Kutcher Blows Kiss to McCain During Senate Hearing

Actor Ashton Kutcher sent a little love to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) Wednesday during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing focused on ending modern slavery and child sexual exploitation.

“You were better-looking in the movies,” McCain joked to Kutcher, before The Ranch star blew back a kiss in response.

During the hearing Wednesday, the 39-year-old actor — who co-founded the technology company Thorn, which builds software tools to combat child sexual exploitation and human trafficking — delivered a 15-minute speech detailing how technology can play a role in ending the vicious practices of rape and modern slavery.

“This is about the time, when I start talking about politics, that the Internet trolls start telling me to stick to my day job,” Kutcher told the panel, chaired by Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN).

But Kutcher said his day job comprised of working at Thorn to fight child sex crimes, and of being a father to two children.


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2017/02/15/ashton-kutcher-blows-kiss-john-mccain-video/


    Someone, please shut the treasonous coward up!

  • Gerald Mitchell

    Kutcher is just ANOTHER LIBERAL NUT OUT THERE THAT BELONGS LIVING IN NORTH KOREA WITH McCain and all of Hollywood and Silicone Valley. He will do anything to get publicity as he is over the hill and going down the tubes. Stick with the ROCK and Streep to get fame as an ARTIST. BY THE WAY YOUR MOVIES LATELY SUCK.

    • JJ

      Amen!! I don’t like him at all!

      • Chuck Lynch

        AND, a neocon warmonger!!!

        This stuff about Russian aggression????

        Russia’s annexation of Crimea is fake news.

        The people of Crimea, who are 90% Russian, voted to separate themselves from the violent coup government of Kiev after the U.S. spent $5 billion destabilizing the lawfully elected government of Victor Yanukovich. Yes, and then Crimea voted to join Russia, much like Texas voted to join the U.S., and that is Russian aggression?
        What the U.S. did toppling the lawfully elected government of Victor Yanukovich in Kiev was NOT aggression?

        Wake up folks, do your own research and stop drinking the corporate globalist agenda driven mainstream news media, which for other reasons is trying to foment a hot war with Russia!

    • myfordtruck

      the only thing Kutcher ever played in was that was worth watching was That 70,s Show and he played him self A idiot

  • Webuppp

    From one marxist to another, from russia with love. Amazing these 2 sons of bitches are paraded as people with whom we should respect. Both assholes with zero respect for america, americans. Screw both of you

    • JJ


  • old codger

    Okay!! $64 question which one is/ are gay??? ROFLMAO! Did McLame switch sides, is Kutcher gay???

    • Salvatore Passaretti

      Maybe Kutcher should really blow him instead. A kiss is not good enough.

      • libsarescum

        Blow him away maybe


    When will Arizona realize that McCain is a rino, no more than that he is a democrat in disguise as a republican. He has to go.

    • Bill Fletcher

      McCain has outlived his usefulness in the Senate! Time to retire the OLD RINO!!! I supported the old coot when he ran for President, but NOT ANYMORE!!! Go back to Arizona and just shut up!!!

    • Bob Isham

      I live in Arizona and as a life long Republican I did not vote for him along with others in my family. He is a RINO and hates Trump. His buddy Senator Flake is another Liberal parading as a Republican. Flake will not get reelected but McCain will be a Senator for another six very long years. I supported him when he ran for President and he could have won if he worked harder and moved to the Right, not Left. McCain is as dumb as the crooked media.

  • Jim

    Kutcher is a bitch. Sure he gets bent over often by his boyfriends on the left. McCain is a liberal d-RAT. Period.

  • dean

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  • jim whittaker

    I wonder if mcain blue one back /

    • Chuck Lynch

      No, he’s saving that one for his toy Lindsey!!

  • Donna Morken

    Maybe he thought he was blowing a kiss to Jane Fonda, Mccain and Fonda were two of a kind.

    • Chuck Lynch

      Both NVA songbirds and traitors to the U.S.!!

  • myfordtruck

    john McCain,Obama ,Pelosi Clinton’s and Feingold and those judges all need to be fired kicked out of office there monies taking and used to build the wall and put in prison for treason for life

  • Chuck Lynch

    McCain and Graham were in on the creation and resourcing of ISIS by Oboma and Clinton
    Would any of you trust anything Mac says or does?
    So much for the war hero stuff. His nickname over at the Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam was Songbird McCain!!!
    If not for Nixon’s pardon he would have been facing charges of treason upon his return to the U.S.

  • libsarescum

    McLame swinging both ways?

    • mlentz

      PTSD. He should check into the VA in Phoenix. With a little luck, they will kill him and the AZ governor might appoint a real Republican to take his place and serve out his term.

    • DemsR Dhimmis

      most politicians and Hollywood do swing both ways if not downright homosexual

  • dcrivers

    I have no problem with someone working to end child sexual exploitation and human trafficking; was Kutcher asking for public money? The article doesn’t say he was. Sounded like he may have been sparring with McCain.

    • Donna Hardin

      Kutcher has been trying to end child slavery/exploitation for years. He and Demi Moore started a campaign years ago. I do think with this he is genuine.

      • DemsR Dhimmis

        you are easily suckered

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Kutcher is apparently bi-sexual or he’s trying to make Graham jealous.

  • docjack2005

    When’s the wedding songbird? Are we invited you RHINO?

  • Dennis

    Is this a charitable and noble day job or is it a job that makes a killing off of the software. Tell us it is noble and charitable to make money off of someone else’s pain and suffering. It is no different the “search for cancer cure” and how long it has been since that started and how many have suffered and died because big pharma does not want to cure it, just to sell their prescriptions as is, and the pain and suffering continues, no matter if it is child sex crimes or illegal aliens allowed to come here, and “refugees” from terrorist countries without vetting. It all puts our country in danger due to political vote gain for democrats or making money from software that may or may not work, it will still not be charitable will it? Nor is it noble to live off of people’s pain.

  • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    Kutcher and McCain should get married and have little brown, squishy, babies.

  • guest

    What an imbecile.

  • mellissner

    Kutcher is just another flash in the pan, some good some bad, not much of a big deal. McCain is now close to treason.

  • phil62

    I can picture Ashton and McCain kissing each others a.. Just another reason for me to despise the adoration that McCain receives from everyone and he in nothing but a TRAITOR of the highest degree. When he was a prisoner he caved in bowed down to the Viet Cong/Chinese enemy. I served in Nam at the same time he did and I hated the VC for the way they treated our men, but the greatest treason a soldier can commit is to give in to interrogation by the enemy. McCAIN — TRAITOR.

  • J. Ernst

    HEH HEH HEH…so true Mitchell. Demorat’s & Rino’s (the UNIPARTY), have been snowing U.S. since GHW Bush took over after Reagan left the building! These Follyweed actors and actresses are NOTHING without their millions. And THEIR OWNED politician’s are LOW END THESPIAN’S who luuuv their stage presence though they’ll NEVER be “stars”. These “hearings” have become stages for the self aggrandizing these people NEED!
    The real truth is that the Sex Slave industry is INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED as the closet investment cartel and goes hand in hand WITH the drug cartel’s AND the Follyweed cadre.
    Ever wonder WHERE the 10 MILLION illegal immigrant “children” from Central ameriKa WENT/SETTLED in these United States? Has everyone forgotten those that came here just a year and a half ago?…..10+ MILLION of them!

  • Rita Petty

    McCain goes to Merkel country who restrict free speech and throws comics in prison

  • viking nation

    The guy made 21/2 men go off the air He sucks as a actor & it isn’t surprising he was blowing kisses to McCain. I know a guy that was in the same POW camp with McCain & when McCain was inside getting his shoulder fixed & sleeping on a cot The other GIs was in a cage outside sleeping in their own fecal matter. True story This is the kind of man McCain is for real.

  • FedUp-Chuck

    Typical Hellywood trash!!!!!!!

  • Shirley Ferrell Smith

    Senator McCain served this country and should be respected. The only people I ever see that are disrespectful of anything in this political world today are Trump people. People should be able to discuss their ideas without being talked to with such disrespect. I have never seen this in the political world until Trump. I do not understand such rude behavior just because of a difference in opinions.

    • DemsR Dhimmis


  • DemsR Dhimmis

    most in Hollywood and lifelong politicians are homosexuals

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