heading towards the art museum. There’s a parade going on in Philadelphia. And Nick Foles said the other day, ‘Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is part of life. It’s part of building character. Without failure, who would we be?’ Does that inspire you when you think about – you’ve run for president twice – when you think about the future?”

Biden stated he does not fear failure.

Mitchell then asked again, “So is there some part of Joe Biden who is identifying with Nick Foles and the team as they climb the steps of the art museum today? Is there a part of you that thinks about rocky balboa?” - 2015 | Privacy Policy