Kid Rock: ‘F**k ANYONE Who Takes a Knee’

Rock star Kid Rock may or may not be running for the U.S. Senate from Michigan, but his opinion about NFL national anthem protesters is unmistakable: he doesn’t like them.

As the NFL’s first week ended, Kid Rock felt compelled to speak up about all the protests seen across the league.

With comments posted to his Facebook page, the rock star covered a range of topics. However, he also spoke out about the protests begun by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“F**k ANYONE who takes a knee or sits during our national anthem!” the singer proclaimed.

Rock also knocked down the argument that Kaepernick has been turned out of the NFL because of his left-wing politics. The “Cowboy” singer insisted that Kaepernick is on the sidelines because he just isn’t a good enough player.

“Pretty sure if Russell Wilson or Tom Brady were doing it they would have no problem finding a job playing for any team they wanted in the NFL! So cut the bullsh*t!” he said.

Kid Rock’s admonition aside, the list of players protesting the United States during the playing of the national anthem is growing.

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  • Kim LaMela

    It looks like they are getting a taste of their Own Medicine, and the Libs don’t like it. Go Rock!

  • Thank you KR!

  • Susan Ifland

    Thank you Kid Rock!

    • Gloria D.

      Hell yes!! GO Kid Rock!!

  • Harold Sammons

    If these ‘people’ are so disturbed by our national anthem, our nations flag, our countries laws; please feel free to get the hell out of this country; we’ll have a going away party for you!

  • rick meek

    If the US – It’s flag – It’s heritage OFFENDS you ——— LEAVE…….Clooney Did……

  • rick meek

    Kid – it’s funny but —– I said the same thing – multiple times……

  • Jackson Brannon

    Now they also raise the Black Panther fist on the field!! Since the NFL wants to be Political then I guess I will NOT be watching them anymore!!! They are whiningabout their plummeting ticket sales!! GOOD Put these POS Felons out of work!!!

  • George Jetson

    People this numbnut is just as liberal as they come. He’s no conservative. His best friends are all liberals. Don’t be fooled by this one statement. He won’t serve the real interests of the USA other than his own. You’re being hypocritical when you tell one celeb to STFU and then when this fool says something to please you he’s just fooling you into thinking he’s on your side as a false patriot. Wake up and smell the weed on this dope.

    • Paul Omlor

      Kid Rock is being thanked for his remarks on this topic only.

      • George Jetson

        Yes, that’s your choice. I choose not to be a hypocrite and to not thank him because someday he will turn around and make a negative statement about the President or another patriot and furthermore he is no Ted Nugent who has a track record of being a strong conservative. Still, how’s this any different than when a liberal celebrity chooses to do the same exact thing and with the use of profanity against anyone who is against their ideology. You can’t have it both ways or otherwise then maybe it’s true when the libs say we are a divided wishy-washy bunch of deplorables and they seem to prove they are more on a united front. When he thinks he can use this type of statement to get a seat on the Senate floor I for one am not fooled. That’s my stance on this topic. Thank you for your post Paul.

  • AC1USNRetired

    Mr. Ritchie would get my vote if I could vote for him - 2015 | Privacy Policy