Kevin Hart Rejects Anti-Trump Grandstanding

Comedy superstar Kevin Hart is opening up about why he doesn’t see the value of trashing President Donald Trump.

“The way that I see it, my job as a comedian is to spread positivity. To make people laugh,” the highest-grossing comedian on the planet said in an interview with the Daily Beast. “And I don’t want to draw attention to what’s already pissing us as a people off.”

It’s a sentiment the What Now star first explained earlier this month in an interview with Variety, in which he said avoiding politically-charged comedy keeps him from “alienating” a portion of his audience.

“When you jump into that political realm you’re alienating some of your audience,” Hart said in May.

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  • AmazedHuman

    Well, what is REALLY pissing off a million people are the tiny-brained liberal celebrities who can’t seem to keep their ignorant mouths shut about our president and seem to assume we care one iota what they think to begin with. Thank you, Kevin Hart, for sticking to what we want from you – entertainment. Too bad so many in Hollywood seem to have forgotten that’s why they are there – to be entertainers. If a lot of them had any idea at all of how many former fans are no longer even close to that, they would rethink their foolishness and get back to the business of entertaining.

    • Sculptorofbabies

      I so agree with this They have no respect either, for those of us who voted for him….We have been called every name in the book , by the left.. I am so sick of it… Look at the riots that Obama and Hillary let go with no repercussion..Buildings burned, policemen killed and that was totally O.K.
      When the riots went on because Trump won, did they tell them it was not O.K. That they did not want them rioting.. To accept the President and respect his office, oh no.. It was the cops fault.. Not those poor people protesting police brutality.. And no one worried that people were trampled, businesses burned, owners left in total devastation, or the looting….. Did Obama or Hillary tell them how wrong they were.. NO!!!!!!! Such Hypocrites..All of them,,,,Donald Trump told the people in Charleston, to stop.. IT was on Fox , several times..Of course they would not put him on the main stream media…. That would be terrible, to hear him saying what they did not want to hear…. You know what you Lefties can all do and take your time.. You won’t be missed.

      • GoldenGirl2u

        Totally agree and I think the DOJ should start investigating who is funding these people and charge them with inciting, start making these people pay.

        • sandraleesmith46

          They should be arresting all those involved and mass trying them for rioting and civil disturbance too; people need to learn civil disobedience is a different thing from rioting and destruction, and that the latter is in violation of the laws! IF both the financiers and the rioters are hit with charges and criminal records, it should slow a lot of this down!

        • pappy450

          Everyone with half a brain already KNOWS that soros, oscumbag (aka OFA), hitlery and the DNC are funding these so-called “counter protests” and furnishing the buses and drivers to take the PAID professional “protestors” from place to place. Otherwise they would never be there. (black LIES matter… antifa…) I’ll bet most of them never held a REAL job in all their miserable lives. Gitmo has LOTS of room, time to start arresting these thugs and send them out of this country.

    • Terry Butts

      True so many in Hollywood seem to think its about promoting their own personal agendas or pushing POLITICAL CORRECTNESS instead of entertaining the people for profit.

      Personally I am still waiting to hear that the ones who PROMISED to renounce their citizenship and leave the country if their candidate did not win have kept their promise.

      So far it seems that just like the politicians they supported have done in the past they have no intention of keeping their campaign promise.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Oh, didn’t you hear? Canada locked the door, NZ hasn’t taken immigrants in awhile, and I guess they’re having trouble finding a place to relocate.

  • flashy0ne

    Just some more President Trump baiting. He was very clear — BOTH sides were disobeying the law and were called out by the President — it takes two to have a confrontation. Do I like “neonazism” NO!!! Do I like the terrorists marching and destroying property in Washington D.C. NO!!! Do I like terrorists in Berkeley rioting and destroying school property NO!!! The law is the law — if you disobey, you should face the consequences — regardless of who you are.

    • sandraleesmith46

      So you think legally permitted assemblies should just stand still and be pelted with urine, feces, rocks and whatever else, and NOT react defensively? The Unite the Right group DID have a lawful permit to be there; the Antifa, BLM and KKK did NOT, and as usual, were the ones who started the violence. Or did you think it was wrong to speak out in defense of our history and preserving it? Right or wrong; good or evil, it IS our history and there are lessons to be learned from it, but not if we obliterate it!

      • flashy0ne

        Somehow Sandra, you apparently forgot (?) how to read the English language — not surprising. I STAND on the side of law and order — WHOEVER is at fault. Just in passing, the ‘magnificent left’ has been involved in far more ‘rights suppression actions’ than your ‘horrible’ right. To REPEAT, I am on the side of LAW AND ORDER !!!!!!!!!!

        • sandraleesmith46

          That was a question because it LOOKS like you were opposing the rights of the duly permitted Unite the Right group to protest the revision of history and lumped them with Antifa, BLM and the KKK.

  • 1966pontgp

    I’ve a real good way the liberals and democrats can demonstrate. Have them get together in large groups in our major cities. Commit mass suicide ala a Jim Jones cocktail. His followers were blind and just like lemmings too!

  • ganderdavis

    When you allow people to show up at any protest wearing head protection and carrying shields, mace. sticks and clubs then don’t expect a peaceful protest. Why were these groups even allowed to show up with these items. Look at the police and what they are wearing and what equipment they have. Do you really think they expect anything more then TROUBLE.

    • Sculptorofbabies

      It was reported tonight, that the police stood there and did nothing…Did not try to stop the violence…When the protesters starting spraying Tear gas, the police left saying it was too dangerous.. This was from a reporter who was on sight.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Uh oh! You’re apt to get yourself “kicked out of” many places for that stand, sir, not that you’re wrong, but because you’re RIGHT!

  • TEA

    Keep entertainment and politics separate, I concur . Tell that to all these people taking a knee at the national anthem, they were supposed to have moved anyway, what are they still doing here? Whoopi, Sam Jackson etc.

  • Sandy Archer

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