Fox’s Jesse Watters Gives FBI Devastating New Motto

Fox News’ Jesse Watters has had enough of former FBI Director James Comey, and in a recent segment of Fox News’ “The Five,” he slapped Comey with a nickname so good, President Donald Trump ought to throw it into a tweet or two.

After it became public knowledge that Comey had made the decision about not recommending charges against former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her inappropriate use of a private email server long before he announced his decision July 5, 2016, the hosts of “The Five” tore him apart.

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe really got the ball rolling.

“I don’t trust Jim Comey as far as I could throw him which is not far, because he’s extraordinarily tall… You can go through and look at things that he has said that aren’t backed up by facts. He has repeatedly either given either a blatant lie or misleading statements.”


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  • ThatsMRdouchbag

    Jesse Watters is a moron.

    • rick meek

      your opinion….doesn’t matter a bit…..

    • hearmetalking

      You think Jesse is a family member of yours. No way Jesse is an American patriot

      • Diane Hovinga

        Right on!

    • GSWhite

      It’s obvious, that Jesse Watters is smarter than you! And, just by seeing your post ID of ‘Thats MR douchbag’ is really telling about yourself. Not happy? The door is open to leave and by doing that, you can say you helped make American great again.

  • william g munson


  • bearass

    How about Fan Belt Inspector?

  • rick meek

    making them the “New Gestapo”…..even agents I know want NOTHING to do with the agency anymore…..

  • 4grands

    He isn’t worthy of a word. Scumbag!

  • Ed Davis

    Comey confessed to a crime under oath!!!. Why isn’t he in jail?
    He said he intentionally leaked a memo of a Presidential meeting to
    the Professor and asked him to give it to the MSM! LOCK HIM UP!!!
    What happened to justice in this country? Wake up Sessions! Stop
    INVESTIGATING and start INCARCERATING!!! This will go a long way
    to curtailing the Antifa BLM insurrection crap if they would just put some-
    one in PRISON!!! Is the whole DOJ gutless and spineless? Enough is enough!


    If it was President Trump, he would be in jail, so, is the head of FBI James Comey ABOVE the law, WHEN will justice take place? Is it because the majority of America is Democrats, they get away with it, it’s been almost two years and yet Hillery is still free, why is that, NEVER in my life have I seen so much crookedness in Congress and the Senate, the media, NBC who i use to highly respect, kiss that good-by, CNN the drama queens of media, ABC, CBS, MSNBS, even all the news papers, will NEVER buy them, then ball-less George Soros, because he has money he pays people to do his DIRTY work, If we all chip in can we send him to North Korea, penny-less of course, he needs to be taught an old fashioned lesson. Love FOX though, only one who says it like it is, PLEASE don’t stop. How can a President feel safe or trust his own country if its run by CROOKS. I believe Putin was innocent and was framed by Hillery to set up Trump, which means she has NO love for America! To me Hillery and Obama are TRAITORS to America and should be charged with treason! - 2015 | Privacy Policy