Is Kaepernick Going To Hollywood?

Welcome to a nation that rewards you for disrespecting it.

According to TMZ news, a big-ame Hollywood director has decided that it’s time for unemployed, and overall badly performing, quarterback Colin Kaepernick to gain employment.

TMZ reported: “A well-known casting director posted on a message board for managers and agents last week, asking for someone representing the former NFL quarterback to contact her.”

“It’s unclear the role for which the casting director is eyeing Kaepernick, but a cameo in “Uncle Drew” seems like a good fit. If it works out … it would be Colin’s first acting gig.”

Is this protestor really going to get the spotlight again?

  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    will be one show I DONT watch

  • Larry Christopher

    I’ll take a knee while I’m changing channels.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Buy a remote and then you won’t need to….

      • Larry Christopher

        Not much on sarcasm…are ya?

        • sandraleesmith46

          Doesn’t always come through as such in print. Besides some folks still have old TVs that require you to get up and change the channel.

  • linda spaulding

    one more reason not to watch it

  • missourisam

    Kaepernick would fit right in with the fruits and nuts and commies in Hollywood. The liberals in that crap pile are always touting freedom of speech and ideas unless it doesn’t match their biased thinking. Then they turn on the free thinker like a bunch of rabid rats.

    I really have no time for people that are making millions that do nothing to help the situation, except disrespect anyone who is trying to better the country that gives them a plush life and the freedom to trash it with impunity. One of the worst idiots are the actors, directors, and producers that decry guns and gun ownership, but make movies glorifying killing and violence. Talk about hypocrisy, this is the leader.

    • Edward Beadle

      You just insulted crap piles! 🙂

    • Deborah Geyer

      I heartily agree! The loudest are the ones who can afford the personal body guards!

  • Chuck

    With Kap’s hairdo, he can replace Larry in the “Three stooges”!

  • Edward Beadle

    As it is I’m not watching the NFL now, another reason not to support this clown!

  • Buckeye conservative

    Having the washed out anti-American ugly hairball in a movie isn’t going to get anyone to see it – – quite the opposite. Adding ex NFL thugs to hollywood fits the place well though – – more sexual harassment opportunities.

    • Wumingren

      Maybe he can follow in OJ’s footsteps.

  • I wish this waste of sperm would go away! He single handedly put the NFL on a downward spiral from which there will be NO recovery! And now HOLLYWOOD? these people are truly out of their minds! I would not walk across the street to watch anything he was involved in!

    • Wumingren

      That’s okay. Maybe he’ll take Hollywood down, too.

      • Melissa

        I’m not going to support that clown

      • CopsAreCreeps

        Hi, doofus.

        Did you type this nonsense in 2013?


        July 2, 2013 at 5:50 pm

        Russian troops engaged in anti-terrorist exercises on U.S. soil?
        Since the current rogue government in Washington, D.C., refuses to
        identify Muslims as terrorists but often cites Tea Party members,
        veterans, evangelicals, and other conservatives as potential terrorists,
        does anyone need to be told who the communists are preparing to

        This is what 30-round magazines are for, people. Don’t let the
        anti-gun nuts change the dialogue regarding hunting and target shooting. ”

        What happened? Where are all the communists?

  • AFGus

    Sounds like an excellent way for them to instantly drop the ratings of their TV show. On the other hand, it’s probably not a show that anyone other than liberals watch anyway. I know I’ve never seen it (actually I’ve never even heard of it). I’m sure that he’ll be just as good an actor as he was a QB….which means that he’ll suck!

  • Sid sees her

    Great place to bury that poor excuse for a human being, he will never be seen in that den of heathens, ever!

  • JohnB

    Maybe they could put him on a non staged Survivor episode and drop him off in North Korea to see if he can make it across the border into the south.

    • Wumingren

      Kim Jung-Unhinged will find him a suitable substitute for Dennis Rodman. They’ll be great buddies.

    • Deborah Geyer

      Love This solution!!!

  • Robert Kahlcke

    He needs to stay at home in Kenya with obama.

  • UofHPaul

    This discussion does not deserve any time here. This guy is a traitorous, bigot who deserves nothing. He is, purely and simply, a POS.

  • Donald Johnston

    Since he looks like a Muslin to make his Muslim girl friend happy, he could play an ISIS terrorist and get his ass shot off.

  • Bogiewheel

    Hollywood is going the way of buggy-whips. There down fall started when they disliked makeings Westerns. The TV streamers of the world stepped in to fill the void. The Star-System is long gone. My TV viewing is relegated to MHz.

  • Bob Greer

    Don’t know if he going to Hollywood but he can go to HELL….

  • sandraleesmith46

    IF so, he’ll fit right in with that unpatriotic bunch of misfits.

  • Rick W

    If he act’s like he played ball his time will be short , he will make a fine clown if they have any openings for that.

  • Robert

    I will boycott any venue stupid enough to show any thing with that fool in it.

  • Arnold Young

    I hope That Bast### goes to he!! for what had has done to this country! Golly wood wll probably grace this SOB will millions more.GREAT!!!

  • Campbell Williams Vivian

    This isn’t quality, unbiased NEWS reporting but rather “BIG-MOUTH HATERS”👎. Forgive me, I truly thought I was communicating with knowledgeable, intellectuals – not the trump misfits😷!

  • robertleo

    If he does he may not have much of a following. As to his acting abilities he has had plenty of practice on the on the side of the field of play. Time will tell. Wish him the best in his possibly new found career.

  • Doran Zeigler

    I hope he finds success and a wider platform for his social views in racist AmeriKKKa.
    AmeriKKKa, where they champion free speech only if it doesn’t matter or gets NO results
    or notoriety. But if it is against the raging hypocrisy, racism, or class inequality and gets
    noticed, it brings hoots and hollers from the closet fascists who support all the things
    that are wrong with this country, especially if the words or actions are coming from
    black people or people of color.

    This country has certainly gone down the tubes and it hasn’t been the fault of the blacks,
    the poor, or any of the disenfranchised who have no power or say in how things are run.
    No, we can only blame the demise on those rich whites who have ruled this country
    since its inception, and the hypocritical whites who are cheerleaders for their own selfish
    causes and all things that are white.

    Articles such as these that try to minimize Kaepernick’s athletic abilities are whistling in the
    dark. ANYONE who makes it to the pros had to have talent to even get there. Sports are
    not like politics where one can buy their way in without having any ability. All of Trump’s
    money could never even gain a bench-warming position for one of his sons, although it
    could get him appointed to a government position, and it has. Professional sports rely on
    talent and white AmeriKKKa is annoyed that black athletes dominate what was once considered
    “their” territory. So nice try “From the Right.” Your arguments are irrelevant and pathetic and
    only cater to your narrow-minded fascist leaning base. - 2015 | Privacy Policy