Former Trump Aide Fools The Press

Tucker Carlson of Fox’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” stated former Trump aide Sam Nunberg acted brilliantly by playing the media.

Carlson states that Nunberg’s appearances on various media channels was a well planned attack that the liberal media didn’t suspect on proving the insane defense of perjury indictment from special counsel Robert Mueller.

“Who is Sam Nunberg exactly?” Carlson questioned.  “Until just yesterday, he was a pretty obscure part-time political consultant from New York City who has been struggling with a substance abuse problem. He is actually a pretty nice guy, but you have probably never heard of him. Almost nobody had heard of him. Now people are telling you that he could be key to this scandal — the John Dean of this Watergate, except that unlike John Dean, Nunberg was nowhere near the decisions when they were made. He worked at the low level of the Trump campaign before it was an actual campaign. He left almost a year-and-a-half before the election. If there was indeed a Russian conspiracy, Sam Nunberg wouldn’t know anything about it.”

“More likely what was going on yesterday, Nunberg brilliantly played the press because it turns out this Friday he’s talking to Robert Mueller’s investigators, which is yet another measure of how absurd this independent counsel investigation is, if you’re talking to Sam Nunberg,” he added. “Others have been charged with perjury after doing interviews with Mueller’s investigators. Nunberg will not be. Why? Because he just admitted in public to being an alcoholic and then acted like a lunatic on television for hours. It’s the perfect preemptive insanity defense. Mueller can’t indict him. After yesterday, no jury would convict Sam Nunberg.”

“Was that Nunberg’s plan?” Carlson added. “We don’t know really. If it was, none of the people interviewing him yesterday would have figured out because there is nobody dumber than most cable news hosts at CNN and MSNBC. How dumb? Well, dumb enough to see Russian saboteurs under every bed. Russia, the actual place, is grim and hopeless. It’s got a lower-than-replacement birthrate. It’s got waning power on the world stage. It’s got one military base outside its borders. It’s not a major player anymore. But the imaginary Russia, the one you see on television every night, has never been more powerful. To DNC and NBC News, Vladimir Putin is diabolical and omnipotent. Putin put Trump in office. He gave the Senate nomination in Alabama to Roy Moore somehow. He empowered the NRA. He likely hand-picked seasoned masters of espionage like Sam Nunberg and Carter Page to undermine our democracy. It’s delusional, but they fervently believe it.”

  • Lui

    Right on all counts, except, I’m not sure if they believe the tripe they spew about Russia, or if in the war with Trump they have run out of ammo and are throwing anything they can get their hands on to stay in their losing battle.

  • If the idiots that handle the page layout, so that we can read the contents, can’t get it right, please delete me from further emails! Thank you.

  • Chuck Bennett

    Sal…all of us could read it. Just scroll down for a second. Complain about some thing else that matters…like for instance the lack of substance in some of these posts.


    The democommie’s have just pulled the R-card in californication. Eventually this will be all they have left within the entire party.

  • Alibaba

    At this point I’m still trying to find who’s the bigger idiot. Tucker Carlson or Sam Nunberg?

  • doc suske

    Dum de dum dems. = Fake MSM !

  • posercom

    Anti-Russia propaganda is anti-Christian propaganda.

    • Steven Earle

      I don’t follow?

      • posercom

        Russia is returning to their Orthodox Christian roots. The Orthodox and Catholic leaders in Syria have praised Putin and Assad for being the only major world leaders who are trying to protect the Christian population in the middle east. And Putin has kicked out the Soros funded NGOs in Russia that promote homosexuality, transgenderism and abortion to the general population. Destroying the family and Christian morality is necessary to make people submit to government dependency. If Russia were still communist, the democrats would be paying them to influence our voters. But Christian morality and culture has migrated east as it no longer seems to have a safe place in Western Europe. Brother Nathanael is a good source for information on this issue. The left hates all things Christian. Hasn’t Joy Behar revealed that recently?

        • Steven Earle

          I was unaware of that. Glad to hear Christianity is growing somewhere. Say what you will about Putin the guy takes care of his country first. Kicking out the Soros degenerates would be a good policy for us to follow.

          • posercom

            This is why the democrat party and Fake News (both full of Bolshevik) are constantly slandering Russia and Putin. The left in America loves Joseph Stalin but they hate Putin.

  • Steven Earle

    Good for Nunberg either way. Now if Sessons follows up on another independent counsel to investigate Muellers investigation and the FBI, Justice, State, IRS corruption we might start getting somewhere. - 2015 | Privacy Policy