Illegal Arrests Doubling under Trump

Arrests of illegal immigrants have more than doubled in San Diego, California, under President Trump’s immigration orders.

In a report by the San Diego Union-Tribune, new data shows that illegal immigrants in southern California are being arrested at roughly the same rate before former President Obama’s era of relaxed border policies.

Between February and May, nearly 550 illegal immigrants were arrested in San Diego alone by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

Compare that to the number of illegal immigrants arrested in that same time period last year, where only 242 foreign nationals were arrested. In 2015, during the same time frame, ICE agents only arrested 267 illegal immigrants.

Authorities commented on the recent change of pace.

“We’re still focusing on criminals, but we’re not confined to them,” ICE’s Assistant Field Director in San Diego, Clinton Johnston told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “It’s the ability for us to enforce the law across the board.”

“All we’re trying to do is protect the community and remove the threats,” ICE San Diego Field Director for Enforcement and Removal Operations Greg Archambeault said.

Southern California, in particular, has been hit with a decade-long wave of immigration, violence and foreign cartel issues.

In a recent study by the Pew Research Center, researchers found that at least a million illegal immigrants live in southern California, as Breitbart Texas reported.

For San Diego, based on 2014 estimates, at least 170,000 illegal immigrants live in the region, while at least 120,000 illegal immigrants live in the San Jose area. Those figures are expected to be significantly higher than actually reported as the figures were taken before the Obama Administration decreased enforcement of immigration.


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  • bad title to the article.. how about instead of the one above you put the truth .. “Arrests of ILLEGALS… under PRESIDENT TRUMP” .. I wish you would be more forthright .. say the truth not a crappy lead-on that incites bad feelings.. but than you are the news media and of course are typical liars…

    • Doran Zeigler

      What you pointed out was obviously intentional. I’m sure many
      people clicked on the article wondering why a conservative news
      outlet was blowing the whistle on Trump only to find out the “illegal”
      arrests were actually legal arrests of illegal aliens. Who can you
      trust these days to be honest?

  • Carl

    And Democrats want us to believe that none of those 1 million illegals VOTED for Hillary the CORRUPT…..yeah sure…

  • Everett Hayhurst

    What are they going to do when they run out of people who have a job and an address.
    They will need to get busy with the Gang Bangers and Criminals who carry guns and shoot back.
    It won’t be so easy then and the numbers will start to fall. Ev

  • Septemberswhisper

    Yes, but the question is, how many are getting deported? Many are let go to await trials, and disappear, others are given time to get their things in order before being deported and disappear. Most in Calif. are not turned over to ICE at all, and therefore will never be deported.

  • Jackson Brannon

    I guess California is going to lose a lot of Demorat voters!!!

  • game50

    Very nice to know that the illegals are going back to the country in which they came from … now the homeless the Vets and the American people can be taken care of with the tax dollars paid and for by the tax dollars of an American people … it’s about time

  • LudVanB

    So illiterate that the title does not say what the article means. It should be Arrests of Illegals Doubles Under Trump. Go back to school dummy. - 2015 | Privacy Policy