Is The Economy In Jeopardy

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) recently told MSNBC that the strong U.S. economy could be “jeopardized” under Trump’s tariffs.

After talking about the plan of giving $12 billion is relief money to farmers, Toomey stated, “Its terrible. I mean we are compounding government errors. It was a failed policy in the first place in the form of these unnecessary tariffs that are doing the damage and now we are going to offset that by forcing taxpayers to send a check to these farmers I just cant agree with this. And the pity of this is the economy is doing so well the response to our tax reform to the deregulation that we and the president have pursued jointly has been phenomenally successful. I’m afraid it could really be jeopardized by this downward spiral on trade.”

Toomey also finds “It is entirely possible,” that tariffs will be a major talking point in the midterms.

  • Ah nutz

    all those ‘grand wizards of smart’ solved nothing for yrs.&yrs… now we should consider their opinions..Trump is doing great (in spite of all the negativity)…Sure could be better if more worked with him.

  • Chumpper

    Trump added $2 Trillion to the total debt by cutting taxes and increasing spending. Basic economics, if anyone is given more money to spend they’ll spend it and worry about consequences later. America is in trouble cause the bill on that extra $2 trillion is coming due starting 1 Jan 2018. Less tax revenues because of tax cuts, less job growth because of tariffs and once the effect of the $2 trillion tax give away is gone all hell’s going to break loose. Massive cuts in Medicaid, medicare and social security are coming along with higher interest rates causing China to be able to buy more US debt at a cheaper price. Insurance companies will not cover folks with pre-existing conditions and more folks will become medically bankrupt. The coming recession will make the Bush recession seem insignificant because of the potential to wipe out American financial institutions. China will be poised to take America without firing a shot so brush up on your Mandarin! - 2015 | Privacy Policy