Kathy Griffin Calls “Accidental President” a Nazi

Last week on the Australian talk show “The Project,” comedienne Kathy Griffin said President Donald Trump was a “Nazi” and that “Trump folks” were “psychos.”

Griffin said, “First of all, the accidental president is what I call him. He is not here, is he? Because I’m scared of that guy. I was under a two-month federal investigation for taking a picture of a mask. Yes, I’m excommunicated from my own country, so I’m here doing a world tour. We have to make fun of him because he is so ridiculous and dangerous. And I actually have known this fool. I am going to call him a moron and also a Nazi. Americans are like skittish about calling him a Nazi, but he is a Nazi. There’s a Nazi in the Oval Office. I just have some news for you so heads up.”

She continued, “He’s just a big liar, and he is awful, and everybody should get rid of him soon. I don’t mean violently. What I mean is vote him out.”

She added, “The death threats and the death threats to my mother and to my sister, who recently passed away from cancer—that’s why I shaved my head in solidarity, so I’m rocking the short hair in her honor. These Trump folks self-identify as deplorable, like as if that is a good thing  They are psychos. They’re nuts. I’m here to apologize. I’m sorry we have put this guy on everybody else’s lap. I don’t know what’s happening in my own country.”

source: breitbart.com

  • stadalberts

    She’s a total ass, so who cares what she thinks OR says.

    • Gary Smith

      You got that right

      • Bessie

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    • i was thinking same thing,different part

    • Kevin

      I don’t understand why we are still hearing from her.

      • spudmans1

        That goes for Obama & Hillary too! Why are we hearing from them?

  • YesMan

    She’s just pissed that Weinstein didn’t try to molest her because she’s such an ugly bitch.

  • Patricia

    Kathy Griffin, YOU ARE THE PSYCHO. I really don’t know how you get any bookings as a comedienne because you are not, nor have you ever been, FUNNY. You are a ridiculous example of an American Citizen. I hate to see you in another country bad mouthing our President. You don’t have the guts to do it here in America. Go home, Kathy. You are of no use to anyone.

  • patriotgirl1

    She needs to (literally) be on medication-poor thing.

    • Alibaba

      I think she already is! And not necessary on the right one!…

    • Craig Apelbaum

      Kathy Griffin belongs in a mental institution.

      • Bandit

        She belongs in a ZOO because she is a creature of the night, a griffin is an amalgamation of a number of other creatures, so to have a griffin walking around is interesting and needs to be studied in a close environment, so a zoo is just the place for her, lock her up in the zoo.

        • Canadave

          I like that idea. Everybody could throw bananas at her.

          • Richard Collier

            Why waste a good banana

        • Craig Apelbaum

          Or maybe prison.

          • Bandit

            The zoo would be more fitting for a creature of the night, and a griffin is a creature of the night; kathy griffin belongs in a zoo, that way she can have fruits and nuts thrown at her.

      • the day is still young…

    • as one says in the South”bless her heart”! (hint: not a compliment!)

      • Bandit

        Does she really have a heart?? With the way she/it talks about the PRESIDENT and those that voted for him; no she/it does not have a heart, that makes her z creature of the night, put her in a zoo.

  • KG is now simply “now, and forever” irrelevant!!!

  • Jeff Evans

    Tell you what Kathy, just stay gone. The U.S. will be a better place without lunatics like you.

    • Gary Smith

      Well said

      • Jeff Evans

        Thank you Gary.

  • jackcandobutwont

    anything to stay or try to stay relevant!! Give it up kathy, there is no shame in working fast food…if they will hire you!!

    • Gary Smith

      You are right we used to say put a bag over her head and go for glory. but I am not sure that would work somebody would really have to be hard up

      • jackcandobutwont

        a stiff pecker has no conscience……but my God, that would face would sober up even the drunkest drunk!!

        • Bill

          she is only a little more ugly then Hillary! come on guys, guess that explains Mr Clinton’s romping around! UCK!

    • mary murphy

      Maybe fast food would hire her–then again, maybe not! 😉

      • Bandit

        She would be better as a scarecrow, she could scare the life out of people.

  • Monty Edwards

    She is not funny, never has been and has always been a psycho nut. Why won’t she go to Iran, Syria or North Korean and shoot her mouth off? She would then appreciate a President who is willing to take a strong stand against real nazis.

    • Alibaba

      If she would do in Iran what she’s doing here she would end on the end of a rope! In North Korea, in front of fire squad! I think she knows only here she’s safe calling the president a moron…

      • George L. Rivera

        Good ideas.

  • RC

    Since that bitch, Kathy Griffin, has very little or perhaps even no talent she’s only trying to make a big name for herself. Obviously the only way she’ll ever get ahead is to do it the Hollywood way. Get under a good man and work up. If she even has the talent for that.

  • Dwight Hartmark

    I say its good to see that the accidental comedian, who herself is a joke, got on her broom and flew out of America. She’s a witch with spooky looks and has ingested far too much of her own brew.

  • Brabado

    Rag doll looking Kathy Griffin stopped being funny, a long, long, long time ago. Can someone PLEASE tell her, please!

    She is just dying to grab some Press Coverage, for the wrong reasons, while continuing to dig herself into a hole in the ground, for her and her stale-Jurassic bad taste “jokes”.

    Even her once loyal LGTB followers have walked away… It is sad to end this way!


    Semper fi.

  • Terry Butts

    So another person who KNOWS NOTHING about history using the word NAZI incorrectly in an attempt to CAUSE HATRED or VIOLENCE against people that do not hold the same political beliefs she does.

    All because they are upset that the one who actually PROMISED the more NAZI like actions such as DISARMING the citizens of this nation and imposing censorship so as not to offend FOREIGN nations or terrorists who even went so far as to APOLOGIZE to terrorists (shortly after they murdered US CITIZENS) over the fact our government could not CENSOR some dumb video that supposedly upset them LOST the election instead of the one who promised to RESTORE following the constitution and the laws passed by congress FOR THE SAFETY OF THIS NATION that have been ignored for years because they UPSET foreign citizens when they were prevented from harming this nation by them being enforcement.

    There is nothing “ACCIDENTAL” about the majority of this nation saying we have had enough of politicians more concerned about UN policies and the opinion of FOREIGN nations than our constitution, the RIGHTS it states the government can not infringe and the RESTRICTIONS on what the government is allowed to do.

    Remember it was not that long ago two border patrol agents were wrongfully imprisoned for doing their job and stopping a van from illegally crossing the border.

    The DOJ at the time claiming the FOREIGN CITIZEN that tried to bring the van load of DRUGS across the border had his RIGHTS VIOLATED by them shooting the van when he TRIED TO RUN THEM DOWN instead of stopping using the grounds they were supposed to somehow know he was smuggling drugs instead of people and just notify the DEA and let him pass and yes some dumb judge put them in prison for doing their job of STOPPING ANYONE trying to illegally cross the border over that insane argument. If not for the last act as president pardoning them by the last republican president they would still be in prison for doing their job.

    • spudmans1

      Outstanding observation TB! And the fact that Donald Trump out worked Hillary day in and day out as typical liberals expect the govt. or somebody else to do the real work.

  • sammy


  • jackcandobutwont

    Kathy, I know someone told you about WW2 and nazis….but do you really know what nazi means and what is a nazi?? clearly you do not!!

  • C. LeSaint

    Don’t call President Trump what you really are! You, Kathy Griffin, and people like you are the REAL NAZIS!!

  • Richard Young

    I don’t think Kathy Griffin and those like her even know what a Nazi is. It’s just a word they like to throw around because they are upset because their “crooked Hillary” candidate didn’t get into the White House. President Trump is not and never has been a “Nazi”.

    • Terry Butts

      I agree they have no idea what a NAZI is especially when they are calling people who are about as far away from being one the name simply because they are upset over the person they wanted in the White House loosing and do not even realized that disarming the citizens of the nation and CENSORING “offensive” speech are a lot closer to NAZI actions than anything Trump has done or has ever promised to do.

      I would go further and say this particular one also has no idea of what the word “psychos.” means either.

  • Rich Kenny

    Can’t we send her farther away than Australia?? Does Australia know she is there and what an “anti-establishment advocate she is?? since Weihstein DID NOT MOLEST HER! She has a burr in her saddle… I don’t question WHY he did not molest her! but wish someone
    would…. just to give her something more with which to project her glow….I’m sure that would do it!! Altho’ I do believe that NOTHING would satisfy her….So let’s just tune her out… she is dispicable. (no not deplorable – that’s the rest of us sane people!!) WORLD TOUR eh? Hope she looses her way back to the good ‘ol USA!!! More luck to us all!!!

    • Terry Butts

      considering what her act contains or at least what it did years ago the last time I paid any attention and the laws of certain nations she might find herself in jail like those ones I cant recall the name of who’s act violated the censorship laws of one of the nations they toured a few years back.

  • Bruce Kellar

    Her Dad should have rolled over.

  • elmcqueen3

    This woman is a sicko…she’s one of those neo-coms (new communist) Democrats.

  • unbridled

    The filthy treacherous slut is nothing more that a pin cushion for the progressive hollywood left. She has no mind of her own. Stay out of the U.S. you cvnt. You’re going to wind up with a price on your ugly red head….

  • Gale

    I am so sick of her, she is so hateful. She is not nor has she ever been a real comedian, she does not know what it really stands for. Who really cares what she says, just like Rosie O’D – mean, hateful, foul-mouthed. The Secret Service should do something if not the AG for threatening the President and his family.

  • Knowledge Transfer

    What a haggy hen it is.

  • nativetexanjim

    Miss Griffin is totally incapable of even one intelligent thought.

  • Bruce Fowler

    just trying to find a way to make herself relevant

    • Richard Young

      She’s going to have to do a lot of looking to find that.

  • KLW9008

    That’s just it – President Trump ISN’T an accidental President ! The American People voted him into office for good reason! hollywierd is oblivious of REALITY and WHY we put him in office !!!! He was voted into office in the same manner every other President was been since America put in place the Electoral College !!! With the rampant dimmocrat election fraud, I’m sure they totally believed they had hillary occupying our White House ! They are still in SHOCK about that !!!!!

  • Larry Hall

    Griffen is the Psycho! Proves it everytime she opens her pie trap!

  • Bob USAF(ret)

    Another filthy liberal talking crap, what’s new..Pres Trump is a legally elected president, so f..k off lib!

  • Charlie Silvertooth

    Get off the Meth idiot. Nobody gives a shit about you so dry up.

  • big KAhuna

    A complete psychotic nut case. I hope she gets sewed or put in jail for deformation of character and false statements made to others in the world about our POTUS. Typical hater who is using her platform to destroy or discredit.

  • 1josephg1

    She is right she does not know anything as evidenced by her big mouth

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Ms Griffin and other leftist whiny bellyachers: Y’all created the rise of Trump by YOUR behaviors and attitudes for the past almost 3 decades, prior to his arrival on the scene. Oh sure y’all whined about Bush because he had the wrong letter after his name, but he was as much a globalist as O ever was and JUST as destructive to America as were his daddy and Clinton as well, before him! Well, REAL AMERICANS were so FED UP with that load of stuff my granddaddy used to spread all over his fields to fertilize his crops, that they TOOK a Trump to get rid of the globalists. Was he the best choice? NO, but he’s a hair better than your 3 offerings of Clinton, Hart, and Stein, all harder leftists still. Would Americans have voted for him, had we had balanced and AMERICAN Presidents in the office for those past 3 decades? Almost certainly not! Y’all set that stage by marginaizing us and making us 2nd class citizens in our own homeland, for which a good many of us had long since served in the military. Well, y’all GOT it now hush up and quit your bellyaching; BE SCARED: find out what we’ve been feeling for so long! Change YOUR attitudes if y’all want us to change! We’ve done with capitulating to your increasingly insane demands that we change.

  • Craig Apelbaum

    Kathy Griffin is the Nazi. Not President Trump. President Trump is a good guy. And he doesn’t scare anybody.
    Kathy Griffin can rot in HELL, where she belongs.

    • Bandit

      Griffin is a creature from he11, just look at the name, griffin are those creatures that you see up on cathedrals, and many older buildings.

  • peter Pirzadeh

    There are plenty of well-known psychiatrist whose long term skills are designed to address mental problems of which Kathy Griffin possesses. Google is one source when she can easily locate their offices.

  • Connie Mays

    Ditto, ditto, ditto Stadalberts.

  • Rj Stoker

    Why does yesterday’s news, kathy griffin still get press. Yesterdays newspaper belongs at the bottom of the parrots cage. This way she’ll get coverage. Say bye,bye KG……………….

  • Art946

    Kathy Griffin has created a FREAK show and she is the star. She is a curiosity and that is the only reason anyone would want to see it. She has to go to another country to exhibit her show because no one in the US wants to see it.

  • Sanjosemike

    I believe hate actually changes the structure of the brain. This is called “neuroplasticity.” A similar situation occurs when a wasp injects an egg into a caterpillar. The egg hatches and proceeds to eat the caterpillar from the inside out.

    This appears to have happened to this person.


  • Wolfman (kafir harbi)

    World tour…..lol. Stop it, Kathy. You’re killin’ me. That’s funny stuff right there. Must be the Poor Me I’m a Dumb Ass Tour.

  • Wade

    As an American, so-called, you have your right to your opinion!!! But, as a deplorable Trump supporter, I have the right to my opinion. You wouldn’t know the first thing about how this country needs running and we don’t need you apologizing to anyone. See if you can move to North Korea or Iran so you can vocalize your concerns!

  • peter Pirzadeh

    After reading all the other posts, I think I was just too diplomatic. I am now pleased to tell her go to hell and stay there for as long as you can entertain yourself!!!!, since no one seems to have a use for you.

  • Gr8dane

    Its really quite simple Kathy – we are getting rid of Libtards like you who are anti-American and nothing more than liberal communist/socialist flunkies who view Amerika like Venezuela! Guess what – us “deplorables” are the true Americans while you and your ilk are nothing but parasites. Good riddance and do us all a big favor and while on your world tour – don’t come back!

  • George L. Rivera

    It’s not your country anymore stupid bitch. You’re the psycho and now you’re on a world for messing money or is calling the President of the States a Nazi. You know that Australians and Americans are friends don’t you and that neither of them are your friends because you’re a moronic traitorous bitch.

    You’re not a comedian because you lack creative talent and you make up for it by ridiculing others. That’s not comedy; that’s sad.

  • BH

    If something happened to her, and it was determined it was a Trump supporter that did it, could they get off with an insanity plea? (She said we are all psyco).

  • Gary R Berthiaume

    I think she makes a lot of sense and maybe she believes that a President should be for the people in a government that is supposed to be for the people and by the people .

  • andJusticeForAll

    Poor little Kathy had to travel all the way down under to get some play. Don’t worry she will shoot off her mouth enough to alienate those Aussies right quick. Can’t cure stupid.

  • David Gutshall

    Just another air head liberal who can’t get over the fact that her side lost. Suck it up and move on. I had to put up with Obama for eight years and it didn’t kill me.

  • Michael DePoy

    If she was a good comedian she would not have been ran out of the country. As it stands she is not that funny and really not worth 2 sec of worrying about. Sad but when Talent lacks it always make fun of. Don Rickles she not.

  • Santiago Tello

    We elected him u turd with feet! Ur career is in the toilet and this is ur way of making headlines u sick wench.

  • patriot

    Kathy better watch your mouth you could be sprouthing your communist b/s in a federal prison

  • Meg

    She is an “accidental American”. Hope she stays gone.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Griffin was whelped from a swine who fornicated with a barnyard animal.

  • 4USA2

    How about President Trump file a law suit against her for slander and false accusations. Her nasty name-calling vocabulary definitely ranks as a “defamation of character” law suit. Then, after president Trump wipes her out financially, he can take his winnings and make donations to his favorite charities, or give to Red cross to help fire/flood victims, or donate to a fund to help families of fallen police officers and fallen military men and women …. etc. etc.

  • Godswitness

    The secret service needs to have another talk with this wacko. She should do some jail time.

  • don_in_virginia

    She is a special kind of stupid!

  • CalPaul1949

    This woman obviously doesn’t know who the Nazis were. Her liberal left friends are the Nazis. They are the ones trying to squash free speech, preaching hate, and destroying property.

  • richard black

    “accidental douche bag”…….NOT !!!!

  • Bob Greer

    Kathy go away and stay away… have you ever saw her without make-up oh my, hideous…

  • cjakobsson

    There is a whole lot of probable cause to believe that Trump is messing up the country on purpose, by generating division at home and by undermining American alliances around the world. When it comes to the investigation of uranium sales to Russia by the previous administration, that should go forward as a Congressional investigation. The Trump administration should stay out of that issue, because the standard followed by Trump tells the country that selling uranium – or anything else – to Russia is a good thing to do.
    The Congress should be concerned by sales of uranium to Russia by the previous administration, and they should be concerned by the sale of the entire country to Russia by the current administration. Neither of these things is good for the country, and it is time for both the Republicans and the Democrats to stop putting the party ahead of the country, and tend to the national business.

  • Jmanjo

    Yes and she was the one holding a fake cut off head of Trump dripping blood! What an ass!

  • J W

    I actually feel sorry for her because she has to wake up every morning and see herself in the mirror without make up. Oh yeah also,,, in knowing about 75 million people hate your guts. That is some heavy stuff to live with.. And no,, I don’t actually feel sorry lol

  • not content with stupidly sabotaging her own career,she now is trying to bring down an elected president-i doubt even the good people of Oz would listen to her,and i doubt she knows what a Nazi is

  • To Kathy Griffin, “Please, please don’t putrefy our atmosphere in the US anymore than you already have by defiling our soil with your physical presence ever again. I mean, your absence is greatly appreciated. If you want your presence to be appreciated, I would suggest trying N. Korea.”

  • hoozat

    She hasn’t read anything since about the 4th grade…. maybe a couple of comic books about fairyland….where she lives..

  • Older Than Dirt

    Is she still alive ? It’s hard to tell if she doesn’t have the makeup on : ) She is never going to admit that her actions were gross and
    totally obscene – or admit that she is a flaming liberal and they are NEVER wrong which is why the rest of us are always wrong in their
    eyes !

  • Marty Koval

    If Kathy Griffin believes President Donald Trump is a “Nazi” and that “Trump folks” were “psychos.”. Then Kathy Griffin is Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin who killed and tortured more people than the Nazis.

  • Bill

    I see the liberal whore has opened her filthy mouth again, Wonder when they will flush her with the rest of the turds? She stinks!

  • Maggiemae

    No Kathy….you have the wrong party labeled as Nazi’s. It’s YOUR party, sweety that is a total GESTAPO mentality party. Hitler and his boys would be very proud of you and your cohorts. SO many of your Bollywood cohorts said you would move out of this country. So…what’s the holdup. Just wish you would pack up your crap and move out…at least hold to the promise you made.

  • randolph.poole

    Why doesn’t that ignorant b***h just go away? Let’s appoint her as the ambassador to ISIS. Without a doubt, they will surrender shortly thereafter!

  • Frank Roza

    Stick it,Griffin,you’re not even a good enough entertainer to have an opinion!Stay in Aussie land,I just hate to see the Aussies suffer!

  • Dave

    Kathy who?



  • Anton

    It is so ironic that people like Kathy Griffin and other Trump haters including the oblivious, ignorant and moronic group of idiots that call themselves antifa are doing, saying and treating people the same way they are complaining about being treated. Griffin and the others are acting more like Nazis than they people they are accusing of being Nazis, maybe they should look up the word Nazi and how they act and treat others, how they are violent to anyone that does not agree with them or their whacked out views. They threaten, riot, burn buildings and beat up people that do not agree with them, that is what the Nazis and Hitler’s brown shirts used to do to people. The actions at Berkeley and spraying a female Trump supporter in the face with pepper spray are actions of people acting like Nazis. K. Griffin is complaining that the secret service did their job by investigating her after she made threats against the president, that is their job if someone had done the same thing she did and said the same thing she did about former president Obama and were being investigated Griffin would be 100% in agreement with what the secret service.

    Griffin is a talentless hack, not funny as a comedian and is a D list celeb at best, if she is unhappy with America let he move to another country.

  • Duuuuuuuh

    She’s actually the only “Has Been, Never Was, No Talent, Blob of Fugly” that we have here in the States, except for Hillary, Michelle and the what’s it’s weasel thing that the Clinton’s call their daughter.
    But be nice to her or she might commit Blob of Fuglicide.

    She chooses to blame President Trump for something she did to herself and believes it’s “OK” for her to take a swing at him but that the laws that apply to all of us don’t apply to her. Extremely immature and selfish of her.

  • Paul Omlor

    Kathy is a yellow liberal loser. She as other libtards don’t know what to do or say, they are lost because they don’t have someone telling them what to do or say. This is the new America where we the people matter and we have a real President who believes in our country.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    First of all Griffin is a MORON not Comedian. Second she made a threat against the LEGALLY ELECTED President of the United States so what happened to her she earned for her actions. Had anyone done as she did while Obozo the TRAITOR or had Hitlery gotten in office and did it to her Giffen would be screaming her extremely large mouth off. She would be demanding they be horse whipped in public then hanged and shot. I for one hope this BIMBO stays gone. In FACT I pray she stays away and takes all the other MORONS who claimed they would leave the US with her. We do not need the IDIOTS here.

  • Rob Anthonisen

    Is she on drugs or just a MORON?

    • JohnB

      Probably both.

  • avlisk

    Wow! The ignorance and sedition coming from this woman is profound. Is she brain damaged?

    • JohnB

      No brain to damage.

  • Kim LaMela

    This Woman needs Help, Liberals should chip in for the Institution that she is Headed for, and Check to see how much room they have, because many of them will need treatment as well very soon. The Fake Russia Collusion on Trump has now Turned to the Real Russian Collusion with Hillary, her Husband and Obama and his administration.

  • JohnB

    She’s calling other people psychos? That’s a real knee slapper.

  • Don Dittmer

    Shows how stupid she is. You get excommunicated from the church, not your Country!
    SINCE you left your country, you can TAKE the liberty to STAY THE HELL OUT TOO!

  • Jackson Brannon

    I thought she went to Australia looking for an Aborigini to do her!! NOBODY else will and her toys all ran away or fell in!!

  • Donald Johnston

    She’s totally deranged. She’s in Australia on a “World Tour” because she can’t get work here. And it wasn’t a mask, it was a severed head. Big difference.

  • jimwilson81

    The real moron is her for holding up a bloody fake decapitated head and think there is nothing wrong with it. It was a threat and deplorable. She is the real Nazi for doing these things

  • Kemosabe

    The “woman” is certifiable. Totally worthless. Also, not and never was funny. If you have to use the kind of profanity that she uses in her “acts”, then you are not funny.

  • Bruce Murar

    Kathy Who??????????????????????

  • metheoldsarge

    Do people actually listen to this egotistical legend in her own mind?
    Her only job is to entertain and she isn’t very good at doing that.
    She isn’t even funny. Makes me wonder what she wants to be when she
    finally grows up. The best thing she can do is just shut up.

  • lorna shores

    he`s a better President than she is a comic!

  • Vern Davis

    I guess she was in the hospital the 8 yrs Obama was President. She needs to look in a mirror and ask herself why she is so stupid.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I’m not the one with the severed head dripping blood.
    I’m not the one ranting and raving against a sitting POTUS.
    The only one who is ridiculous and dangerous is you Kathy!
    These “celebrities” need to shut up and go away.
    Why don’t you stay in Australia permanently?
    It was YOUR dear Hillary, that dubbed us deplorables.
    I am proud to be everything that liberals hate!

  • Martyd

    She’s just a fowl mouth slut. Send her to Iraq

  • amerall

    Kathy we did vote him out, where have you been? You just described Obummer to a T! Trump is our new president and its about time we got an honest American patriot in our top office. Build the wall! Send the illegals back to their own country, they’re CRIMINALS just by being here, we don’t want to press 1 for english and I don’t want to see any Mexican flags flying in our country!!!! We live in America! Ban Muslim immigrants, keep the terrorists out of America! Ever think about why there have been no Muslim terrorist acts in Japan? Because Japan doesn’t even let them visit! Protect the second amendment! America FIRST, WE ARE AN EXCEPTIONAL COUNTRY AND AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE AN EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE! Bring back American family values. Bring back Christian morals! Gay marriage is fundamentally WRONG!!! Marriage is between one man and one woman, Period. The only reason for marriage is to procreate and have children in a NORMAL family home, One male and one female parent, faggots cannot procreate so they have no reason to be married, giving them the rewards of marriage serves no purpose! President by accident? Guess you didn’t notice that Trump won the election by a landslide! Hillary (Corleone) Clinton isn’t popular except in Californication New York Florida and a couple of other socialist anti American liberal “Gimmie Gimmie free stuff, I don’t want to work to support myself, states)

  • Robert Whitis

    If Kathy Griffin is out of the US, the average American IQ went up a couple of points while unfortunately for Australian folks, theirs has been pulled down! Opinions are just like Assholes, everybody’s got one and hers are worthless to most of us!

  • mike

    She is an accidental birth

  • Richard Collier

    Hey A.Hole don’t you ever apologize for me. You want to know what a nazi is talk to a survivor of the death camps from Germany. President TRUMP is a far better person than you are. You call yourself a comedian bullshit. Your citizenship papers should be destroyed so go to North Korea I’m sure they would be happy to accept another A– Hole

  • jackieray

    deny her reentry invalidate her passport let her find a country she likes and stay there

  • Ron C

    Next she will claim Trump sexually assaulted her….this gal really doesn’t have a very good grip on reality…wow.

  • Curt

    She has no idea what the term “nazi” really means. She has a good handle on dumbass, though.

  • rick meek

    Man – She belongs in hollywood —— More for weinstein and the other casting couchers…..

  • BA

    If she wants to see a psycho nazi she has only to look in the mirror. She is so NOT relevant in this country or any other. Like all libs, if you don’t think the same as them they revert to name calling like a five year old.

  • Kathy Griffin, long on emotional hissy fits, short on facts.

  • harold

    You started it yourself old girl, keep your mouth closed and stop making a complete fool out of yourself.

  • EC

    She needs to stop speaking for America as she does not represent the vast majority of Americans. Even those who dislike Trump think she’s a disgusting, sorry excuse for a human being. Except for the small group of TRUE deplorables, who agree with her every move and think she’s somehow quite brave for ruining her career out of total stupidity. This bitch throws the word Nazi around like she has any idea what it really means. She cheapens the memory of the millions of Jews, homosexuals, and others who died at the hands of the real Nazis, by using it as nothing more than a liberal buzzword to gain attention. This kind of sub-human makes me sick, but she’s far too ignorant and self-centered to realize how vile she really is. Too bad Australia didn’t throw her ass out. I hope her “world tour” is as dismal a failure as she is.

  • Dennis Nix

    She’s as funny as a Crutch………………

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