Congressman John Conyers Steps Down

In an interview with a Detroit radio station, John Conyers (D-MI) stated he is going to retire from Congress and instead endorse his son to fill his seat.

He also went on to say he doesn’t feel his legacy will be tarnished with the sexual allegations that have come out against him claiming, “this too shall pass.”

  • usmcSergeant

    Son! 40 more years of the SOS!

  • John Patrick Riley

    Despicable as usual for this moral reprobate. Elected offices are not passed down. This loser and his ambitious family should be shunned by decent folk.

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Conyers isnt a happy camper. He said he was going to get some revenge. What Trump was caught doing was verbal locker room talk. It doesnt come close to Al Frankens hands on, or the women stepping up. Holier than tho! Men talk, and brag just like a group of women do. pardon the pun, but thats reaching. - 2015 | Privacy Policy