Graham Wants Troops In Syria

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told Fox News that if President Trump removes U.S. troops from Syria, that his decision would be “a disaster in the making.”

Graham stated, “When it comes to Syria do not read the Obama playbook. This is the Obama playbook, 1 foot in, 1 foot out. This is a disaster in the making. All of his military advisors have said we need to leave troops in Syria to work with them, calm down the conflict between Turkey and the Kurdish fighters who have helped make sure that it does not fall back into the hands of  ISIS. There are over 3,000 ISIS fighters still roaming around Syria. We’ve got troops there to protect us and to protect the region. If we withdrew our troops anytime soon ISIS would come back, the war between Turkey and the Kurds would get out of hand, and you would be giving Damascus to the Iranians without an American presence Russia and Iran would dominate Syria.”

“It would be the single worst decision the president could make. I’ve seen this movie before when Obama did the same thing in Iraq and quite frankly gave Assad a pass in Syria when he had them on the ropes. We got ISIS on the ropes. You want to let them off the ropes, remove American soldiers.”

  • Magik

    Assad was never the problem . The US invasion and material support for ISIS was .
    The only truth to what the military contractor’s poster boy said is ” we have seen this before ” .

  • Tim Jones

    There will not be any peace while Turkey continues to label the Kurds as terrorists and tries killing them at every turn. This is especially bad considering the Kurds have been the single most effective fighting force against ISIS. There is a region in Turkey and Iraq that the Kurds what to make a country of their own but neither of those countries will allow it. Probably has a lot to do with the Kurds not all being Muslim. Those countries are afraid of another Israel. The crazy part is, the area of land the Kurds want is virtually useless. It is a mountain region, rocky and hard to live in so it’s not like either country is really losing anything to give it up. As long as the dictator pretending to be a democratic leader in Turkey is in power, no one’s life will get any easier.

    • Dodie1990

      Kurdistan does have oil

    • Joe Williams

      The fact is, that “Kurdistan” is split intoiTHREE parts in Turkey, Iraq and Iran it could be argued, that a Syria also occupies a tiny part of Kurdistan.
      The land is by no means useless. Apart from some oil the most valuable other asset is water ! A sizeable portion of Turkey depends on it. Having a sovereign Kurdistan would be a significant game-changer in the region, and the affected countries are doing their best to prevent this country from coming into existence. It would be a positive development to have such a country in that region, as it could easily act as a guard against sectarian totalitarianism. Maybe Donald Trump could consider working towards this…

  • John woodworth

    One only hopes that Trump’s continued reckless utterances not leave the realm of the benign. Is it logical to believe he might become enraged and order the missiles to DEFCON 2, then back off leaving the world shaking in its boots—and perhaps triggering a nuclear war?

    • John Meadows


  • Dodie1990

    Trump may be right. If we are not willing to really crush the enemy and win we are wasting our soldiers lives and our money. We have not learned from Vie Nam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan. The enemy knows full well America does not have the stomach to stay and win and will eventually leave. This has not changed in 60 years. Trump sees we are not willing to win so lets get out. Bring them home and put them on our Southern border

  • george

    graham is just like McCain, always wanting war, how about we get out of war for awhile?

  • Alibaba

    What an idiot NEOCON! First, the most effective fighters against ISIS were the Kurds and the Russians. Second, ISIS was/is a CIA creation/asset. And third, thanks to imbecile W Bush WE cleared the path for former Persian Empire to stretch again from Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea. Trying to hold now a foot in their path is like holding a finger on the railway waiting for a train to come. Better take it and put it in mouth and save it, or stick it in a$$ and say AWW! At the end we still have that finger. But if the train comes and we still have the finger on the rail… Well, that would hurt. Last time I checked, our 6th fleet, or what number has now, based in Bahrain, still has to pass the Straight of Hormuz to get home if we lose…

  • richard black

    yeah linseed…thats why your NOT the prez !!!

  • dlmstl

    Turkey maybe Muslim, but when push comes to shove, memories of those 400+ years of tyrannical Ottoman rule inevitably surface. Any hope of the Pan-Arabism espoused by Nassar is a pipe dream. The only thing they can agree on is their hatred of Israel. The current disfuntion in the region is merely an extension, with different characters, of what’s been going on for centuries. Heck, the Persians are still po’ed over what the Greeks did to them in 480 BC!!!

  • Richard Olsen

    We have no lawful right, and no morally defensible reason, to be in Syria. We are acting, by our presence there attacking the lawful elected government of Syria ourselves, and arming, training, and paying the wages of mercenaries we sent there to attack the lawful elected government, as WAR CRIMINALS. We, the United States, along with what became our puppet states after World War II, created the concept of “war crimes”. Aggression, the invasion of a nation without provocation or a declaration of war, by OUR OWN DEFINITION, is a war crime. There was no such crime during WW II. We created the laws and then tried the German leaders that we could catch, or that we didn’t find to be useful for our own purposes, for breaking the newly made laws. Our own constitution forbids our government from doing that. (Article 1, Section 9) We have consistently violated, by acts of war of aggression in every conflict, all of which we initiated, since Korea. We violated the sovereignty of Korea at the end of WW II when the country that Japan invaded and subjugated in 1905 was divided without that country’s consent. Viet Nam was similarly wrongfully divided after the Vietnamese defeated the French and attempted to become an independent nation. (Which the ones we didn’t kill are enjoying their independence in now)

    • Terry Butts

      ISIS was not a lawfully elected government anywhere they TOOK ARMS from soldiers they PROMISED not to kill if they surrendered after their surrender they then PROMPTLY EXECUTED them anyway then taking those weapons and INVADING other nations as they crossed the continent EXECUTING all who refused to convert to not only the same religion but the same DENOMINATION of that religion.

      To this day they THREATEN to make attacks inside this nation and with our OPEN BORDERS politicians constantly getting in the way of enforcing the IMMIGRATION LAWS put in place to prevent such infiltration they most likely have people already hiding inside the borders of this nation just waiting for CIVILIANS to be made defenseless by those same politicians as the civilians in the nations they invaded already were by their own paranoid governments.

      Several of the incidents you mention are a result of past presidents following UN dictates and I can agree we never should have been involved in those incidents but in this case where ISIS is concerned it is about protecting this nations citizens from the same fate ISIS has imposed by FORCE in the numerous nations they have already INVADED.

      • Richard Olsen

        ISIS was created, financed, trained, armed with the weapons we used in Iraq, and controlled by the CIA of the United States. Their purpose in Syria was, and still is, to be proxy military to effect “regime change”. In plain language, to overthrow the lawful and democratically elected government and create chaos in that country while preparing to do likewise in Iran. This is NOT speculation. It is a matter of public record; just as is our intervention to depose and murder the lawful head of Libya. We pretended to be fighting ISIS in Syria for over a year; during which time, unsurprisingly, ISIS continued to take over more and more ground. President Assad then asked Russia, who already had leased a naval base there, for help to resist the American sponsored invasion. The Russian government agreed; sent a small force to assist Assad’s army, and within two months retook almost ninety percent of what ISIS had conquered. The US State Dept., aided by our puppets in the UN and NATO, arranged a truce. ISIS, aided this time by direct US and Israeli air attacks, immediately broke the truce which lasted only long enough to replace the arms the Syrian army and the Russians destroyed, and made some gains of what they had lost. Thet didn’t work out well. The Syrian and Russian forces pushed them back even further than before. There followed two more truces, both of which we broke, Turkey intervened and seized part o Syria, and we sent more of our troops, staged a false flag chemical attack, supplied ISIS with chemical weapons (which the Russians later captured), and attacked Syrian government installations directly again. That’s a very brief synopsis of our war crimes in Syria. (and after WW II, WE were the ones who made the very actions we now pursue war crimes; retroactively, and then tried the German officials for doing what had never been made a crime under international law until after WW II)

  • John Gasper

    graham IS one of the epitomes of the reigning IDIOTS that needs to be removed from the representation of America!!!!!!!!

  • seldmscene

    Russia and Syria can deal with ISIS just fine without us in the way. Graham should shut his stupid mouth. He like McCain never saw a war he didn’t like.

  • rivahmitch

    We should never have gotten involved in Syria and would not have except for Hitlery and the muslim/marxist sending arms there from Libya to support “opposition groups” to Assad (which were probably ISIS affiliated). We had absolutely NO stake in Syria until those two created an powerful enemy for Assad, the US and Israel.

    • Richard Olsen

      Syria, to be followed by Iran, was intended to be treated to “regime change” as a prelude to an attempt to destabilize and ultimately subdue Russia. After Russia, the target was to be China. The aim of the Project for the New American Century was, and remains, though the organization now has a different name, the conquest of the world; making the world an American Empire. The Wolfowitz Doctrine is the founding document. There are numerous other documents in which the sequence in which our conquests were to be made. At least seven of them already have. Syria was next, until Russia said “Nix”. China has now pretty much said, “Nix”., too. In the Middle East, the ONLY beneficiary, and the only possible beneficiary, of our misadventures there is Zionist Israel. I can’t understand why it is that the American people tolerate a government that places the interests of a tiny country, whose creation came about as the result of war crimes (our own definition) by the United Kingdom with US support and some participation, over the interests and well being of the American people.

  • harold

    Since when is this little sissy an expert about anything. If he was honest he would resign and go home. Talk about a flakey flake ,he is it. It’s easy for a coward who is trying to pass himself off as a man, to send others into harms way!

  • DonRS

    Please, someone tell me, if we and our allies were to WIN the Syrian war, what would we win? The war will never end and Syria, a true “HellHole” will suck the winners dry. Let Russia and Iran win there and pay the price!

    Graham hasn’t seen a war he didn’t love and fought every day to jump on board. With all his military experience (in the JAG corp), send him to fight in Syria or Afghanistan, since Iraq was such a success!

    Does anyone understand that Arab countries are locked into a 7th Century tribal culture and fighting is what they do. If not an outside enemy, like now, they they will fight to kill each other – like the Hatfields and McCoys ON STERIODS!

  • rick meek

    Graham like the others have forgotten his place – He’s a senator NOT the president……Trump is NOT going to remove troops from Syria and is nothing but a ploy…..Trump wants others to contribute to NATO and Funding of actions….The US taxpayer is NOT the Bank of the World and SHOULD NOT pay most funding for anything and as a matter of fact – The US should reduce it’s contribution to the UN DOWN TO 10% like the others…..NOT 25%..

  • rick meek

    Are you on drugs and where have you been – Rigged elections – Stolen Secrets – Secrets Sold – countless millions spent on a 160K job a year – Foreign Intel agents TURNED DOWN buying 411 on the latest projects under design and can only be due to the fact that they already HAVE the 411….Go retire somewhere – Humanity is tired of your kind….

  • Gene Chapman

    we need to stop isis and staykling in Syrial is not going to help with all the factions…….

  • Alonzo Philmore

    I agree, we need to go all in to win or get out. At the present we are only fueling the war machine profiteers with young American lives. My youngest son was in Northern Nigeria last year against African terrorists. I thank God he is home and out of the Army. I am a former Airborne Infantryman and I loved the military. I feel now that there is no defining mission. - 2015 | Privacy Policy