Just hours after Flynn resigns, Kellyanne reveals…

While some had believed retired LTG Michael Flynn’s days as National Security Adviser were numbered almost from the beginning, his resignation last night still came as a bombshell. After less than a month on the job, he became the shortest serving senior presidential adviser in modern history.

CNN reports, His departure came just after reports surfaced that the Justice Department warned the Trump administration last month that Flynn misled administration officials regarding his communications with the Russian ambassador to the United States and was potentially vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians.

“I inadvertently briefed the Vice President-elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian ambassador. I have sincerely apologized to the President and the Vice President, and they have accepted my apology,” Flynn wrote, according to a copy of his resignation letter obtained by CNN.

Hours before his resignation, Conway had said Flynn had the full confidence of the president, but as the day unfolded, that confidence waned considerably, and by the end of the day, it was too late.


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source: http://www.allenbwest.com/michele/flynn-kellyanne-reacts-knew

  • JoeW

    It sounds like the Trump administration needs to think things through a lot more before just throwing something out there…

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      yes true, but also the news media needs to be held accountable too. Their fake news, lies, misrepresentation, and general propaganda, along with leaks need to be severely curbed.

      • big KAhuna


      • Webuppp

        Don’t hold your breath, propaganda from the Marxists go back to yellow journalium and willain Randolph hurts circa 1905. 112 years its taken to go from a republic form of government, to a democracy to know being on the cusp of anarchy. We see the anarchist in the streets called free speach, it is NOT. It’s mob rule period. And worse, the funding to keep not only the anarchy going, put paying the organizers to commit violance, you have the purse stings coming from the marxists and george nazi soros

    • Richard

      Just a thought>Where did Obama’s (Democrat) Czars get placed?
      An agency of the United States government targeted a top level Executive Branch appointee to discredit him and force his resignation . . . and they succeeded.
      Retired Army three-star general, Michael Flynn, was serving as Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor.
      Before taking his position within the Trump administration, Flynn spoke with a Russian Ambassador regarding Obama-imposed sanctions.
      Regardless of whether or not the conversation was inappropriate, Flynn misled Vice President Pence about the conversation.
      Not a cool thing to do and Flynn resigned after details about the conversation were leaked to the press.
      Key phrase is “leaked to the press.”
      Someone within America’s intelligence apparatus not only spied on a U.S. citizen, buy they leaked details of the wire-tapped conversation to the press in order to damage the Office of the Presidency.

      • sunandfun

        This just shows you that SCUMBAGS still exist in Obummers late friends

  • WJ

    CNN has done right to bar that kellyann Conway slut from the air with her lies.

    • Russ

      Spoken like a true libtard!! Now you can crawl back under the bridge TROLL!!!

      • 094870

        They like to make problems, right? That will sooooooon be an end to.

    • 094870

      JW, you have no idea of what you are talking about, so zip the lip.

    • coolman11

      You’re a real Wack Job if you listen to CNN

    • mac12sam12

      It wasn’t CNN, it was the other fake news channel MSNBC. Today at the press conference President Trump wouldn’t take any questions from CNN and two fake news newspapers, The Washington Post and the king of BS fake news, the NYT.

    • Webuppp

      you should like a progressive marxist drone. Didnt your mother teach you not to be a disgusting pig. I wonder satan, you listened to lies for 8 years from everyone in your marxist party, any idea of what a hypocritical asshole you sound as a donkey unamerican bastard? Hysterical hearing the word lie coming from the progressive marxist libturd

    • Webuppp

      By the way assclown, its cnn that’s been banned from the White House, can is fake news. Donna Brazelle lolololololol. Chris thrill down his leg matthews, lololololol. And Fox News assclowns like you that have been banished to cnn. Van jones card carrying marxist. Your an idiot wj unamerican tart

  • Tom

    I smell the stench of Obama in this…

    • sunandfun

      Stench is a very good word for that EX- SCUMBAG “so called president”

  • elcue

    Flynn was under obligation of no one . He was at the time a private citizen.Just more Left World Order Corruption.

  • JohnGaltTexas

    All of the remaining obama vermin need to be flushed out of the gov’t, most of them need to go to jail.
    There will be no peace until this is done.

    • sunandfun

      I’ll not hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

  • Webuppp

    Why is our champion playing with the progressive marxists tyranny? Obama will eventually come to washington to organize and cause more dissension then he already has. Time to flip the script, i want to know when he knew about Benghazi, solendra, fast and furious. I,m bringing the marxist obama and hillary to justice. This whole time obama nor Hillary have opened their mouths to quell their tyrantical marxists commrades.

  • Jim McGann

    This was a conspiracy of ex-Obama confederates including former NSC official Ben Rhoades to eliminate Flynn who was against Obama Iranian deal. There are secret provisions that Obama and his chronies don’t want released and want the deal left fully in effect. It’s ex Obama officials still on duty that allowed the leaks that naile Flynn. There are two governments: newly elected Trump administration and former President Obark Hussein Obama and 30,000 followers!

  • Greyguy

    So how did it come to pass that he was targeted to be spied on and by who; and who gave the order….the left likes the fact that it was leaked, but it was against the law. Kind of like Free speech, until you do not like what the other guy says! This will continue until these folks are purged from government.

  • J. Ernst

    A) Russia is NOT as BIG as the newsertainment industry wants U.S. to believe. AND, Russia is an “untapped” manufacturing resource that would directly compete with Chinese manufacturing of which these manufactured Chinese goods end up HERE at Target, Walmart…etc…
    B) There is a deep Financial Interest that China does everything it can to PERSUADE U.S. that Russia is still the “big boogie man nation”…and the demorat/rino UNIPARTY is in full gear to promote this fraud.
    C) EVERYTHING “our” government has done since Reagan left the building, is to promote the “new world order” which is to destroy what America IS…or was and put a fantasy government in its place. THAT has worked!!!
    We now have Federally subsidized universities turning out NON & ANTI American’s by the thousands each year. They are driveling stooges and minions with NO PURPOSE.
    There are HUNDREDS of ways to subvert and con the masses into business models that change societies and nations.
    The old “soviet guard” are here and have been plying their trade in both houses of congress since the late forties.
    They got a substantial foothold in the fifties.
    They paid “college” students all over this nation to overthrow the sentiments of the nation.
    They nearly sunk the USS Liberty…in INTERNATIONAL WATERS in ’66
    They killed off JFK, MLK, RFK, shot at Ford, put one in Reagan…
    They put their former cia chief in the White House after Reagan.
    They put the first drug lord and organized crime boss in after Bush one.
    and Finally put an ILLEGAL ALIEN, Bi-sexual, BASTARD MUSLIM in as the perfect idea to destroy this nation from within.
    So I would claim that the ANTI-American business model has been a resounding success. MY generation has pushed back time and again through our representative form of government.
    But, alas, the so-called representatives are NO LONGER MY representatives. They are nearly all lobby representatives now.
    What now?
    The ONLY way to subvert and destroy the FORMER administration is to start with the 18 INCH THICK, so-called “Health Care Act” which IS as Justice Roberts stated, “A new TAX BILL”.
    I submit it is the NEW TALMUD!!!
    This LIFE-LAW BILL; EIGHTEEN INCHES THICK, is an astounding piece of work that will LITERALLY DESTROY THIS NATION as A Constitutional United States of America….as this “Health Care Bill” was created to do.

  • parthenon1

    Makes a good story for the fake media but the truth is he was removed for not being totally truthful with the Vice Pres. Frankly he did nothing wrong . . .if one considers what Obama did with the Russians during the 2010 election cycle he told a Russian official to tell Putin he would be more forthcoming after the election. All Flynn did was pretty tame since he was a private citizen at the time but the Fake media was so in love with the Socialist President they ignored it !

  • DemsR Dhimmis

    Kellyanne, if you are reading this please don’t pose like that again. President Trump is getting enough BS. We need you to remain dignified and respectful. Next time you want pics, hire someone. please please think before you do something. the country depends on it. thank you

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