Illegal Arrested For Trafficking Cocaine In NC

North Carolina law enforcement officers arrested an illegal immigrant was arrested after he allegedly sold cocaine to an undercover cop.

Jose Humberto Espinoza-Eguia, a 36-years-old illegal immigrant from Mexico, was working with his partner Abel Vega Alcantar, 40-years-old, when they sold an undercover police officer cocaine, according to the News Observer. Together, Espinoza-Eguia and Alcantar were planning on selling 28 to 200 grams of cocaine, police said.

Espinoza-Eguia was arrested by law enforcement at a convenience store nearby where he was living, while Alcantar was arrested at Espinoza-Eguia’s home.

Now, Espinoza-Eguia is facing deportation by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. An immigration judge has already ordered Espinoza-Eguia be deported before the alleged crime. If Espinoza-Eguia is released from the Raleigh prison for any reason, ICE is expected to take full custody of the illegal immigrant.


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  • JohnB

    An illegal busted for trafficking cocaine? Well I’ll be dad-blamed! Who’d a thunk.

    • Sandy Archer


    • plum82

      Well, dad gum it, ain’t that a hoot…stupid retard, hope someone blows his brainless head off ~~~~~~~~~~

      • Allen Shaw

        Who was buying, what about them?

  • Robert Kahlcke

    God job. “BLUE LIVES MATTER”

  • Barmaid51

    I’d check to see if this is a ‘sanctuary’ state or city first and then have ICE stake out the jail and courtroom.

  • ahmwichu4usa

    The police should have made the two drug dealing, messican, scumbags, eat the coca and Facebooked it while their hearts blew up. God Bless America.

    • plum82

      AGREE ~~~~~~~~~~

  • Ginger

    As more of these kinds of illegal aliens are arrested and deported, the country will be better off. This will also help reduce the amount of illegal drugs entering the country. The Trump Administration is doing a great job.

    • Allen Shaw

      Bet there will be no shortage of drugs in this nation, no matter how many “illegal immigrants are deported.

  • Easy Ed

    Inject him with an identity chip so it sets off all alarms if he comes back. The chip should be placed at least 6″ in so it requires surgery to remove. Instead of prison put him into the pick the crops for free program while wearing a 25Lb ball and chain. After a decade of working for free picking crops replace the identity chip and deport. Any country that does not take their criminal or gang member back is authorizing another decade of free crop work. Recheck each decade.

    • plum82

      Good ide-er

    • gingergirl

      Good ideas, Ed! I have often thought about putting them on work programs – hard, hard, hard work, and tattooing their foreheads with a BIG “IA” – Illegal Alien. Make it deep and dark enough that they can’t have the tattoo removed easily. An implanted micro chip would also work.


    Every single day there are hundreds of crimes committed by illegal aliens. President Trump is doing every thing possible to keep his promise but the democrats want to keep and protect these animals here. We need that wall.

  • Paul Omlor

    They committed a crime punishable by prison time, why would they deport these criminals? Did I miss something here? I don’t care if deportation was ordered by a judge before these crimes were committed or not, the law is the law. If they know nothing will ever happen to them, they will keep coming back.

  • Texas Belle

    Are you serious?? ICE will take full custody of the illegal immigrant? That would have never happened just a few short months ago. He would have been released to commit other crimes. After all, to Obama, dealing in narcotics was a non serious offense.

    • Allen Shaw

      How many immigrants were deported during the Obama administration?

      Look it up and than comment.

      • Texas Belle

        Not enough. If illegals commit a crime it is one that wouldn’t have been committed if they were not in the country. Don’t give me the crap that “illegals” don’t commit as much crime as citizens. It doesn’t matter how many; they shouldn’t be in this country illegally.


    An exactly what is the issue?All illegal immigrants are braking the laws of the USA do you really think that they care about a little Coacan the casemoes in vagus are setting up dispensers for medals!🤣🌙




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