FreedomWorks Opposes Speaker Ryan’s Obamacare 2.0

Conservative activist organization FreedomWorks released a statement expressing support for the Freedom Caucus’s opposition to Speaker Ryan’s “Obamacare-lite” bill.

FreedomWorks issued their statement in the wake of the Freedom Caucus’s press conference with Senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Mike Lee (R-UT) opposing the speaker’s plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Jason Pye, director of public policy and legislative affairs for FreedomWorks, said:

We support Rep. Jim Jordan and the Freedom Caucus’s decision to introduce repeal only legislation that passed last term. I’m proud of the members who still plan to keep their campaign promises. Unfortunately, some of them were committing fraud against the American people, voting for repeal when they knew Obama wouldn’t sign it. Now they’re supporting a different variety of Obamacare.

FreedomWorks is an influential conservative grassroots organization that helped elect many conservative lawmakers. FreedomWorks’ opposition to the current “Obamacare-lite” package might put the bill in jeopardy. Congressmen Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Mark Meadows (R-NC) oppose Speaker Ryan’s Obamacare repeal package. Senators Lee and Paul’s opposition to the bill might endanger its chances of passing through the U.S. Senate.


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