Illegal Teens Fighting Trump To Have Abortions

Two teenagers, who are also illegal immigrants, are insisting the government let them have abortions and are fighting for their “cause.”

According to their lawyers, the teenagers called called Jane Poe and Jane Roe are 10 and 22 weeks pregnant respectively.

Currently Roe is in the process of gaining a U.S. sponsor who will fund the abortion.

The lawyers have been arguing that their rights to decide their timing of parenthood are being denied.

“We’ve already stopped the Trump administration from blocking one young woman’s abortion,” a senior ACLU staff attorney stated.

“It’s unreal that the federal government is trying to force more young women to continue their pregnancies against their will.”

  • Jeff Metz Metz

    They shouldn’t have spread their legs, now an innocent child may die. Selfish twits. I hope they burn …

    • Elly

      Jeff Metz Metz – you are so right. If they want timing for parenthood they shouldn’t have had sex in the first place. They need to be deported and have their babies killed in their mother country. I’m so sick and tired of supporting these murderous doctors who are killing innocent babies. And I’m sick and tired of supporting all of these illegal immigrants.

  • RufusVonDufus

    Send the two bitches back to the shitholes from which they came. No more of my money for these leeches. Send all of their family members with them. No more welfare on our dime.

    • BlueDog

      Good to know you’ll be there to adopt their babies. What a true hero.

  • carl

    Tell them to go back to their own country to kill their baby. Don’t do it here in the US.

  • Meg

    They are illegal so walk them across the border.


    You are breaking our immigration laws? You are a criminal in the US. Time to get on the bus and head south. You won’t like the alternative!

  • jon

    wow first they are told to give birth in the U.S. to anchor their claim to stay now they see it might not work anymore, and we must pay to get their now unwanted child aborted ! the left lairs i mean lawyers need to get back to running after the ambulance for their next client. and we can hope that it stops short a few times to keep them ugly.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    At first the woman suffers the equivalent of PTSD, then as she does more of these, here conscience is seared but she still gets angry when someone says she had done wrong and she fights against her own conscience and others.

  • Jim

    They are ILLEGAL, they have no rights in my country and certainly no right to demand anything. Go back where you came from and kill your baby there.

  • flutepilot

    They want this on our dime – after illegally entering OUR country? Get out. NOW! Take these anti-American ‘judges’ with you.

  • Walt wenger

    First, they decided the time to begin their parentage — when they became parents — ie pregnant.
    Second, they are criminals — they are ILLEGAL aliens — ILLEGAL — get it? By just being here now they are violating the law — that means they are CRIMINALS. So incarcerate them, give them a fair trial, and either send them back to wherever they came from or imprison them for an appropriate length of time and then return them to heir own country where they are not criminals just for being there.
    Third, if or when their babies are born, take the babies away — the babies, being born on US property ARE citizens (requiring that they live with and are raised by criminals is wrong) — and give the babies to law abiding citizens who will chereish the babies and raise them well as law-abiding citizens of the US, not use the babies solely for their own selfish desires,
    Just my opinion.


    IMMEDIATELY DEPORT, DEPORT, DEPORT!! If they want an abortion, let them get it done in their home country.

    • sherri palmer

      Don’t give them a dime in welfare for their illegal babies.

  • Ah nutz

    send ’em home quickly.

  • Richard Young

    First off, we have NO moral authority to be taking care of any illegal ALIENS, even though that is exactly what we have been doing for many, many years. Also, if they don’t want these babies, fine but don’t be “demanding” the US government and MY tax dollars to pay for your abortions! These kids are babies themselves and should never have had sex in the first place (without protection). If they want abortions, then they can go back to their own country and have it done. If they won’t go back on their own then we need to forcibly take them back.

  • steve

    They made their choice to be parents when they jumped in bed with the opposite sex. What don’t people understand about the word illegal. Send them home. Why should the American people pay for illegal immigrants to kill their babies.

  • Patriot( retired Navy)

    Why should the taxpayers pay for the stupidity of illegal aliens who got pregnant and are now demanding we pay for their abortions, deport these illegals and let their home nation fix their issue.

  • Luke Lugnore

    Deport the bitches why the hell do the we have to fund abortions for illegals.

  • Ischgabibble

    Deport them now while we have them. If you do not they will most likely have their babies and we will be saddled with them for life.

  • metheoldsarge

    Deport now.

  • Gail Davis

    Boy, these two under age illegal girls think they can tell our government what they want done. You played, you pay. Go home to Mexico and deal with your condition. It is not the taxpayers of the United States responsibility to pay for your wrong choices in life. If your under age now, you will probably be pumping out a kid every nine months for more welfare. We can’t afford you and our country needs to deport both of you since you are ILLEGAL here. AMERICANS FIRST!

  • disqus_PeRYgPx0Bk

    So did they get knocked up so that once in USA their babies would be “anchor babies.” Now that they got caught and will be being shipped out of the country, the babies have no value to them??



  • Dennis B Anderson

    Im sorry youre going to have to get Mexico to take care of your problems. No mass ! No anchor babies chiquita vamanos comprende! - 2015 | Privacy Policy