Is Paul Ryan Embarrassed Of Trump?

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) was recently asked by CNN whether President Trump’s behavior “embarrasses” him.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked, “First, I want to get your thoughts on — The New York Times is reporting the FBI when it raided the offices of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen they were looking for information about the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape and possibly attempts by Cohen to suppress damaging information about Mr. Trump. I know after the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape came out in 2016, Mr. Trump was asked not to appear at an event for you and now it is back in the news in a major way. This must bother you, ‘Access Hollywood,’ Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal. At a certain point, it must be embarrassing.”

Ryan responded, “Well look I didn’t read the article. I’m obviously familiar with what you are talking about. So we’re pretty focused on getting our work done here. And so this is something that I’ll let you guys speculate about. Right now I’m busy trying to get things done in Congress.”

  • Meathead

    How does “Russian Collusion” and “Stormy Daniels” correlate? It appears that Mueller is just digging up dirt in any area he can. His mission was to investigate “Russian Collusion”, not the personal conduct of President Trump years ago. If Jeff Sessions “had a set”, he would have stopped this “witch hunt” months ago. Unfortunately, President Trump picked a wimp for Attorney General.

    • standforfreedom

      Rosenstein is the screw up that allowed the witch hunt to go well beyond its intended investigation. Sessions recused himself so it fell that his assistant dimwit!

  • Davidme2

    I guess Paul Ryan is to busy trying to get out
    of Dodge then to get anything done in congress to the betterment of America or
    “We The people” !! His Usual Best ?!? Screw The President, The GOP and The People !! Wake Up America !! United We Stand !!

  • leslie stevenson

    Paul Ryan is a RINO who has tried to undermine this President since BEFORE he was elected. Ryan is bought and paid for, and can’t leave soon enough. He needs to take McConnell and about 30 more so called Republicans with him! You know “the World Orders” groupies!

    • JT JT

      You do realize that Mueller is a highly respected Republican, Paul Ryan is a Republican and so is James Comey. You do realize that Robert Mueller was a commander, a Marine and served our country. Did POTUS serve our country? Does he have any idea what “serving in the military means?” Some of them most honest leaders in our country are standing up to a Russian Mole or are being fired by him. While they investigate your president elect (?) for treason, collusion with the Russians, Adultery, and whatever sick corruptive thing he has done, not to mention the Tariffs on the American Farmer, you go ahead and just sit back and complain about your precious POTUS that gave you an extra $25.00 per month in your paycheck and still no health care coverage for the coal miners he so call cares about. Ask them about black lung disease. How about healthcare with a super high-deductible (a racket), A president that will eventually take away your social security (oops, bad word “social” take that away from the American people because it says “SOCIAL”!) Republican’s must hate Social Security…But you still did nothing when our children are being murdered and this is becoming the norm in our public schools. (no worries his children probably went private schools-something that you can afford right?) Meanwhile the wealthy keep getting wealthier, you just sit there and cleaning your rifles and do nothing about the Second Amendment…do you even know what it actually means… to protect WE THE PEOPLE from a CORRUPT GOVERNMENT. You just sit around bitching. Sometimes in the afternoon you’ll go out and kill an innocent animal with an AR-15 and claim you were “hunting.” The animal never had a chance. Its just plain cheating. You make no ******* sense. Brain washed by FOXX News. Open your eyes you are being poisoned to cause divisions, to break us down. If we don’t stand together we the people shall loose site of what is important. Its happening right now. When I grew up, a President was a man of dignity, strength, and courage. This is the guy that will pull up in his banana boat while you are fishing on a quite afternoon, shout a bunch of sales pitches and leave you and your kids in a polluted mess after he speeds away with is trophy wife. Go ahead, drink the water.

      • truck1955

        you are a sick Russian troll, will block you

  • Francis Cherney

    This investigation is digging up things that may prove election fraud. Paying women large amounts of money to keep them quiet just before the election looks very suspicious. The morals of this country are going way downhill when they don’t care about the President’s wife cheating.

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      Election fraud? 5.8 million illegals voted for hitlery. 2.3 million just in commiefornia alone.

      • Hd150

        Your funny.

    • CinciJim

      Ever hear of a President named Bill Clinton? Cheated on his wife several times, not only before but also while IN THE WHITE HOUSE, you hypocrite. He also lied under oath.

      Furthermore, Mueller was appointed to investigate RUSSIAN COLLUSION WITH THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN. Not to find evidence of “paying women large amounts of money to keep them quiet just before the election…”. Which I don’t believe it has been proven yet, anyway.

      Do you know how many political campaigns have been screwed with and literally derailed over the years by bogus claims made by both men and women against the candidates? Most of the accusations mysteriously go away after the election – if they were successful in causing the desired candidate to win.

      When a candidate is accused of anything, he/she is guilty in the media without any due process. In this country, a person is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers. Not so for a political candidate.

      If you want to discuss intelligently what is dragging down the morals of this country, you might want to take a long hard look at the left before making any further assumptions.

      Left ain’t Right and Right ain’t Wrong.

  • Tk Matthews

    I have observed the actions of all these comments relating to the President (elected) who was elected in accordance with the laws and process of our country.After a year of your crying and moaning about everything concerning him and his family , including actions not relevant to the discussion that happened many years before he took office , can you focus and name whomever that you think should take his place.Then maybe the discussion could have some relevant meaning. I would hope the you haven’t been ” crying wolf : just because you lost the election.I guess that it may be difficult to come up with since i’m sure you would want to investigate “your leader of the free world” in the same manner you have vetted the sitting President. Oh ! then you would have to listen to the comments of individuals both as valid and ignorant as those i have seen posted. Show some courage and present a solution and quit crying!!! - 2015 | Privacy Policy