Is The Economy In Jeopardy

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) recently told MSNBC that the strong U.S. economy could be “jeopardized” under Trump’s tariffs.

After talking about the plan of giving $12 billion is relief money to farmers, Toomey stated, “Its terrible. I mean we are compounding government errors. It was a failed policy in the first place in the form of these unnecessary tariffs that are doing the damage and now we are going to offset that by forcing taxpayers to send a check to these farmers I just cant agree with this. And the pity of this is the economy is doing so well the response to our tax reform to the deregulation that we and the president have pursued jointly has been phenomenally successful. I’m afraid it could really be jeopardized by this downward spiral on trade.”

Toomey also finds “It is entirely possible,” that tariffs will be a major talking point in the midterms. - 2015 | Privacy Policy