Half a Million Refugees on German Welfare

According to new statistics, over half a million asylum seekers now receive some kind of welfare benefit from the German state. In neighbouring Austria, the migrant unemployment rate is now over 20 per cent.

The numbers come from the German Federal Agency for Employment (BA) are were announced earlier this week. The statistics come as many still worry about the ability of the over one million migrants who came to Germany during the migrant crisis to integrate into the German job market, T-Online reports.

Minister of Labour Andrea Nahles, of the German Social Democrats (SPD), said, “this is not a sprint but a run,” indicating it would require far more time for migrants to secure stable employment. She added she was “confident” but “not relaxed” about the programme.

Institute for Labour Research (IAB) researcher Herbert Brücker claims whilst the education level of many of the migrants is better than the average in their home countries, it does not compare to the average German. He added that migrants are undereducated in comparison.

The IAB claimed last December a mere three per cent of migrants who arrived in the country recently had managed to find work. The group said: “It would be an illusion to believe we will manage to find jobs for a decent proportion of refugees in well-paid industry jobs like car manufacturing.”

The former head of the BA, Frank-Jürgen Weise, has also warned that the recently arrived migrants from Africa and the Middle East will not help Germany’s problem of a shortage of skilled workers. 


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/05/11/half-million-asylum-seekers-german-welfare-handouts/

  • JaxMO

    Well who would have thunk it? But the Germans have tons of money to give them.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    500,000 on welfare, just wait until they reach a million or 2.

    • rick meek

      Already there – these are just this years numbers…..

  • Estell Newton

    Why is it that these people want help from other countries and then turn on the countries helping them? They should be concentrating on getting their own countries going in the right path rather than overloading other countries. I know they need help but what good is it doing them if the countries they flee to can no longer help?

  • Terry Cornell

    They said the Minister of Labour indicated that it would require far more time for migrants to secure stable employment. What a joke. Once somebody is on welfare, they stop looking for work and do not want to get off of welfare. Looking at the U.S. would have told them that.

  • gingergirl

    “. . . many still worry about the ability of the over one million migrants who came to Germany during the migrant crisis to integrate into the German job market. . .” Get Real! The “refugees” have no intention of integrating, assimilating or of being productive in their new countries. Their only goal is to bankrupt their new country, breed and take over.

  • Art The Fart

    Obviously, it is what the German people voted for and want! We have a similar problem here in the U.S., where left wing folks want to embrace Socialism, so that they can “feel the burn”, just like the citizens of Venezuela are now experiencing. I cannot understand why anyone would embrace Communism or want the importation of millions of Muslims. But that could be due to my old age and senility! lol

  • sherri palmer

    we have the same problem but for diff folks

  • Keith White

    The left wing deplorables want open borders and to take in more refugees in addition to illegals which would cause us to put more on welfare just like Germany.

  • Estoban

    Europe is under the attack of cultural jihad. The goal is the same as violent jihad, but just takes longer – total domination and sharia law.

    • Paul Hoisington

      Germany you are fucked.

      • shamu9

        Til another ‘Kaiser’ comes to Power!

  • Leabrand

    Try doing a little research before doing the typical conservative jump to presuming that refugees are just lazy moochers.

    A true account of two refugees from a non-political source:

    Germany has lengthy wait times before even being eligible to get a work permit and immigrants can only take positions that German citizens don’t want.

    • shamu9

      Yeah!! That worked out So Well Here, in the U.S. With the Beaners didn’t it?? They work, get Paid AND Collect ALL the BENEFITS, TAX FREE! Then RETIRE, Rich as Kings in Old Mexico! Great Exchange rate Dollars/Pesos-I lived in Texas 10 yrs! ‘Ax’ a Texan how the Wet-Backs Milk the System!

      • COMPU-TRON

        Oh yeah, rich as kings….

  • richard black

    nobody said the germans were smart..nor the french..nor the whole EU crap !!!

    • shamu9

      The Germans Used to be Smart! The French, and Brits, Not so Much!

  • rick meek

    Germany wanted them ——- Germany GOT them……

  • Lisa Millar

    The immigrants created their own problems and the western world shouldn’t be obligated to help. Especially these immigrants who are religious fanatics, violent and a miserable ungrateful lot. Germany needs to do what was done many years ago; restrict families to only 2 kids. These muslims multiply like termites; once they get into the house/country, they will do untold damage. Their purpose is the same as the nazi….go in and try to take over the country and kill those who get in their way. Why aren’t other muslims nations taking them in, are they smarter than those who take them in? They been fighting amongst themselves for centuries and won’t stop as nothing satisfies them. They bitch & fight every country that takes them in as they are an ungrateful lot.of miserable people….you never see any of them smiling or singing. Can’t believe the stupid liberal can’t see them and want to let them in to distroy our country like they are doing in Europe.

  • ReaperHD

    We here in the USA have more than that on WELFARE, all these ILLEGALS and then the Migrants brought here by OBLOZO they sure as hell aren’t working and definitely getting WELFARE, SEC8 Housing and Food Stamps.

    • jrsyshore

      Ahh the American way on obummer

    • shamu9

      Quit feeding them! They’ll leave, or Die in a Shoot-Out, while robbing a store! You can’t expect them to WORK, can you??

      • COMPU-TRON

        They work a lot harder than you do, you drug smuggling chunk of filth.

      • ReaperHD

        We keep telling the POLITICIANS that but they won’t listen.

  • Grim Reaper

    Europe has imported an uneducated, rabid, Islamic rabble that will suck the life blood out of each nation that takes them in. The Globalization nonsense of importing these people into Europe was designed for only one purpose and that is to destroy the nation’s they are turned loose in. The Globalists believe they can control these legions of non assimilating malcontents by catering to them.
    The Bible has a great verse in this regard.
    Don’t cast your pearls before swine.
    Of course Christianity has been sent packing, and the evil of Islam has been ushered in.
    The only real hope for Europe is for the people to revolt at this invasion, and toss out all Globalists, and destroy the corruption that is the E.U.

  • shamu9

    Spray the Moslem Maggots with RAID and watch ’em Scurry and Scuttle, like the Roach People they are! Ever notice that the Hadjis favorite job, if they have one. is selling used cars! Back home for them,it was ‘Honest Abdul’s Used Camel-Lot!

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