Is Trump’s Presidency ‘Out of Control?’

Recently on MSNBC political commentator Bill Kristol called Trump’s presidency “out of control” for his support of Saudi Arabia after allegations of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman being responsible for Khashoggi’s death.

When discussing the President’s statement, Kristol stated, “The process is totally broken down. For those of us who never had great expectations of Donald Trump, we had some hope, and sometimes that hope has been vindicated—I think that the institutions will keep him in check, the system will work despite him. That has happened in certain cases in this administration—in foreign policy with Secretary Mattis, H.R. McMaster. John Bolton, how can you as a national security advisor, how can you let this statement go out? You wouldn’t. At least clean it up, put in a grace note about we deplore what happened, clean up the grammar, exclamation points and all this. Does the president dictate a statement to his personal assistant and it just goes out to the world? The chief of staff, national security advisor, leave aside the secretary of state. That’s dangerous. Of course, it’s just a statement, but statements have real consequences.”

“It’s on It really makes me feel sick in that respect. It’s one thing to have a president who is out of control—you can say to your friends abroad, and people here well the system is mostly working.”

“The president is not just out of control, the presidency is out of control, and that is scary.”

  • cathy


  • Grim Reaper

    Thank God for President Trump.
    Winter for Hillary and Obama Open Borders and Democrats.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    the only thing out of control are demcrats , liberals , snow flakes , trolls and the zombies , , it’s called the oboma effect , the cdc should quorintine them , and give them shock treatment to put their brains back into working order , they should do the same with the obomas like they do with spent nukler waste , bury them for a thousand years

  • Dr. Mike Reeder

    Well, this president is NOT out of control. Everything he says and does has a purpose. Of course Mr. Kristol calls him out of control, because he works for the MSM, NBC specifically. They try to twist EVERYTHING the president does into something else that it was never meant to be. Frankly, they are aty war with him. Why? Because their hand picked candidate LOST. Never in the history has any president had to suffer the indignities as Mr. Trump has. Never has every word of phrase been so examined, convoluted and turned inside out and upside down by THE PRESS. Instead of just looking at what he says they have to absolutely dissect it. That makes the MSM the enemy of the people. They refuse to publicize the good stories from the right and seem on a mission to publicize ANYTHING from the left, good or bad (and make the bad LOOK good) while condemning EVERYTHING this president says or does. THEY are the one out of perspective, NOT president Trump. He’s in there EVERYDAY pitching AMERICA FIRST. I really don’t care if he shuts the government down to get his wall. In fact, I look forward to it! MAGA Build that damn wall!

    • The Watson

      Yes, shut government down (and eliminate at less half) and save the working people’s money. Also closed the border with Mexico and see how long it takes the Mexican government too stop the caravans.

  • Marty Thompson

    Trump is completely in control. It is the scumbags who are dumbocrats that are trying to make it look like he’s out of control.
    But let’s call these socialists what they really are and that is Communists. They told us way back in the 1950’s that they would conquer America without having to fire a single shot. So whenever you hear a dumbocrat, or a liberal or a left winger on the tube, you are actually listening to a Communist who believes that the government should be large, everything should be for free and nobody owns anything. It’s all owned by the communist government. The best thing to do would be to eliminate these dummy’s and bring back the real democratic party who stood for something. Mr. Trump IS the best president I’ve seen in 76 years. He’s doing EVERYTHING right and GOD BLESS HIM!

  • Ah nutz

    those against Trump are the ones out of control= negative 24/7 – nit pick anything and everything – it’s harmful – hate is never a good thing – this has no true foundation , it’s exaggerations and even made up stuff…a sickness.

  • Richard Kern

    Mr Kristol is entitled to his own opinion, but his statement lacks any semblance of logical thinking. I would submit for evaluation all the President’s outstanding achievements in growing our economy, new records set in the number of people in the labor force; historic lows in unemployment for all – overall, minorities, and women; reduced excessive regulations that were strangling our economy; cancelling bad trade agreements and establishing new improved ones; and I could go on and on. By his comments, Mr Kristol just added himself to the list of people I have that when they say something, I ignore them.

  • flashy0ne

    You bet it’s out of control. FOR THE FIRST TIME, the Office of the President is REPRESENTING THE PEOPLE — and the POLITICIANS ON THE “LEFT” CAN’T STAND IT !!!

  • parthenon1

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