How Trump Will Deal With Asylum Seekers

In a Fox interview with the “Ingraham Angle,” President Trump said asylum applicants will be kept in tent cities while they await their hearings and the people who get rejected will “get out.”

Trump said, “If they apply for asylum, we’re going to hold them until such time as their trial takes place.”

“We’re going to put up — we’re going to build tent cities. … We’re going to have tents. They’re going to be very nice, and they’re going to wait, and if they don’t get asylum, they get out.”

  • Christian_Patriot7


    • comanchewill

      now all that sound fine but you know that wont happen in AMERICA…..the best thing that can happen is to confine them and hold them til their hearings then ship them back south

      • Christian_Patriot7

        Does that apply to those who throw Molotov cocktails and are carrying guns!!

        • comanchewill


        • mwood13

          shoot them

  • robert brydge

    get good lawyers & have speedy trials you pass you get in but no benifets turn loosers away & finger print all

  • James Earp

    This same plan was done last time and socialist judges let them all in and they killed and did all manner of crimes.stop them all or get out of citizens way.

  • mary murphy

    And who pays for their food, water, clothes, medical needs, schooling, etc., etc., while they are waiting? Are we holding back any aid to those countries from which they come until they all have jobs, or are sent back? Are those countries going to pay for the tents, medical services, food, water, schooling, welfare, etc., etc., until they are accept or rejected? I very much doubt it! That’s why they should ALL be provided parachutes, put into airplanes (huge cargo planes or troop planes that take our service men and women into battles around the world) and flown over their home countries and dropped into them.!! I’m sorry if that sounds cruel, but don’t you think it is just as cruel to take funds meant for our own citizens, some of who are struggling to take care of their own families, friends, etc. and spend it on those who won’t fight to make their home countries livable?


  • Tom Murphy

    The Army has non-lethal technologies for crowd control. They can project piercing sound that will drive people away or heat waves from a parabolic dish antenna. They can also coat the ground with a slippery substance that makes it impossible to stand up straight. People just slip and fall until they get off of the goo. They need to deploy these technologies along the border where the illegals try to crash the fence as they did in Central America. The troops will never have to lay a hand on them.

  • disqus_rzTFAbNVji

    No A/C for tents. Keep them in their own environment. It will be the first time they will see flush toilets. So give them a shovel also so they can dig their shitholes

  • mwood13

    if you are going to feed them make it pork only

  • Ed

    Build the friggin’ wall already.
    That will stop almost all of this horse sh*t.

  • jim jones

    Tent cities are the first step in condoning this clear cut INVASION, they are not migrants seeking asylum, they refused Mexico’s generous offer of asylum, food, medical care and full benefits in order to continue on their rampage toward America. Our military will NOT be performing law enforcement duties, they will be fighting against the invasion of America! - 2015 | Privacy Policy