Is Trump’s Presidency ‘Out of Control?’

Recently on MSNBC political commentator Bill Kristol called Trump’s presidency “out of control” for his support of Saudi Arabia after allegations of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman being responsible for Khashoggi’s death.

When discussing the President’s statement, Kristol stated, “The process is totally broken down. For those of us who never had great expectations of Donald Trump, we had some hope, and sometimes that hope has been vindicated—I think that the institutions will keep him in check, the system will work despite him. That has happened in certain cases in this administration—in foreign policy with Secretary Mattis, H.R. McMaster. John Bolton, how can you as a national security advisor, how can you let this statement go out? You wouldn’t. At least clean it up, put in a grace note about we deplore what happened, clean up the grammar, exclamation points and all this. Does the president dictate a statement to his personal assistant and it just goes out to the world? The chief of staff, national security advisor, leave aside the secretary of state. That’s dangerous. Of course, it’s just a statement, but statements have real consequences.”

“It’s on It really makes me feel sick in that respect. It’s one thing to have a president who is out of control—you can say to your friends abroad, and people here well the system is mostly working.”

“The president is not just out of control, the presidency is out of control, and that is scary.” - 2015 | Privacy Policy