Hollywood Melts Down After Ossoff Loss

Hollywood celebrities took to Twitter Tuesday night to vent after Democrat Jon Ossoff lost Georgia’s Sixth District special congressional election to Republican challenger Karen Handel.

Celebrities who donated time and money to Ossoff’s campaign, including actresses Alyssa Milano and Rosie O’Donnell, used their social media accounts to react to the Democrat’s loss shortly after the election results were confirmed late Tuesday night.

Milano, who personally drove voters to the polls in April’s preliminary election and was actively campaigning for the Democrat for most of Election Day, tweeted simply: “Grouphug” and “Get in.”

Meanwhile, electronic music producer Moby and vocal Trump critic O’Donnell appeared to be frustrated by the results, with Moby questioning how Democratic “still can’t win” even with “buffoon” Donald Trump in the White House. O’Donnell tweeted: “DONALD TRUMP IS THE DARKNESS ITSELF.”

As Breitbart News previously reported, Ossoff’s loss marked a stunning rejection of Hollywood by Georgia voters. Several celebrities, including Milano, Samuel L. Jackson, and John Leguizamo, donated time and money to the Democrat’s campaign in what became an expensive and closely-watched race and a de facto referendum on President’s Trump’s tenure in office thus far.


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2017/06/20/hollywood-reacts-ossoff-loss-grouphug-get/

  • Keith

    Ha Ha

  • get in to Alyssa’s group hug,you’ll see the “darkness itself” which is the vortex sucking the whole Demonrat party down the tubes!

  • OldTaxman

    The Hollyweird Twits just can’t get their thick skulls around the fact that the general public doesn’t want their hair-brain version of the U.S.

    • db

      They need to make a trip to North Korea to see how evil it can really get! Where the dictator starves his people to death and makes them kill one another in the process. Where you cannot leave if you wanted to and your life is serve the massa until you die!

  • Carol Ann Bowker


    • old codger

      Looks like she shaved recently!! LOL!

    • Concerned

      These people are just amazing: O’Donnell tweeted: “DONALD TRUMP IS THE DARKNESS ITSELF.” These people need to become a little more introspective and analyze their own lives and principles to understand where they are headed. In spite of all of the attacks and criticisms by these elites, Trump has done a very significant number of “good things” that are very difficult to refute. His actions to date have been “Good for America and the American people.”
      These elites are blind to the truth and do not understand how bad the Obama policies really were for America and our people.

      • Katherine Gabriel

        They are blinded by their allegiance to leftist politics and refuse to see anything that counters that no matter how obviously truthful it might be.

      • db

        when you walk in darkness, you can’t see where you’re going! They are going straight to Hell by serving Satan!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    When all you have to put all your hopes and dreams in the hands of a carpetbagging pajama boy, it really doesn’t matter how much money you pour into the race, you’re unlikely to prevail.

    • Gen11American

      As long as the Democratic Party continues to be a political arm of the anti-American, anti-2nd Amendment globalists, and continue being pimps for LGBT queers, Islamists, tens of millions of illegal aliens, millions of fraudulent voters, criminals, criminal aliens, pedophiles, and promoters of all manner of Hollywood filth instead of promoting decency, they will LOSE ELECTIONS!

      • db

        and their souls for eternity in Hell! Not a nice place to be in a lake of burning sulfur.

  • Ronald Gendron

    When will the liberal segment of our population, including those on the “Left Coast”, realize that Conservative
    Americans don’t want to see our country taken over by them? Yes, the liberals control nearly every form of
    the media, dictate what they think should be the norm, but the average, hard working American wants no
    part of it! As much as they spend to win political races, they can’t change the thing that matters most,
    how citizens cast their vote!

    • Jed Grove

      No one cares about the melting snow flakes in Holly wood. Do us a favor and leave the country !

      • Fiori Magliulo

        Those idiots in Hollywood will never learn that the average american worker does not give a rats ass about them. Those pea brained morons think that everybody should think like them. The opposite is true. So you morons can just stop wasting your time, because it does not work. Americans are much smarter then you. We are all onto your ploy. So shut the hell up.

        • Cindi Weller Turchik

          Hollywood elites believe they are “entitled” to win just because they are involved. They are pathetic. Normal hardworking Americans have zero interest in hearing from these morons. Many of us are boycotting their movies & music as well. Sales are down and this year the Oscars viewership was the lowest it’s been in 15 years.

  • Gen11American

    Whenever a radical, vicious lesbian the likes of Rosy O’Donnell backs candidates to the hilt, that should be a signal to every decent, intelligent American voter to avoid backing and voting for any and all candidates O’Donnell lauds and supports like a plague in Egypt. She and her evil ilk are degrading this nation at a rate which is astounding! They MUST be stopped or we won’t have a nation worth living in or worth defending. With the Islamists taking over other civilized nations, there won’t be anywhere else to go, either!

    • Robert

      We can analyze the results till we drop, BUT Dems LOST because of three false Americans up front in their parade. Hillary. Barack and Nancy. Period. End of study. Clinton, Obama and Pelosi will GUARANTEE leftist defeats into the future.

    • db

      yes, well, God has intervened for the time being, but we need to keep fighting for what is right and not what the left is promoting, which is darkness and witchcraft and satanism. God is the Author of every GOOD thing and they are rejecting Him. IF YOU REJECT GOD, HE WILL REJECT YOU. GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULLS YOU ON THE LEFT, YOU ARE ON THE WRONG TEAM! YOUR MASSA WILL PUNISH YOU FOR ETERNITY, HE IS A CRUEL TASKMASTER.

    • David Jacob

      You’re right! If any politician wants to turn their career into shit, get an endorsement from Rosie and her ilk.

  • cobrapilot66

    Hollywood is clearly populated by useless, brain dead, self adoring clowns.

  • travis690

    Democrats had their Osses handed to them this week. And we got to see a complete melt-down by Rosie O’Donnell and Alyssa Milano, two of the less intelligent members of Hollywood. We can only expect to see more, as the leftist machine turns into the Pacific Ocean; it can’t even steer itself straight without human interaction.

    • db


  • olddawg1

    What a shocker! Millions of dollars from liberals who live in CA couldn’t accomplish the election of another liberal who doesn’t live in the district. I heard yesterday that Ossoff showed up at a local mosque for a photo op on election day (or maybe it was the day before), and instead of talking about any issues, he only had two things to say:

    1. Vote for me, because “Trump”.
    2. Have your cell phone camera on when you get to the front of the line to pose with me, because I only have a few minutes before I need to leave.”

  • Ran-man

    When will they realize , the voters dont like them ? Apparently , they believe their own ” fake news ”
    Get together with Mike Moore and have some more doughnuts Rosie honey, and it will all get better. Yes it will, yes it will.

  • Larry Pearson

    The Russians caused it!! HA! HA!

    • db


    • Stephen Serafin

      Well, if it wasn’t them it was from global warming! That’s the excuse that covers all.

  • nmasterson

    The Follywood crowd is so full of themselves they think what they say means something to “We The People” but we show them time and time again that they are a bunch of nothings who make a lot of money pretending to be someone else.

    • db


    • FGB

      Now you hit the nail on the thumb😀. How can a person that dedicates their lives to pretending to be someone or something they are not be trusted for anything? They are actors and what do actors do…they pretend, act, fabricate, live in fantasy land and it’s difficult to understand why someone with over a IQ of 10 could buy into their deception.

    • Gen11American

      Perfectly accurate & justified hit! Thanks for aiming it where it was needed most!

    • metheoldsarge

      When you get down to it, all they are is useful idiots.

      • Stephen Serafin

        Idiots yes. Useful, NO.

    • blackwingA520

      Maybe if “We the people” stopped going to see and buy their movies, they wouldn’t have so much money to spend on trying to do us in.

  • Jorge Rivas

    We really don’t need Hollywood and don’t need the fake news media. Our country will do quite nicely without their negative feng shui. The quality of movies and entertainment for the last two decades has been very low-quality, lacking in originality and an obsession with lame remakes of oldies. In fact, we turned off our TV months ago and our family is still surviving & thriving.

  • sandraleesmith46

    HEY, Hollyweird: don’t you get it YET??? YOUR agenda was rejected! America doesn’t want it! Americans don’t want it! And if y’all want to maintain your current bank accounts and lifestyles, it’s about time y’all start LISTENING to the people who pay for you to do so!

  • EdWatts


    …Isn’t that a Russian name? Hmm? I thought that the liberals didn’t like the Russians anymore.

    Now, I’m really confused!

  • James Powell

    Hollweed was already melted down from too much dependence of drugs and their stupid notion that thinking people in the rest of the country care what they think out there. People like Rosie O’Dumbass thought their money could buy Georgia voters and convince them to elect a “Maxine Waters in a suit” to represent them in Congress. Ossoff is not a Georgian and did not even live in the district.

  • Tom Murphy

    From the Tinsel town chatter, it seems that their world view is a bit off kilter. Its not surprising given that they are constantly immersed in the world of “make believe”. Periodically, when they lose their inflated incomes, they have to face the facts of the real world and this can often shatter Hollywood lives.

  • metheoldsarge

    The know-it-all celebrities, like Alec Baldwin, are just legends in their own mind and the minds of their elitist peers. Their only job is to entertain. We spend our hard earned money to listen to their music or watch them pretend to be characters in movies or on TV.

    When they portray a character they sound so intelligent and intellectual. That is because they are speaking from a prepared script that they memorized. There haven’t been too many, in my opinion, who sound just as intelligent off screen. They are nothing more than puppets, so I really don’t care what they think about any issue. Their personal opinions mean nothing to me.

    I would rather they would just sing, dance or act. Other than that I wish they would just shut up. I usually wait until a movie comes out in DVD. That way I don’t have to pay those outrageous prices at the theater.

  • Johnstoirvin
  • voncile fullwood

    Rosie must be the one who is walking in darkness because she has not seen the light since she stopped being spoon feed,and we Southern Rebels didn’t want a Hollywood Democrat serving in our Capitol even though I could not vote I sure sent out emails to all the Georgians in the district 6 and it didn’t cost me a cent just my time on the computer and Samuel and Milano when I saw you name on a movie I all I did was scroll over to another channel and ignore all you Hollywood liberals until maybe all of you will go broke and then we could all see how fast you come off of that you think most all are better than thou,Ossoff was to liberals why would you think us rednecks wanted a paid hollywood liberal in Atlanta? Go! suck on your lemon

    • Maudlean Spires

      Good work my fellow Georgian. I did the same thing you did. I went on every website I could find and tried to help the good folks of district six with their decision. No way should we have a candidate supported by those loony idiots from Hollywierd. It made me almost as happy as the night of President Trump being elected to see the little carpetbagger get beat. The demoRats and their supporters spent over $25 million dollars trying to steal the district from the voters. They couldn’t even find somebody that lived in the district to run. The people of the sixth district turned out in large numbers to defeat the Pelosi protege. Now we need to keep up the momentum going into the midterm elections next year and claim a majority so that President Trump can push his agenda through. As long as the demoRats have Pelosi, Schumer, Jerry Brown and Maxine “Aunt Esther” Waters in office I don’t think anybody would vote for them outside of their liberal strongholds.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    It’s like they were all whelped from the same swine, I just consumed a B.L.T. and felt guilty, it could have been their Mother.

  • Larry Pearson

    The Russians caused the win in Georgia, had to be, and St. Hillary lost because the Kremlin fell out of love because maybe all the uranium they got affected their brain cells. Any way they will blame Trump for some nebulous conspiracy. 30 MILLION SHOT UP A HOGS A*** for nothing,

  • robertleo

    Don’t they get it yet. Democrats are no longer in God’s favor after what they all did in the last administration. There is a better way to run a nation and personally several democrats and Hollywood and African Americans are becoming very boring.

  • N.McDaniel

    When are the liberal social misfits going to learn that it’s been tried in Europe and they have reached new lows of uncertainity!!!

  • Cindi Weller Turchik

    Thank God normal law abiding citizens support President Trump! Without his leadership our country would be in the toilet. After Barry & the gang destroyed our country for 8 years. Now the pathetic bi – coastal idiots are all having panic attacks as Demo-Rats can’t win an election. In 2 weeks we won’t even remember the name Jon Ossoff.. in the mean time I am laughing my ossoff st these losers who are anti American values.

  • lorna shores

    ohh rosie, guess what! you lost again

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