Graham Speaks On FBI Investigation

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is certain that the extended FBI background check of Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh was done correctly without any interference.

Graham stated, “It’s a complete report. It’s a background check. I’m confident the FBI did a good job. They were not hindered in any way. The focus was allegations before the committee. I was looking for certain things to be answered by witnesses. I’m more confident than ever that what the committee found has held up and then some. The main thing for me is that you need to go to the and need to ask them did they feel like they were able to do their job without interference, and I think the answer is yes. Over 150 people have been interviewed throughout the course of Brett Kavanaugh’s life. To those who suggest he had a problem like this from prior interviews, no evidence of that. That’s all manufactured. The senators who requested the supplemental FBI background check got what they requested, and I am ready to vote.” - 2015 | Privacy Policy