Fox News Host In Trouble Over Adult Film Star Tweet

The Hillary campaign was able to find yet another sexual harassment accuser to distract from the main issues in this presidential race, and it got one Fox News host in big trouble!!

The woman is an “adult film actress” who accused Trump of propositioning her for $10,000 and of making unwanted advances on her and her friend.

Well, Fox News’ Brit Hume didn’t think much of her moralizing:

Wow. But as you can imagine, a lot of people didn’t like that he was implying that it was OK to treat adult film actresses like prostitutes.

And they went to twitter to register their anger:

OK, look he kinda has a point – she can’t act like she was totally shocked and insulted by the idea, given that it’s so close to what she does already. BUT… her accusations included her saying that he harassed her and her friend. So you can’t just dismiss her and say she deserved to be harassed because of her job.

Or maybe you CAN think that – as long as you work at Fox News!!

Here’s the interview of Jessica Drake’s accusations against Trump: - 2015 | Privacy Policy