Katie Couric Fired for Spreading FAKE NEWS

Katie Couric has been fired from Yahoo News.

The liberal shill, who served as Yahoo’s “Global News Anchor,” was embroiled in a massive FAKE NEWS scandal, involving “deceptive editing” (LIES) of a film on gun rights.

Couric and the film’s director later admitted to the unscrupulous editing, and apologized “if anyone felt” the deceptive edit made them look bad.

Recently, Couric had the audacity to slam what she deemed as fake news coming from conservatives, even while being embroiled in her own real life FAKE NEWS controversy.

Katie Couric and Yahoo News parted ways on Friday after four years of Couric serving as the organization’s global news anchor.

Couric’s headlining interview show for Yahoo News has been canceled. Her $10 million contract ended in March 2017 and was renewed through June. Couric will continue working with Yahoo News and its corporate parent Oath on a project-by-project basis.

“Over the last four years, Katie has created a vast portfolio of work that has been equal parts inspiring, thought-provoking and fun to watch,” an Oath spokesperson told Recode. “We’re proud of everything she has accomplished and look forward to exploring ways to work together in the future.”


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source: http://truthfeed.com/lol-katie-couric-fired-for-spreading-fake-news/96943/

  • mustangsallyann

    See ya Katie. We don’t need any more deceptive reporting!! Do any of you know how to be honest anymore???

  • Leslie Bryant

    Katie Couric is and has always been Very Fake News! Who can forget the hatch job she did on Sarah Palin! Same hatch job could have been done on Odumbo but he got a pass like all the passes he got through 8 years! And now that Odumbocare is a complete failure despite his lying to the American people and knowing it was based on false premises; it’s now the Republicans fault. Kate, we need truth and trust in media and you have proven to be neither!! Good riddance!

    • George Jetson

      HAHAHA!!! GMAF’nB!!! You have got to be kidding! Sarah Palin doesn’t need Couric’s help to look stupid as a female Moose. What Katie did to ruin her own career was her fault and that interview with Palin was real and hilarious and exposed Palin for the Alaskan redneck she is.

  • Erin Larson

    Dumbass Liberal piece of Shit!!

    • Ironmike4610

      Don’t hold back. Tell us what you really think! LOL

  • AnnaGraceS

    I have detested this liberal shill ever since she asked a “gotta cha” question of Sarah Palin!! Can’t stand her now!!

    • John Meadows

      Made 15 million on NBC a
      Year….must have went to
      her head😳

      • 2broke

        you have it backwards, she gave head to get it..

  • Thomas Keller

    She has been a puke of a liberal mouthpiece. Always the same slanted brainwashed spewing of garbage. Too bad many ignorant lemmings didn’t change the channel

  • William Konrad

    Katie “gotcha” Couric”, nuff said.

  • stanfordclay

    Forget all name calling. The real story is after firing her for “unscrupulous editing” creating ‘Fake News’ and lies; Yahoo News applauds all her work and looks forward to working together in the future. What does that tell you about Yahoo News…or for that matter any news feed that is main stream.

    • John Centonze

      Hey, do you want to see what Yahoo News is all about? You can get on it by way of Google if you want. I often check it to get the news from a totally biased, anti-conservative source so that I know what not to believe, namely Yahoo News.
      They probably were completely complicit with Couric’s report but now want to distance themselves from it.

    • Charles Girard

      This doesn’t surprise me about Yahoo, one of the worst (so called) news sites i have ever read. They stay on Trump’s ass weather he’s right or not. Their disgusting. Their probably associated with Obama’s coup.

    • George Jetson

      Wow! someone who actually read and understood the story and read between the lines.

  • Keith Duff

    “Couric will continue working with Yahoo News and its corporate parent Oath on a project-by-project basis.” “We’re proud of everything she has accomplished and look forward to exploring ways to work together in the future.” Now think about that. Yahoo is fake news. They are so fake that they even fake not being fake news!

  • PM

    We have to excuse Coric. She, like a lot of people can’t make it on their own merit so they tell lies, suggestions and generally tear down another’s reputation to make themselves appear like a success when in fact, they are an abject and dismal failure.

  • Ischgabibble

    Gee liberal toadies I thought there was no such thing as fake news unless it came from the right????? Seems you were wrong again. Oh my. She can join all the other fake news correspondents who got the heave-ho when they tripped over their own tongues.

  • Bogiewheel

    Just love the way liberals treat one another !

  • LittleMoose

    90% of the Lame Stream Media should be fired for promoting fake news.

  • mrp15

    Glad they finally wised up and got rid of the phony. Hope the other one, Megyn Kelly, is next to go. All they care about is getting attention for themselves and will do and say anything to get it.

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    If you get fired by Yahoo for fake news then you are truly in the gutter. They usually treat these liars very well. Now take care of the rest of the liars and climate fraud clowns.


    Lets not stop here lets go after all of the reporters of fake news.

  • 2broke

    just get her talking about Obama and watch her close, she will have an Orgasm.. she has done this several times on live air.. the first time i saw her I thought she was in pain for something, then it hit me.. then she did it in several other shows..

  • sensrbtch

    god is great! good buy kaity koreck, and take meguun with you.

  • Philomena

    Katie Couric is an Obama But kisser. Good riddance to her and Obama

  • Charles Girard

    Good ridden bitch. They should fire all these fake news people. This isn’t Russia we don’t lie to our own people, or do we?

  • Jackson Brannon

    Katie Couric is a lying immoral sack of SH*T!! She hates gun owners and ANYONE who has different views than hers!! That does not make her a journalist it makes her a Communist Libtyrd Demorat!!!

  • Arch

    I never met Katie Couric, but my mother and Katie’s mom, Elanor, were on the alter guild at the National Cathedral. They were also partners in a flower arranging business in the DC area. Katie graduated from UVA, my father’s alma mater, because she could not get into Dartmouth, where her sister graduated, a college founded by the Wheelocks, my mother’s family, a school where my younger son graduated in 1990.

    The Courics are nice people

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