Flake Turns On Reps Sides With Mueller

Judiciary Committee member Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) claims that he will strongly oppose the advancing of any of Trump’s judicial nominations out of committee until there is legislation which will protect Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller.

Flake was worried about the appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting Attorney General.

When Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) blocked a full vote, Flake stated, “One further note on this unanimous consent that has just failed today. Senator Coons and I are prepared to make it again and again until there is a vote on this vital bipartisan legislation on the Senate floor. I have informed the majority leader that I will not vote to advance any of the 21 judicial nominees pending in the Judiciary Committee or vote to confirm the 32 judges awaiting confirmation on the Senate floor until S. 2644 is brought to the full Senate for a vote.”

  • ahrcshaw

    He is what he is, a Flake through and through. The fact of the matter is, Flake is angered because he has been exposed as a pompous ass, and he is resentful to the extent of revenge just like the democrats. It is not about win or loose, it is about right or wrong.

    • So, ahrcshaw…when it comes to Whitaker…please inform us all exactly what is right when his bogus company extorted millions from investors, the courts fined his company $26 million and now that very same guy is head of the justice department…

      • ahrcshaw

        Question? Have you ever been on the board of directors for any company? Regardless of size? I have! and no board member is involved with the operation of the company, they are only involved as a perk to the company, or their opinion on major moves. The COO, or the CEO makes the operational decisions with his/her staff. Mr Whitaker had no possible way of knowing the inner working of the company, the closes he would have come to operations would be how successful or how bad they were doing.

        • I don’t buy that cowpunch…No, I’ve never been a board member, but have been to board meetings and without doubt board members and management hold close ties to one another. The the board makes the decisions and management carries them out and that is the main difference. Due to the litigious nature of our society, boards for the past decade are taking a stronger interest in day-to-day management activities because of the ensuing impact on its fiduciary responsibilities. Boards need to be informed of how the organization is being managed to protect its legal responsibilities. As far as Whitaker goes, indeed he was sitting in the front row on company policies and decisions…

      • VeryWhiteConservative

        Stay coaching and ruining young people’s minds because you don’t know $h!+ about business, son!

        • Hey third grader, nothing much for ya to go on but spewage, huh. If ya can’t speak with at least an ounce of reason, nobody will ever take ya seriously…

          • VeryWhiteConservative

            So says the Democrat warping innocent minds with liberal filth

          • Look, cowpunch…I’m not a Dem, but am certainly no Repub…just an Independent with loyalty to nation over any party, but as well, am one redneck liberal. With such a simpleton of mind, it’s really easy for ya to hide behind a screen and sling slurs and am quite sure if in person, ya’d have a little more grown up manners. Ya can’t debate so only foster childish gibberish. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re never going to find it in the wrecking lane you’re driving…so go head on and blame everyone but yourself for your misgivings.

            Happy Turkey Day!

          • Mein kampf

            So speaketh the fake conservative who follow’s blindly as a sheeple should. Lap it up dogface. Enjoy your kool-aid.

  • Chuck

    Flake, deserves his name !! Glad he will soon be gone!

  • harley93

    Flake is an idiot, he can’t be gone soon enough.

  • Gerald Carter

    He needs to pack up and go back to Arizona. He is no Republican. His opinions do not matter he is a disgrace to the Republican party.

    • Jorg37

      “disgrace to the Republican party” should be a compliment these days!

      • VeryWhiteConservative

        you have shown yourself to be a useful idiot

        • Mein kampf

          More like VeryWhiteDumbass! Hahahahaha!!!!

    • laundryman01

      I would rather that he goes to California where he will fit in with the rest of the “flakes”.

      • Gerald Carter

        Yes, I agree!!!

      • RC

        Amen to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • RC

      Gerald Carter, for God’s sake please don’t put any ideas in Flakey Flake’s head. He is most definitely welcome in Arizona because he’s a lying son of a bitch! My wife and I attended one of his open house meeting when he was running or the Senate. With a straight face he told all of us he was all for a secure border, sending illegals back home, a strong national defense and many other things President Trump is trying to do. When that lying bastard got elected he showed his true colors and did an exact 180 and showed what a traitorous lying RINO Socialist piece of dog crap he really is. I wouldn’t vote for him to clean up the parade route after the horses have passed. To be a bit more to the point, I don’t care for Flakey Flake.

  • Jorg37

    Finally doing something good for the country!

  • Ron C

    Flake has never been a republican, Flake has always been a democrat that has lied to Arizona, telling them he was a republican and always voting against the republicans…period! No different than McCain…both are traitor RINO’s!


    flake turned to the darkside a very long time ago.

  • Chester

    Hell we don’t want him in Arizona

    • RC

      Maybe we can raise a lynch mob. Think we’d get in trouble for that?

      • Mein kampf

        You’re a bigger fool than the man in the White House. We live in a democracy or a republic, regardless, Jeff Flake is no traitor and has every right to speak his mind freely as all True American’s should. Hopefully, your words come back to haunt you with fierce payback.

        • RC

          Mein Kampf, you are a stupid Nazi son of a bitch! I personally saw that traitorous bastard, Jeff Flake, lie to we in the audience with a straight face. There’s a difference between bald faced lies and expressing an opinion. Of course your name alone proves what kind of a pieced of Nazi pile of dog crap you are. Speaking for myself, I served my country during the last declared war. What have you ever done for this country you ignorant bastard except insult and call names. And come to think of it why don’t you tell us all how much George Soros pay you to write your dirt? And for your information, we do not live in a democracy. We live in a republic. Study your history and you might learn something.

  • gracebydesign

    Jake Flake’s name fits him! He is a closet democrat who needs to go away!

    • VeryWhiteConservative

      RINO infestation is part of the swamp!

      • Mein kampf

        It’s call the first amendment VWDA. WISE UP!

  • albedamned!

    When he had the confrontation in the elevator, it should have plunged to the bottom! We would have been rid of him and the other nuts with him.

    • Mein kampf

      So that’s how you rid yourself of the opposition? Spoken like a true fascist and Nazi. Heil albeanumbnut!

  • Commenters here need to realize that without Flake’s vote
    Kavanaugh wouldn’t be on the Supreme Court.

    • RC

      The only reason that lying socialist bastard vote for Kavanaugh was there had to be something for him.

  • harold

    What else would you expect from a real flake?

  • GulfCoastRick

    Jeff Flake = boughtt & paid for by George Soros and the Dems. (If we only knew).

  • scott forman

    Jeff Flake is an abomination to the American Constitution and God. Therefore he needs to resign now as he is a total waste of human flesh.

  • Mein kampf

    Thank you Jeff Flake. You speak for all of us as a true American. Fight for all our rights and ignore the fear and division created by this administration.

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