John Bolton Tells Liberals To Calm Down

Trump national security adviser John Bolton simply stated that he doesn’t believe anyone should have “a case of the vapors over” Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 16.

Bolton stated, “He wants to understand the Russian position, and perhaps more importantly, he wants Putin to understand our position.”

“I don’t read the way he conducted these meetings the same way. I don’t think anybody ought to have a case of the vapors over discussions we have in NATO or the G-7 versus discussions we have with Putin or Kim Jong Un. They’re very, very different; the president treats them differently. He understands what the strategic interests are, and that’s what he’s trying to pursue.”

  • Jmanjo

    Trump is doing more for America than any of the last presidents combined. It is about time for the media and the Dumbocrats to STFU and let him do his job.

  • Glenn Saulsbury

    Liberals are brain dead no matter what is saId they will moan and groan about it. DEMOCRATS HILLARY LOST GET OVER IT! MEDIA


  • alfy


    • proudV

      As long as Trump is President he will be hated for just being Trump. And i couldnt be happier. Our POTUS has done more for we the People than any other President and ive seen a few, I am 65 years old and i knew if Hillary Clinton was able to get into the white house it would be the end of our nation as we know. God Bless our President, VP Pence will be their if they managed to take Trump out of office, Of course Civil War might be the only way to stop the corruption, And the terrorists Dems seem so happy about like Antifa. They have lost more credibility than at any time in the past, And they dont even see through their own hatred the damage that is being done to the people and there own party.

      • Angelika K Griffin

        WHAT do you EXPECT to come from INFERIOR, total DUMBED DOWN people….???? ANY kind of INTELLIGENCE..?? YEAH RIGHT…!!!!

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