Hillary Hack Obliterated On FBI Investigation Lies

Hillary campaign manager John Podesta is in hot water over the thousands of emails that Wikileaks hacked from him and used to damage the campaign.

But in this video from last Sunday, he shows that he’s not even a terribly good campaign surrogate!! CNN host Jake Tapper absolutely obliterates him when he tries to lie for the sake of the campaign, and it’s pretty fun to watch!

Watch below:

LOL!! Podesta is having a really tough time trying to figure out how to lie in such a way to save Hillary but Jake Tapper is honest enough to catch him and embarrass him over it.

And yet the campaign has to carry on because to fire him means they’re admitting that the emails are damaging to their campaign!

Isn’t it fun to watch liberals when they’re writhing in a mess of their own making?

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