Is Trump Using The Military In A Politically Devious Way?

Former Secretary of Defense and former Senator Chuck Hagel shamed President Trump for “using our military and our troops in a very political way” by sending them to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Hagel said that Trump encouraging migrants who throw rocks as if they were guns is “a wanton incitement of unnecessary violence. It’s a distraction. It’s a distortion. It is of rank political purpose to use our military like this, and to say those kinds of things is really astounding.”

Hagel later added that moving thousands of troops to the border “is folly. This is political distraction of the highest magnitude. The fact is, taking thousands of American troops, who are trained on the cutting edge all the time and sending them down to a border, where there is no need, there is no threat [of] an invasion of the hoards coming in from Latin America, which is a joke. And they are of limited utility anyway because of the constitutional issues involved here as to what our active military can and cannot do. And so, it’s clear to me that he’s using our military and our troops in a very political way that really casts a lot of questions about the competency of his leadership.”

  • Marty

    What a joke. Did not folks from the caravan use moltov cocktails against the Mexican military and police? Did they not injure multiple members of the military and police with thrown rocks? This is exactly what our military should be used for, protecting Americans.

    • The Watson

      What is wrong with Mexican police/military that they didn’t stop this.

      • donl


  • Ah nutz

    no— a perfectly logical way— I ‘d like to see soft wax permanent ink filled bullets go “SLAP” = ouch forehead…. on anyone picking up a rock…we can’t let people get away with intrusion = it would be our nations end….anyone seen the crap going on in europe?

  • JeanneD

    No, he is not attempting to use the military in a devious or political manner.
    President Trump is trying to protect the American citizens and uphold the laws of the country.
    No sane indivdual should want unknowns jumping our borders, ignoring the prescribed laws that have been in place for many years, especially in these dangerous times.

  • UofHPaul

    Hagel needs to take his family down to the border and picnic next to the fences so he can see for himself what these “benevolent” foreigners are all about.

  • LMB

    Hagel needs to go back to that rock he crawled out from under. Trump has the cojones that others have failed to find! The troops are there to protect our border. If they come under attack like the Mexican police (rocks an Molotov’s), then they need to send a message that they will not be intimidated by these INVADERS!!!!

  • djgreiner59

    Are you some dem lib this is what our military is for to protect the United States. We are tired of protecting all these countries around the world. Protect our home first!!!hell with these other countries. Let them protect their own boarders,

  • unbridled

    Hey hagel! We know you were the HalfBreed’s stooge and fall guy, even if you were too stupid to realize it yourself. You and the Hambone share most of the blame for creating this problem. That having been said, what’s your solution to this problem or is empty complaints all that you have?
    Given your way and the way of the traitors in your comrade’s party, these patriots of third world should just be free to waltz across our southern border at will and destroy some more of our countries infrastructure, rape, kill and disfigure some more of our citizens while they eat up our tax dollars. The really sad part is that once that had happened you’d be perfectly willing to let all of the future caravans enter the same way, even if they got hold of your family members and made minced meat out of them. Your favorite excuse for such things is that, that was an isolated incident and not all refugees are that way. You’re a scumbag and you always were….

  • donl

    He’s using the Military to protect the citizens of this country, just like he should be doing.

  • Gr8izzy

    Is it really such a foriegn concept (especially to dems) for a President to actually do his job of protecting the citizens? - 2015 | Privacy Policy