ICE Releases List of Sanctuary Cities Set To Lose Funding

ICE has identified 118 sanctuary cities around the country that are set to lose federal funds.

This is all in accordance with an executive order President Trump put in place for ICE agents to keep a tally of sanctuary jurisdictions so that they can face the repercussions.

An executive order signed by President Trump in late January called for ICE to release a weekly report on jurisdictions that ignore immigration detainers and for those sanctuary localities to be stripped of federal funding. Immigration detainers are a request from ICE to a jail or another local law enforcement agency to hold someone in violation of immigration law so they can be picked up.

Sanctuary counties and cities have been attempting to deny that they indeed ignore ICE detainers, but the report released Monday makes certain which places the federal government can indeed strip federal funding from. These sanctuary jurisdictions include Philadelphia; Clark County, Nev.; Washington D.C.; Boston; Newark; New York City; Chicago; Milwaukee and all of Rhode Island’s state prisons.

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  • Mileaway

    “and all of Rhode Islands State Prisons.” hahahahahahaha OMG how appropriate! The rest need cheap,abusable labor for their service industry, of course they want peons!

  • savetheRepublic2017

    Good let them suffer the consequences of their illegal pro-illegal alien decisions. Start arresting the mayors, police chiefs, and city council members under federal law for aiding and abetting illegal aliens.

    • veda

      I absolutely agree with you. Too many people seem to think they are above the law. I hope the arresting starts like yesterday. Go Trump!

      • Elly

        Veda – You are right. As I stated below to the frog prince, they would only raise taxes in addition to cutting needed services. So unfair to those who unfortunately live in these cities and states who are also opposed to this illegal problem.

        • Christian_Patriot7

          The people who live in the cities that ARE OPPOSED to sanctuary must rise up and make their voices be heard by the ignorant officials!

          • Barkingdeathsquirrel

            Preferably by physically dragging them out of office and beating them to within an inch of their lives in the middle of the streets. Just what I would like to see.

          • Terrence

            I have been saying that for years Drag the Democratic congressmen and senators out of their officers and KICK THE SHIT OUT OF THEM

          • rs1123

            Bring back tarring and feathering.

          • EYEONOB

            It would not work, tar does not stick to crap !

          • PEACEONEARTH


        • Patriot1

          Unfortunately, those people that are opposed to illegal alien/amnesty who live in sanctuary cities/states, are a part of the problem. They take polls saying they are opposed to amnesty etc. and then do nothing else to stop our politicians from either ignoring our immigration laws or do not protest their city/county/state government for passing sanctuary laws. I have been fighting open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens for years and started an immigration reform organization in a state that has a population of 6.5 million people. There were/are 125 people who have belonged to the organization for 12 years or more, which is a pathetic number of citizens when we are talking about 6.5 million residents. Most people like to talk, but do not want to take any action or get involved, so the politicians do as they damn well please.

      • Rubendlct

        Yep! Go Trump…Go to jail with all your fake administration!

    • Myke Britt


    • CBUJAN

      I agree 100%

  • The_Frog_Prince

    Lets see how long they can bear losing those funds and have to cut back on services to the people who reside in these sanctuaries.

    • Elly

      The_Frog_Prince – What they would do is raise taxes on all those people in sanctuary cities in addition to cutting back on needed services. The pols don’t care who they hurt as long as they are continuing to receive their paychecks.

      • Myke Britt

        SO? they elected these TRAITORS they should be the ones suffering instead of innocent people being murdered by these illegal criminals!

  • Gerry Costa

    Maybe this will wake up the voters as to who they elect to make decisions(bad decisions) for them.

  • pappy450

    GO FOR IT! Lets see how long these “sanctuary cities” last with no more government teat (taxpayers) to suck off.

  • stevethul1

    Now they should go after all of the churches that want to call themselves “Sanctuary Churches” by taking their Tax Free Status away from them – NOW!!!

    • Myke Britt


    • Arlene Williams


    • rick meek

      DO YOU KNOW – how much money churches are making offa illegals and refugee resettlement ?

      • Debbie D

        The fallen away group

  • Elly

    What about the whole state of California? And Mayor Marty Walsh of Boston wants the entire state of MA to become a sanctuary state. It would force defunding the entire state of federal money, then let’s see how that Democrat state would survive.

    • ⭐️ Orphan

      Add the entire state of Virginia and Maryland!

      • Elly

        Orphan – I’m sure there are many more throughout the country. Defund them all.

        • ⭐️ Orphan

          Yes. The hopefully that list will keep growing until they have every single one.

    • veda

      Each state on the list should be treated with the same laws as the cities. Take away their monies and see then how cocky they are.

    • Myke Britt


      • rick meek

        don’t forget – fines – asset seizure – and the rest ——- they do it to americans….

        • Debbie D

          Asset seizures….. Venezuela

    • rs1123

      After eliminating their ICE funding, then determine what % of federal funds are being spent on behalf of illegals – feeding, educating, healthcare needs etc. and reduce federal payments for those programs by that %.

      • Traveller62

        Do you remember Trump saying that the police, fire, border patrol, and ICE will NOT be defunded?

  • ⭐️ Orphan

    There are many more cities and states that need to be added. However this a start.

  • MarcJ

    No federal funds of any kind to those communist-dominated “sanctuary” cities! By this I mean our liberals, progressives, intellectuals, union goons, unionized government employees, Democrats, and other such bottom-feeders and slime of this once free and proud country.

    • DG


  • Andrew Molina

    The only thing Oscumbag did right was prep the FEMA camps

  • Micky Mikutowicz

    Mayor Walsh/Boston: dont speak for the entire state,idiot…No sanctuary here!!

  • Diane Jones

    they are breaking our Country’s laws by doing this. This is federal law. Start arresting the leaders of those cities. Fine them. The Last Survivor had this one with a governor not following the law. He was taken down. I know some have followed the law since they came but they knew they were breaking laws to get here. Now Maryland and California want to be sanctuary states. no federal aid. they should be on their own to provide for everyone there. No funds go there. Let all the citizens of that state provide everything and see what happens.

  • Alan404

    The following idea might be interesting. Sanctuary Cities are political creations, the progeny of elected officials. How about docking their pay? Should they be less than happy with this, they can always resign, and seek employment in the private sector.

    • Myke Britt

      PUT ‘EM IN JAIL!!

      • Alan404


        Which bums would you jail, the illegals or those elected officials. Re the officials, jailing them is an interesting idea, but then they would need medical care, food, shelter and so on. I think driving them from office makes more sense. As to jailing the illegals, the rights that they bristle with would likely preclude that.

        • Barkingdeathsquirrel

          Not if We the People run the jails.
          We make their jobs that of turning big rocks into smaller rocks, give them three moochelle approved for student meals a day, and OTC medication for any ills they suffer.
          Broken bone? Aww, just take some aspirin and walk it off you big baby!

          • ⭐️ Orphan

            Put elected lawbreaker officials on chain gangs to build the wall. Deport the illegals and NO MORE BENEFITS OR ANCHOR BABIES.

      • pappy450

        EXACTLY! No one should be “above the law” (even “ELITE” POLITICIANS that believe they ARE!)

  • VirgoVince


  • ramp1955

    Please let this not be empty words These states and cities get just what they deserve.

  • Keith A Brunette

    Unreal, I can’t believe the childish actions of these city leaders. It really isn’t up to them it’s up to there constituents, the TAX paying people. Government is out of control. Let the president do his thing like the American people wanted. Remember the “VOTE” stuff we do just to have the courts over rule it. That’s another joke.

  • Myke Britt

    The administration of every city, county or state responsible for this crime should face time in a federal prison..

  • Carmen B

    One can find the entire list of states, cities and counties on Google- some states are entirely declared a sanctuary state and others have the list by counties. Look it up and you can find if your area will be affected by the withdrawal of Federal funds. I am in Colorado and out entire state is considered a Sanctuary state. I hope to soon see the ramifications. We need to get our situation under control and rid ourselves of criminal aliens first, and then determine what can be done with all those that are law abiding. It is hard to believe for some, perhaps, but many American people have been calling for this control since the 1980s. Finally, it looks like we are making progress toward this goal!

    • Christian_Patriot7

      Also vote out your governor that likes terrorist and made Colorado a sanctuary state.

      • Carmen B

        I actually like our governor since he was mayor of Denver – but cannot vote for him since he has allowed the sanctuary status. There are many conservatives and Christians in Colorado, but we have some havens for this foolishness, notably, Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins. I will do what I can and continue to support restoring common sense to America. I did not even need to be told, Patrick!

  • Kyritsis

    Where’s the link for all of the 118 cities?

  • jardow90

    If the officials from these cities are seen in the company of illegal aliens arrest them and prosecute them as conspirators. They are as guilty as the illegals and should be in jail.

  • klsparrow

    Liberals will be squawking use the money saved for Vet care, SS people that need help and poor American citizens on Medicaid. When I was growing up i don’t remember my parents telling me to get a job ASAP so I could give free $ to non-American citizens

  • Robert Mallow

    What I would like to know is why aren’t ALL these politicians being arrested for violating Federal Law ? If the law does not apply to ALL equally then we have No Law !

  • Jim

    Cut every damn cent to ALL these shit holes. Period.

  • Pete

    It’s a no brainer….just stop their funding and let the citizens support these illegals by themselves and see how long it lasts.

  • Deborah G

    Liberals better get off the tracks the Trump train whistle is blowing

  • juniemoon

    The liberal dimwits are going ballistic. Glad to know defunding sanctuary cities is finally happening, thanks to President Trump.

  • Jorge Rivas

    Our country cannot function as a lawless society. Justice must prevail now. All those responsible need to be held accountable and include mayors, sheriffs, etc. This must be stopped immediately!

  • rs1123

    If you believe the propaganda of the Left, illegals are actually more law-abiding than Americans, so they shouldn’t have any reason to squawk.

  • pastriesqueen

    President Trump should take the money that he defunds these sanctuary cities/states and pay down on 20 trillion national debt. Who knows? That debt could shrink to zero in 3 or 5 years.

  • Ray Tripp

    Good about time our government follows the law! If they don’t like it tell them to move to Mexico with there bull $hit….. Also charge the police chiefs and mayor’s for violating the law and make them defend themselves with there own money not ours!

  • Kstar

    How about defunding everyone of California’s sanctuary cities for all of the illegals that are siphoning the state dry, thanks to jerry brown the liberal.

  • Daniel from TN

    If an illegal is not detained because an official refuses to comply with a detainment request, and that illegal commits a criminal act after that, then the official should be charged as a co-defendant.

    • Traveller62

      A co-conspirator would be a better word for what you suggest.

  • archipapi

    Good start!

  • paul patterson

    Way to go Mr President! Don’t forget the entire left coast!!!!!!!!

  • Tangier78

    They are law breakers and not only denied federal funds but should be fined as well.

  • Tangier78

    These sanctuary jurisdictions include Philadelphia; Clark County, Nev.; Washington D.C.; Boston; Newark; New York City; Chicago; Milwaukee and all of Rhode Island’s state prisons…………………..How about Los Angeles and San Francisco?

  • grammysam

    Why don’t these liberal do-gooders, take these illegals and/or refugees into their homes? They could provide them with a couch or floor to sleep on, food, etc… and it wouldn’t cost the taxpayers anything. This would satisfy their need to have illegals and refugees in America! they could be their sponsors. Take them to church, get them jobs, and after they start working, charge them room and board! They would be one big happy family! They could even teach them English!

  • Chelonia


  • Richard Husted

    The people elected to Government Public Office are voted in too the office they hold to help, and work for the people in their district. This means helping WITHIN THE LAW. This does not mean to create their own little world. The residents in their district are and should expect to be aided by someone who has their values in their best interest. They are not voted into a Kingdom, and they are not above the LAW.

  • Finder1009

    Put Seattle, Wa on the list.

  • HCUA

    Where is the damn list? I hate it when you read about a list of politicians or a list of cities, or some other list, and then, there is no list. Wherever this nebulous list is, I hope that Tucson is on it.

  • holland180

    Of course it is no surprise that all sanctuary cities are democrat controlled and run cities and just another example of how the liberal left is on a mission to destroy our Country and pretty much on target to succeed but wait……the Lone Ranger arrives on the scene wearing the hat to Make America Great Again and now there is at least a chance to stop the liberal left but you need to stand with him and rally to board the TRUMP TRAIN!

  • TruePatriotInTX

    If Trump decided to have the DOJ personally sue the city council leaders of these cities, I wonder how many of them would continue this nonsense.

  • rick meek

    Good – if they want them —- They PAY for them —– NOT WITH MY TAX MONEY —- I have enough americans to support and I don’t need to support the world either…..I still wonder though —- WHEN DID WELFARE BECOME A CAREER CHOICE ?

  • Fred Mahoney