Graham: Pulling Troops From Syria An ‘Utter Disaster’

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is claiming that if President Trump pulls U.S. troops from Syria, it would turn into a “completely utter disaster.”

Partial transcript as follows:

RADDATZ: Senator Graham, this week also you heard President TRrump saying he wanted to pull our troops out of Syria. They clarified that somewhat. What do you think about doing that? I know it’s a different fight, it’s against ISIS.

GRAHAM Completely utter disaster to leave before the fight is done. Have we learned nothing that happens when you leave too soon and pulled our troops out of Iraq? ISIS came back. But President Trump made a speech in Riyadh, Martha, that was very important. He went to the Arab world and said two things: I stand with you against Iran, and I stand with you to defeat radical Islam. If we leave Syria by the mere passage of time, we undercut that policy. ISIS will come back. You’ll be giving Damascus to the Iranians. They’ll have a land bridge from Tehran to Beirut. Syria will be occupied by Hezbollah, Russia, Iran, a nightmare for our friends in Israel. You’ve got to stick with it. You need a holding force as part of a regional force. If Americans are not part of a holding force, ISIS will come back. And there is no strategy by the Trump administration to counter Iranian expansion, and you need a strategy to deal with Iran just as much as ISIS and the test of that strategy is in Syria.

  • shamu9

    Let the Damned Moslem Hadjiis Kill each other off, like they’ve been doing since “Moe Hammered” Invented Islam! The result will be a better world!

    • Dwight Sorrell

      I agree, they’re all vermin so who the hell cares which ones get killed?

  • SecondtheFirst

    Miss Lindsey wants to keep our troops in the Mid-East forever. How RINO of him.

    • Tony

      We are fighting a war in a country that is controlled by Russia. Why are we doing that?

  • Meathead

    Let the Sunni and the Shiite kill each other off. We should have left
    when we freed Kuwait. George W. Bush lied about Husein having WMD’s to
    get America involved in a war that we cannot win. An ideological cult
    cannot be defeated. Our being in the Middle East is doing nothing to
    protect America and we no longer need their oil.

    Pull out and block ALL immigration from Middle Eastern countries. Muslims will not
    assimilate because their satanic Koran forbids it and it is a death
    sentence to leave the Islamic belief system (it is not a religion, it is
    a theological cult).

  • Joe

    If anyone needs to retire it’s L.G.. he is probably one of the biggest RHINO’S, only nest to John McCain.

  • george

    WE NEED THE WALL,Ryan, lindsey, McCain, pelosy, schumer, are you listening?then we can talk about syria!

    • RC

      You gotta be kidding. Ryan, Lindsey, McCain, Flake, Pelosi, Schumer and a few others have no intention of doing anything for our country that makes any sense in any way.

  • William Manners

    I think Graham is right! We need to defeat Isis!!! And leave a base there to defeat any offshoot terrorist organizations that tries to organize or train terrorists!!! With our porous borders (thanks to California) we will not be able to keep foreign terrorists out of our country!!! They’ve already come to our country and killed thousands of our citizens! We cannot allow that again!!!

  • Bruce Kellar

    This bobble head peter puffer knows nothing about military strategy. He was a military AG in the Air Force who court martial’s for saying god. He sure knows nothing about war since he hasn’t ever been in one, he is a candy ass liberal.

  • rick meek

    Trump wants to force NATO into being and taking more of an effort there….WHY waste american lives – money and resources on rebuilding this chithole…..

  • Sid sees her

    Oh! You mean that idiot that helps McCain swindle America by pretending to be patriots? The both of them are just as bad for America as that chimpanzee obummer. Lindsey Graham and John McCain are the two worst Senators alive.

    • Tony

      Yes. Pete and Repeat. Lindsey Graham, McCain lap dog.

  • Gilbert Boggs


    • Tony

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