How Trump’s wall could beckon a global trade war

President Donald Trump’s plans to pay for a Mexican border wall could trigger the global trade war he has long threatened.

A House Republican plan he embraced Thursday as a means of paying for the barrier would slap imported goods with a 20 percent tax — a levy aimed at boosting consumption of domestic products that could backfire by angering allies and upending the entire global trading system.

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  • PXXAT5

    I’ll say it again… “there is no country that can have an effective trade war with the US”. China and the world lives on the trade surplus it gets from the US, Mexico lives on the trade surplus it get from the US,. The US is the worlds biggest consumer, without trade restriction or tariff policies. The US market is where all other countries long to be. The US can manufacture most of all the goods it import, except for rare metals, which China holds, the bulk of,(we do have one mine in the west). Sure it would cost the American consumers a little more, but it would be offset by the rise in American domestic production of these items. We must stop crying about getting things CHEAP, cheap only increases the bottom line of corporations, it does nothing for the workers, except keep their wages low, by allowing bosses and economist to say….see how far your dollar goes, how much you can stretch it… you already have a living wage, i’m paying you enough.
    We built China and paid for her industrialization, it has brought millions of people from the farms to the cities, people who now must have jobs, to buy food, and pay for shelter. Without this massive trade with the US, this mass of hungry, idle hopeless starving people would become an Unruly MOB, and ultimately a revolution. China knows and fears this, and she can not sell her cheap products to anyone else, the EU is a closed market and would not allow its market to be destroyed by China see( Google, Microsoft), as the US has, they can’t sell it to Africa, South America, or any other place on this earth with the necessary cash to feed this army, only the ravenous consumption appetite of the US can pay and feed this beast, and that goes for the world.
    And please don’t go with the trade wars of the thirties, at that time there was only about six major manufacturing centers in the world,and tires came from rubber trees grown in the Asian rim, there was no China, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, India, production, and the World was ran by Empires. England controlled India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and many other colonial outposts, France had Indo-China, middle east, and colonies, Germany had African interests, Italy has African interests, so a Trade War with one country shut you out of large regions and assets of the world, and with so few manufacturing centers, you were screwed. Today what you can’t get from China cheaply you can get from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India, there are now other suppliers who can and will take up the slack.
    Trump knows this truth, and the world knows this too, we are a Superpower, militarily, and more so Economically, its the greedy Globalist Corporations that don’t want the American workers, and people to know or benefit from it.

    • dlynch

      Right you are and there are a lot of China Officials that are not aware of this. China does not want any kind of war with the U>
      .S. as they will loose in the long run.

    • Chuck Lynch

      Trump needs to tell that greasy haired leader of the world’s slave labor capital that if he doesn’t watch his step a half billion slave laborers are going to turned loose on him and his group of about a million communist party elitists over there.
      Many of those factory workers are so poor they can’t even buy the products that they are manufacturing!
      Yes, it all began with HW Bush being sent over to Red China by Nixon as the U.S. Ambassador. As a shill for the corporate globalists he promised the Red Chinese regime that if they played ball with the corporate globalists in the West they would begin shifting all the manufacturing over to Red China to make it the leading industrial power and top dog in this newly created new world order!!

  • WVF

    Ask me if I care! We elected Mr. Trump to stop the rummage sale of America, and most of us don’t care what the rest of the world does! Let ’em eat cake! We are in the driver’s seat!

    • old codger

      YES Sir!! Let the games begin!! They NEED us more than we need them!

      • WVF

        Absolutely! President Trump is trying to save America, not the world!

  • texas1

    Up until recently the USA has always had tariffs on all imported goods. It was designed to increase and protect American industry. So this is nothing. Do you really think that other counties will try to come to Mexico’s defense? No they will try to set in and fill the void. That is how real counties act to protect their people and industry.

  • Kathy H

    I do not buy ANYTHING from Mexico now so that would not affect me. I am afraid to eat any vegetables from that country. There were too many e-coli and salmonella recalls years ago that did it for me. I also do not buy any products from American companies that have shipped certain production to Mexico. I LOVED Brach’s Halloween orange pumpkin candies but have not bought them for at least 14 years and will not until they bring that item back to US. I also stopped buying some of Hershey’s candy that is now made there. Hershey company is only an hour drive away from me and Hershey was an iconic company of Pennsylvania and production should stay here. I picked up several boxes of candy that was made in special Christmas gift boxes to give to people – flipped the box over and realized it was not made in Hershey. I put the boxes back on the shelf and found nice boxed items from another US company that also makes great chocolates. I will many times pay more for a USA produced item versus a foreign made one. I try to buy USA as much as possible!!!!!!

    • dlynch

      Read where your frozen foods come from. Green giant has plants in Mexico and unless you read the packaging, you would never know it except for the taste and the deterioration if you keep it too long in the freezer.There are other frozen food items coming from Mexico so READ the packaging!! USA items are always better and the clothes are made better too because the workers have a better pay and have something to work for. China Slave labor has nothing but a hand full of dirt and A HAND FULL OF RICE!!

    • Randolph Sonny Gillespie

      I can pay more and you can pay more but, how about the people who can’t pay more.

  • dlynch

    There is something called reciprocal trade which is when you trade value for value and no one gets the upper hand but that is not what has been going on with the U S and other countries as too many trade laws passed in our congress are paid for to the Congressmen in the form of bribes. You read of them from time to time but the really big deals are protected.Maybe Trump will cause some sort of Balanced trade to return!!

    • Chuck Lynch

      Great comment!!

  • Chuck Lynch

    What a bovine excrement article. Mexico has their own wall in southern Mexico to keep out illegal central Americans.
    So, they are hypocrites to complain about Trump’s wall.
    Every sovereign nation reserves the right to control its frontiers.
    If anybody else doesn’t like it, then maybe they too need to leave their borders wide open.
    Why is it that only predominantly white European countries get any flack from trying to control their borders???

    • dlynch

      Trump will find a way for mexico to pay for the wall and they won’t realize it until it is long over with. What an executive Trump is to get busy right away taking care of business. He will show up the Congress and predecessors real quick!!

  • blackwingA520

    How come those same people that complain and protest about OUR borders, won’t say s**t about the borders of North Korea, Iran etc….where you will go to jail and do hard labor (not like here where they have weight rooms, TV’s, basketball courts ) or get shot? C ‘mon all you Snowflake Liberals, defend that!

  • Terry Butts

    The TARIFFS this nation used to have on all imported goods was the CONSTITUTIONAL way to pay for federal government expenses while PROTECTING Americas economy it was only when GLOBALISTS who put OTHER NATIONS interests ABOVE AMERICA got into office that they began SHIFTING this cost from tariffs to INDIVIDUAL AMERICANS through alternative taxes.

    The fact that there are hypocrites in congress that FUNDED A FOREIGN NATIONS building of such a wall at OUR TAXPAYERS EXPENSE because it was “NEEDED TO PROTECT THAT FOREIGN NATION” but still claim somehow THE EXACT SAME PROTECTION (despite already being passed as law YEARS AGO) WILL DO NOTHING to protect this nation making them hypocrites as it either PROTECTS ANY NATION that has one or it PROTECTS NO NATIONS by having one.

    This shows those hypocrites are either more concerned about the security of FOREIGN NATIONS than the nation they are supposed to be working for and TOOK AN OATH TO PROTECT or they are somehow PROFITING through the foreign deal making their decisions only on what PROFITS them or PROMOTES their own private agenda. - 2015 | Privacy Policy