Liberal Calls All Trump Supporters “Rednecks” and “Racist”

In a recent episode of “The McLaughlin Group,” liberalist Bill Press slandered President Trump’s supporters as “racist” and “redneck.”

Press said, “I am sick and tired of talking about Donald Trump’s base.”

“So, you got 35 percent of the most extreme wacko racist — I don’t know — rednecks in the country … let me speak for the average American. Everything is, ‘Oh, this is fine.’ He can say whatever he wants because it pleases his base. He said it best — he could go out on Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody. And his base would say, ‘Good for you, Donald Trump.’ You need more than that base to run a country.”

  • Sanjosemike

    Who is this man? Most of us have no idea who he is. Why is his “opinion” worth anything?

    sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    • URWorstNightmare

      Like yours it means very little since I don’t know you either.

      • Ron C

        Lunatic alert.

        • URWorstNightmare

          Person of sound mind alert.

        • rivahmitch

          Perhaps more “scumbag” than” lunatic”.

      • Strawboss

        Well, he seemed to make a good comment, whether you know him or not!

    • Helen Hollingsworth

      Used to be DNC chairman in California…used to be a lot on TV but now resurrected on the McLaughlin show….kinda a has been….

    • Freedom Rules

      History Channel
      – – Excerpt – –
      Founded in 1866, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks. Its members waged an underground campaign of intimidation and violence directed at white and black Republican leaders. Though Congress passed legislation designed to curb Klan terrorism, the organization saw its primary goal–the reestablishment of white supremacy–fulfilled through Democratic victories in state legislatures across the South in the 1870s. After a period of decline, white Protestant nativist groups revived the Klan in the early 20th century, burning crosses and staging rallies, parades and marches denouncing immigrants, Catholics, Jews, blacks and organized labor. The civil rights movement of the 1960s also saw a surge of Ku Klux Klan activity, including bombings of black schools and churches and violence against black and white activists in the South.
      – – –

      The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow
      Jim Crow Stories
      Reconstruction (1865 – 77)

      Last paragraph from above link:

      Most whites rallied around the Democratic Party as the party of white supremacy. Between 1868 and 1871, terrorist organizations, especially the Ku Klux Klan, murdered blacks and whites who tried to exercise their right to vote or receive an education. The Klan, working with Democrats in several states, used fraud and violence to help whites regain control of their state governments. By the early 1870s, most Southern states had been “redeemed” — as many white Southerners called it — from Republican rule. By the time the last federal troops had been withdrawn in 1877, Reconstruction was all but over and the Democratic Party controlled the destiny of the South.
      – – –
      I am waiting for someone to make the claim that the above History Channel and PBS sources are somehow part of a vast right wing conspiracy or some such nonsense. They are obviously not teaching history in today’s public indoctrination centers anymore.

      Time to go after this city and their hypocritical and MArxist elite mentality and actions. Because of the Godless Marxists dictators in the state capitol like demonic Brown and his cohorts and the entertainment elitists and tech elitists California suffers egregiously. It is not under their power or domain to restrict a church for helping the less unfortunate and that means Americans first, simple as that. No other nation would cater to Americans first and then their own countrymen, Why does this state do this, simple, corruption, bigotry, free votes and like all communist minded dictatorial entities, dangle a carrot and get the populace to do what they are told. Outrageous to mandate that Americans pay for others when we cannot even pay for ourselves. God has a special kind of hell for these evil politicians and their allies, for sure.

      • autrypma

        You left out the effects and efforts of the Democrat Party. They ran the KKK in some states, and terrorized blacks into submission. Treated blacks terribly. Intimidated and or paid them to vote Democrat…that was back before Lyndon Johnson or during his “Stay”. Many, many Democrats have been really terrible to lower class (their opinion), blacks and now are using the illegal immigrants to pad the election rolls. Also, they DO NOT want the photo ID for voting, because some of their voters could not vote 2 or 3 times, same poll. THIS fraud did happen during Obama’s campaigns and has happened in my state recently…So, don’t try to paint Republicans as the bad ones…there may be some bad ones (which I know of now), but the Democrats have outdone themselves in corruption and fraud voting.

        • tomsfordcars

          You are right on the money. These dumbocrap racist liars need to be put in their place once and for all!

        • Danielle Dean

          and the democratic party still runs it today

        • TLCuriouse

          We forget that some black people owned slaves.

        • Strawboss

          And just who do they think they are fooling, they also want “ILLEGAL ALIENS” in this country, so they can create they’re Marxist agenda in such a way, so these ILLEGALS, will be able to VOTE FOR THEM AS WELL!

      • Strawboss

        Truer Words Have NEVER Been Written!
        This would be a GREAT EDUCATION class for the ignorant LEFT, who seem to NOT KNOW, or DO NOT want to know info such as this!

    • Danielle Dean

      hes NOBODY and NOTHIN but trying to be relevant

    • donl

      It’s Not. He’s a Jerk!

    • kbmiller

      Looks like Bill Press, jaxoff leftist, veteran of talk shows.

    • Big K

      Another sore loser

    • Strawboss

      This Clown whoever he is, IS as much of a (Brainless Bolshevik) as ANY of the rest of these Socialist, backstabbing, Marxist Commies!
      Making a “Mickey Mouse”, Lame Duck, comment like that, just proves these LEFTIST trouble makers are THE BIGGEST LIARS and ANTI-SEMITE RACIST of THEM ALL!
      The (Democraps) SARCASM INTENDED, were the FIRST and ARE MOST RACIST and HEATLESS FOOLS of them ALL!
      Never heard of this Idiot, but regardless who “It” is,” More Sarcasm”, all this amounts to is more of these Fredrik Engels types, just showing they’re IGNORANCE! Did these people go to school to learn HOW TO BE STUPID, OR WERE THEY BORN THAT WAY?

  • iwojimafan

    I will accept being called a redneck and racist as long as you accept that you are an ANTI AMERICAN PEA BRAIN LEFT WING MORONIC IDIOT WHO NEEDS TO BE PUT IN A MENTAL INSTITUTION AS BEING MENTALLY DERANGED. You can also add that you and your ILK have become the NEW NAZIS

    • DonOldGuy

      The left is where we got Nazis. Read ” The Big Lie” by Dinesh D’Souza. Gets to be a really “inconvenient truth” when trying to square all of the socialist “progressive” programs, through forced government intervention, with the history of Italian and
      German fascism.

      • iwojimafan

        I for got to add that HITLARY CLINTON is a Hitler follower as she practices his Nazi Philosophy of TELL A LIE LONG ENOUGH AND PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE IT. This is especially TRUE of the LEFT WING LIBERAL PEA BRAIN CEMENT HEADS WHO ARE MENTALLY DERANGED NUTS. Right behind HITLARY IS BARACK OBAMA as a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR

        • the American

          Anybody who praises Saul Alinsky should be hung.

          • iwojimafan


          • usmcSergeant

            Hanged. Hung means something else.

          • the American

            Well hung is past tense for hang, but regardless, thanks for the correction fine sir, and thank you for your service!

        • David mc.

          Only thing keeping them out of prison is money.

          • GoldenGirl2u

            And no one with gonads big enough to go after them.

        • Strawboss

          (HITLARY) great name for HER, and it fits so PERFECTLY!

    • Willie Reeves

      You are the idiot of the earth and just like your racist knight in shinning armor. You are so correct about one thing we all should be in a mental institution to have let this have gone as far as it has. Yes he is a racist and so are you, each of you were raised to be that way with no fault of your own maybe its the food you ate or did not eat as a child and the fruit that those who brought you into this world fade you poison and it just did not kill you. Never the less those like you will not survive for long just long enough until the one above us all find the right cell to place you in. What wonderful days you have to look forward to when you make your appointment with him.

      • the American

        Yep…it’s so racist to follow the rule of law, protecting it’s sovereignty and culture, just like every other sovereign, first world country.

      • the American

        Oh Yeah, since calling us racists and rednecks has worked so well for you so far hasn’t it?

      • iwojimafan

        Hey Moron, What’s the matter? Does the description that I posted which fits you to a T REALLY Bother you? As i read your mostly Rotting Garbage so-called text, the only statement you made that was Correct was that you too also belong in the NUT HOUSE along with all the rest of your ILK. I have many friends who are black who think just like I do. So it just shows that the REAL RACIST IS YOU, you P#ke Sc#mbag ANTI AMERICAN POS

      • DonOldGuy

        It is interesting to read your post and wonder how you like to associate with the group that would like to eliminate Christian Religion from this country. I will continue to insist on following the Constitution that preserves the right of all who will resist the formation of government agencies that ascribe to Alinsky, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, principles that deny free thought.

        • rivahmitch

          Perhaps it’s reference to “the one above us all” is to the Kenyan muslim/marxist (the lefts messiah) ot Bandit Key Mooney over at the UN?

        • American as it getz

          Really? Is that a quote from your daily liberal play book? Wow…get some new lines. You are so predictably ignorant…

          • Strawboss

            Sounds almost like yer CONFUSED!

          • DonOldGuy

            Thanks! I had to re-read my post a few times and look at my numerous criticisms from drockhead and kookieglass about being a RWNJ to make certain that Amasitgitz had misaddressed his post.

        • Strawboss

          Please, let’s not forget “Skuncle” Ho Chi Minh, aka Nguyen Sinh Cung!

          • DonOldGuy

            At the risk of getting another accusation of being “liberal” from Amassgitz, I will say that in the 8 campaigns for which I received credit in SEA I was brought to a little different conclusion about Ho, than is popular with many on the Right, where I reside. He was popular in Viet Nam, Northern Thailand, and Laos. He hated the French. Much like the French occupation of Sierra Leone, nothing was done to really help the Vietnamese people. The critical element to be had for the U.S. was the Tungsten there. The Michelin, Firestone, Pirelli interests in the incredibly profitable rubber business may have been the only reason for the greed that failed to address the needs of the Viet population. As much as I admire JFK, I’m sure that his thinking was that by helping the French, we could prevent communists from taking over. To me, that forced Ho Chi Minh into the arms of the Soviet Union since he also despised the Chinese. Upside? The Soviet Union went broke, they had no idea we could penetrate Hanoi, since it had the same defense ring as Moscow. We just don’t get “the hearts and minds” of people who have lived for centuries with their religion, culture, and pride. The NVA generals are still puzzled by why we did not go ahead and occupy when we won.


        Really? Is that comment from your daily play book of things for liberals to say in order to confirm that they truly are as ignorant and unitelligent as the leaders from Dumbasskus Shumer and Palosi?

      • TheEngineer73

        You are so sick, someone needs to fix you. Keep these posts coming, and someone will.

      • tomsfordcars

        Why don’t you crawl back into your cave. You demoncraps are really having a hard time swallowing the fact that Donald Trump won the election fair and square. If you hate it so much, believe me when I say if you leave you won’t be missed, so don’t let the door hit you in the butt

        • Strawboss

          That’s RIGHT, many of us were forced to put up with Obummer for 8 years, AND NOW WE’LL JUST SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT, now that the shoe is on the OTHER FOOT! (BOLSHEVIK)

      • Strawboss

        And just what’s yer point “EINSTIEN”?

    • David mc.

      Love what you just said.You only forgot to say stupid and dumb.

    • Strawboss

      Well said, doesn’t calling Caucasians rednecks, make HIM a RACIST as well?
      Regardless of what shade of skin HE thinks he has! Democraps are so well trained, when it comes to using the “RACIST CARD”! Them being born or trained at (WEAK MINDEDNESS) and all.

  • Ed Price

    This guy’s a genius!!! Lemme guess he’s from California. Typical ignorant liberal.

  • Michael H

    She lost over a year ago.Quit whining.

  • cjjf

    So can they file a class action suit?

    • mary murphy

      Good idea! Can I joingthe class action suit against a man who doesn’t know me and calls me derogatory names?

  • Chuck

    Bill Press still around? I thought he was dead and buried a long, long time ago.

  • AFGus

    Liberals have no real message or plan except to turn the US into a socialist craphole. Because they have nothing of value to say, they automatically revert to the race card. How do you know when you’ve won a debate with a liberal? Answer: When they call you a redneck and a racist. The word “racist” has lost all meaning because liberals use it every five seconds to try and shut down decent of their ridiculous ideology and anti-American views. I just roll my eyes and laugh at them everytime they pull out their overused, meaningless and dog eared “race card”.

  • jackel

    I can be called that as long as I am not called a liberal left democrat because it is demonstrated that they lie, cover up, cheat, deceive, but the worst is that they champion the middle class and poor while continually raising taxes and putting regulations on businesses that slow hiring and economic growth
    For them and keeping the poor on welfare (at our expense) with no other options for those wanting a better opportunity. This is the reality that the dems wouldn’t come clean to! So they name call and hate; more stability from the liberal left democrats!

  • Jim

    We would all like to thank you for the praise mr. press. Rednecks ARE people who find a problem and then figure out how to fix it. You mr. press are a problem that needs to be fixed. If think we are raciest that puts you about nine steps below us on the food scale. After your comments I can only assume that you are the deffination of a raciest.

  • Sammea Mckain

    This shows their bigotry and racism if you think collectively, like communists they are, but normal people know each person is an individual mind, freedoms, and feelings. I say he is another robot, sasaying the robotic racial divisional rhetoric to make people believe they are robots too and have to think alike or be called thee proverbial racist because that’s their law, you say and think like an army of robots! We Conservatives are not robots, we think and work and worship as our freedoms in this country allow us! So speak all your words we don’t listen for the most part!

  • ivdad

    To quote Charlie Daniels,
    “What most people call a redneck
    Ain’t nothin’ but a workin’ man
    And he makes his livin’
    By the sweat of his brow
    And the calluses on his hands
    Now you intellectuals may not like it
    But there ain’t nothin’ that you can do
    ‘Cause there’s a whole lot more of us common-folks
    Then there ever will be of you.”

    Work. Something Bill Press knows nothing about.

  • Ron C

    Liberal lunatics such as Bill Press are irrelevant to a free & sovereign nation…and guess what they did it to there selves…end of story!

  • parthenon1

    Press, you dont make the distinction that we the rednedk, (Deplorables) or raised as rednecks and educated to be proud educated rednecks as i was ! I am retired from management in industry but what I learned as a child still is with me, God, Family, Country, State and City ! There is an old saying “Dont cuss a Farmer with your mouth full”! we are the people who keep the wheels on in America ! The news media is only used as a butt of jokes since they are all just that Tabeloid jokes! We have finally been luckey enough to get a president that is interested in returning America tro the greatness we older people still remember! Republican or Democrat, Shut Your Mouth long enough to look where we were and where we are now and compare the life for you in both periods ! If you can encourage the elected officials to stop the infighting and LISTEN TO YOUR CONSTITUENTS and not other elected officials. Pres trump needs some valuable input from both members of both parties to keep us from having the same sort of economy we had during the last 3 administrations! In conclusion. Press, stop acting like an idiot you are not one (I would hope) and start working with this administration to get your ideas across and comprimise for once in your life !

  • ernldo

    Actually bill, stupid…the clintons DID kill a lot of people and dullard demotards, like ol’ bill here ignored the evidence…Its the leftist gnatwits like press looked the other way. If America ever gets its needed enema, bill press (sic) will be going for a swim….

  • Willie Reeves

    If this man said the fool who head this government is racist and those of you who support that clown who is at the head of this government for now is racist and you support him and his ideas yes you are just like him, RACIST FOOLS.

    • the American

      But no one cares what you think.

    • the American

      The only racism I have witnessed is coming from the DemocRAT party.
      THE fake sympathy, fake compassion, the politics of victimology, racial division, and identity politics….
      In a nutshell.
      That completely exposes and describes todays modern-day liberal…. not even recognizable any longer as someone who loves this country, full of hate and irresponsibility.
      without those tenets they don’t have a base. everyone has to be a victim, so they need the Democratic Party and the judgment that they descend upon minorities with the soft bigotry of low expectations is the most racial garbage you will ever Witness.
      What a load of crap, take a look in the mirror.
      You obviously don’t know what real racism is.

  • the American

    Yep…. because that’s definitely how you win elections, insult the other party.

  • charles

    he sure looks gay!!!

  • Mike Mooney

    Who the hell is he and who watches his show? I think u gotta be a redneck to know what one is!

  • Donald Johnston

    Why Is it that every comment we Conservatives make is considered racist and grounds for a law suit but Libs can resort to name calling and baseless accusations and it is considered their 1st Amendment rights?

  • Robert E. Neff

    If im called racist cause i think that the dems upset they lost power and also because their idiots.then call me racist.

  • Eastcoastcoonass

    I’m a coon ass from Louisiana not only am I not a redneck are a racist, but you Sir have no business even breathing. So we get it no one knows who you are because everyone thought you died a long time ago, so do us a favor and craw back to your hole.

  • lmorgan138

    The word “racist” means nothing anymore. The left uses it at a drop of a hat. They are all pathetic.

  • Coco

    Member of CNN – Communist News Network!!!!

  • mike

    What would you expect from a lower than whale sh-t libturd

  • David mc.

    There a lot of stupid people in the world that lick to make good Christian people look bad .Look what they done to Jesus with all their lies.

  • rivahmitch

    Am I really supposed to give a fat flying rat’s rump what any Democommie thinks or says? Their only potential value is as targets when the SHTF.

  • autrypma

    This man is just stupid. Evidently he doesn’t remember the “type, nutty & bizzar people who followed Obama”. Most of the real
    Liberals are so totally uninformed about who supports anyone. They worshiped Hillary (criminal and traitor that she is) and even worse, all Obama did was try to totally destroy our freedom and the USA, ram the Muslims down our throats and what did this Liberal guy say about that. Guess it was ok, since Obama was ok…NOT IN MY BOOK. The damage Is coming out.about Obama and his corruption (which Judicial Watch, Legal Watchdogs, tried to warn everyone). Also he and Hillary are traitors to our country, and I cannot wait until President Trump really gets fired up about their corruption and especially their traitorous acts…9 years of this junk for Obama and about 35 years of it from Hillary…They really should be executed, but the idiot Democrats will fight all the way, but they do not know fighting until they really try fighting our president, when he really finds out the truth about them…He could probably uncover a lot of dirt on most of the Democrats, including Chuck Schuler, Harry Reid, Nancy Peloaki and Madeline Waters…for starters…A long list of corruption… The Democrats may have to totally reorganize after the clean-out that may occur with them, also, include the Democrat Party and their officials, etc…!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Here the Demonrates go again with the name calling, and their favorite, the R word!! How shocking and
    surprising! How they do love to run on, and on, and on, with their bilge. Their so-called average Americans, are
    illegals, liberals, psychos, haters, Hollyweirdos, pedophiles,BLM, antifa, MSM liars, cheaters, Corrupt agencies,
    rioters, LGBTQ whatevers,bathroom hoppers,cop killers, white haters, terroists, communist, real fascists,natzi’s,
    perverts,anti-Americans, and yes, worst rascists ever!!! I love our country, flag, anthem,patriots, and President Trump!

  • Christiann

    He should be snipered as all liberals should be.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    I consider all Liberals as inbreds or operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization, probably both the same.

  • Estell Newton

    It’s the liberals that are the problem. They cant even figure out simple mathematics.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    well like all children , when lose of words are there , do some stupid name calling ,i wish for once they would arrest these people and make then prove what they are accusing in court, because they can’t do it ,i guess when the 4 fathers added the freedom of speech , the worded it wrong , should be freedom to lie , because there is no penalty for it , so why do judges get away with locking you up for lying , when all these other people do it on a daily base ,if i were a racist i would join the kkk and start hanging them again, want to solve the black over crowding in prison , bring back the chain gangs and death penalty

  • TheEngineer73

    Whoever he is he is an idiot! I support Donald Trump as my President, I am not a racist! I am not a “Redneck” I believe that the Constitution is what we all must support and defend. We must get back to the rule of law or succumb to the same fate as so many other “S—hole” countries. Think about what this country would be like in four years if Hillary had won. If you think it wouldn’t be bad you are part of the problem.

  • jngtelco

    I’m sorry a lot of Trump supporters are Veterans, the men and women who protect this countries freedom. Who is this low life scum who thinks we are Racist and Rednecks, if we were that we would be Democrats!


    Thank You! Redneck? Hell yes! White? The good Lord blessed me! Racist? Wasn’t until all of this started! But I am now and proud of it! Pi$$ed off? Dadgum tooting! Had enough? Yes sir! I’m done with all this panzy C**P. Wake up America! Wake up to the cancer of communism in our nation!

  • Bonnie Brunner-Brown

    His opinion is not worth anything..Another NOBODY looking for attention. STUPID is as STUPID does. He is no body….. I am just another redneck, I guess. This clown is a Sh**head, I guess. God Bless President Trump and this GREAT Country..This idiot can go back under his rock.

  • rodfergie

    As a redneck, I take offense. That’s OUR word! He can’t use it!

  • Gail Davis

    I resent that remark. All you dem communists can do is try to bring down our great President Trump. You all all pretty dumb people when you were allowing your leader communist Muslim Obama to try to bring the US down to a 3rd world country. You aren’t an American contributing to our great country. Obama was using Sal Alinski’s Rules to bring people like under their communist thinking. Sorry that you are an uninformed American!

  • Mary

    As usual they have nothing of value to say so they resort to name calling and dropping the race card. They have nothing else. It has worked for them in the past and it will continue to work for them. They just can’t stand the fact that there are Trump supporters that don’t fall into their view of what we should be. I guess it’s alright for them to see all of us the way this man does but we are not to think of all of them as being BLM, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, or Louis Farrakhan’s. Oh well, that’s just the way things are. His opinion of me just does not bother or change my life in the least. THEY are the ones that are miserable and going more insane everyday. I enjoy my life. I doubt they can say the same.

  • Brabado

    When the Corrupt Liberal American Coyotes Democrats run out or arguments, they go wild and the “name calling begins”… then you know they are totally and utterly desperate… Time for Conservatives, and the rest of America, to push them over the edge and into the sewage where they came from…


    Semper fi.

  • JoeFratz

    I have seen this TWIT on “The McLaughlin Group,” several times in the past. I was never impressed by him in any way.

  • Joseph Morgan

    PROUD TO BE A “REDNECK” 1000% better than a snowflake liberal a**hole!

  • Kevin Harrison

    WHO CARES what this slime thinks

  • randolph.poole

    This assh**e is a total and complete douche bag!

  • disqus_rzTFAbNVji

    These people are suppose to be intellectuals, they sound like glorified assholes

  • John Green

    the democrat party is a religion

  • Carol Durgin

    Bill Press, If your so tired about talking about Trump’s base, then shut up. Nothing you have to say is worth listening to.
    Pathetic, after a year in his Presidency, you still can’t face the fact that he is President. I’d rather be a redneck than a Yellow Belly.

  • larry harvey

    Trump supporters are mostly a coalition of three groups. Billionaires and wealthy Wall Street types who benefit from his tax policies; racists, Islamophobics, homophobics and xenophobics who need to raise their deflated egos by demeaning those who are different; and know nothings, mostly laid off, poorly educated blue collar workers who foolishly believe that they will benefit from Trump’s policies of enriching billionaires and impairing free trade.

  • Jeanie Compton

    Well, I’m not a racist, but you can darn well call me a redneck anytime you want. The “rednecks” are the foundation of this country

  • Ischgabibble

    This liberal wack job is nothing but a talking head douchebag. Got anymore labels for us you sicko jackass? This idiot couldn’t make a pimple on the @$$ of a redneck.

  • gideonrockwell

    Despite what it has morphed into over the last 100 years when first founded the Klan was a defense organization founded by former Confederate Officers to counter the abuses by Carpetbaggers. As for Rednecks, I am a proud Redneck. Yeah I have a SUV, guns, A big hound. I love to listen to all three Hanks, Waylon and Willie. But I also like fine wines, Pavarotti, and Yanni and gourmet cooking. I have many friends of many races. Like Dr King I judge people by who they are on the inside not the outside. Today’s Klan is wrong in many ways, but they would have not morphed into what they are if not for wrongs on the left. The guys you call Rednecks are the ones you see on T.V. in john boats rescuing people from flooded home and cars in a hurricane, while the libertard elite are seen on T.V. in front of mics crying Trump isn’t doing enough. Yet there he and Mrs. Trump are on the ground with truck loads of food and water helping pass them out and he paid for it out of his own pocket. Rednecks are the ones who build things, produce things, and grow the food. Trump understands them, because he gets out there with them, works with them just as he had his kids do. The left will never understand us because they are too busy flying over us from one idiot party to another and hiding out in their ivory towers.

  • Nick Hinton

    It is laughable for a democrat liberal to accuse SOMEONE else as racist. The liberal left have been the enemy of black Americans for over 200+ years. Lying, arrogant, leftist prick!

  • jimmimac

    liberalism is a mental disorder, do you really think I give rats ass what you call us, and if you are tired of talking about Trump supporters then why are you talking about us moron!

  • Suzu M

    I’m pretty sure that quote he gave of Trump is out of context.

  • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    PRESS is nobody and never will be is the reason for his jealousy of Trump.

  • Robert

    Just another brain dead liberal who’s opinion has less value than used toilet paper.

  • MS_Steve

    Hey….. Albino. I’ve got ballz that need to be §ü☪kèÐ. Get to it….. - 2015 | Privacy Policy