Flake Bad Mouths Trump Iran Decision

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) gave his opinion on President Trump’s choice to leave the Iran nuclear deal.

Flake stated it did not “make sense.”

Flake continued, “I wasn’t a fan of the accord. I thought that the agreement in 2015 should have included some prohibitions and some addressing of Iran’s malign activity in the region and ballistic missiles, but it didn’t. But where we were now, it just does not make sense to relieve Iran now of their obligations under the nuclear part of the deal. They have realized the benefits which were largely front-loaded in terms of the release of frozen assets and sanctions relief, and now we’re relieving them of their obligations if they choose to do so to abide by the nuclear side of the agreement.”

“We have tariffs imposed and then the president just in a position to give waivers or exemptions, and that seems to be the way we want to play ball now. It’s just far from the kind of rules-based international order that we helped establish with multilateral institutions and organizations as arbiters of disagreement rather than just one country acting out ad hoc on its own. So I don’t know what that’s going to be like, but I think it’s fair to ask a day after, what is plan b? how do we address those other in that need to be addressed and still make sure that they hold to their agreements on the nuclear side. With our unilateral withdrawal, I just don’t see how that’s going to happen. I’m very worried, particularly going forward now with negotiations with North Korea, how does that make the situation better or it more likely that North Korea will enter into agreements with us knowing that at the drop of a hat we could get out of those agreements.”

“I just don’t know how we are safer with the possibility that Iran can now say to the inspectors, the IAEA that does have eyes and ears on the ground there, you’re out. How are we safer? How are we any further away from nuclear possibilities with Iran in that scenario?”

  • Spunky

    LOL – loser makes a statement – and so what – oh and it rained today – again – so what

  • Ron

    The Dems can always count on Flake to support their talking points. What a joke this guy is!

    • Junius Graham

      He has a brother, in Senator Lindsey Graham, that is just as much a liberal as Flake

      • Ron

        Lisa Murkowski is on that losing team as well, in addition to several other RINOs. Hopefully, the people of their states will replace them with genuine conservatives.

    • Beverly Parrott

      Flake it’s time to say goodbye you a worthless POS. A nagging woman is like what you are a depressed minion for your dems brother.

      • Press

        Flake, you quitter! Shut up and go home!!

  • Gene Chapman

    Flake is a disgrace to his state …did he sign no with the deal….oh i forgot congress never oked the deal …glad to see another misinformed leaving the swamp

  • artsr

    FLAKE again the only SENATOR who knows NOTHING. As long as it is about TRUMP ,He is against it.Bad case of “TDS”..

    • Rightleaning

      I agree that Flake knows nothing, but he is not the only Senator that knows nothing. There are a lot of them. McCane, Shumer, Pelosi, Waters and others s come mind

      • artsr

        100% RIGHT ,Drain the SWAMP..

    • Wendy Haynes Phelps

      the only Senator with a spine, he spoke up you ass holes!

      • lorna shores

        Wendy, Wendy, your an Idiot!

        • Conservative and intelligent

          Wendy Phelps is 65 years old, from Sebastopol, CA. You’ve let the socialist/communist bleeding heart, liberal NWO ass-wipes corrupt your mind and ability to think clearly. Almost every fact stated above is true. Military sites were off limits, completely. So where would Iran keep their nuclear warhead research and experiments – on a military base. 30 days prior notice of inspection. You can’t possibly think that Iran would “clean up” within 30 days to pass a UN inspection. If you DO believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. To show the left wing BS bias. Look honestly at the so called “agreement”. No senate confirmation. Iran Not signing the “deal”. But the Muslim in chief Obama, wanted to aide his fellow Muslims in Iran. NOW, just imagine if President Trump Pushed and dictated a deal like this. All the bleeding heart liberals like you would have gone ballistic, screamed for impeachment, called for congressional hearings and plaster it all over the fake news Lame stream, media. But because the left’s golden boy, Obama was the one who violated about 6 federal laws to do it, it was the most wonderful thing to bless this planet since sliced bread. All Trump is doing is pulling back from something that should have NEVER happened in the first place. Are you really that naive to think that a country like IRAN didn’t laugh at us behind our backs. We release all their frozen assets, plus taxpayer money, giving them the money to do “tons” of illegal research into Nukes, missiles and anything else they want to take over the region, destroy Israel, and then eventually nuke the great Satan, as they’ve been calling us for decades. Grow up, open your eyes and get your head out of the sand, and your ass, and join us in the real world.

      • mad as hell

        I didn’t know that worms had spines.

  • Flake is an obstructionist plain and simple! The sooner he is gone from government service, the better off Americans will be! And, he should take Schumer and his band of communists with him!

  • Beverly Parrott

    If this don’t call the kettle black. I remember when Obama did it without an approval to do this deal and they were so upset they wanted it to end and now that it is ended they want to keep it. OMG pure Bulls*** why because our President stopped a deal that was done behind your backs by Obama. Hypocrites get it together a bunch of whining a****.

  • James Maxwell

    Jeff Flake is living up to his name and bringing dishonor on all that he touches. So sad that he is in truth
    a Socialist Democrat pretending to be a Republican just to stay in political office and live off the Tax
    Payers. I wonder how much longer the people of his home state will continue to be fooled by such a
    lying scoundrels.

  • Ah nutz

    someone cares what this bucket of chit thinks????

  • usmcSergeant

    What a POS! Thank God he’ll soon be gone. Arizona deserves better.

    • lorna shores

      Arizona residents have already taken a stand on him, and the RNC in Arizona has censures McCain, because he`s voted with Democrats 99%of the time!

  • Ron

    This was not a congress supported matter but rather a one sided agreement by Obama, Kerry, and Clinton that only enriched the Iranians and did amongst other things failed to allow for inspection of ALL site (military included. Flake as a RINO would not have voted for this if introduced to congress but yet he now as he is about to leave congress criticizes. I believe he should go and pick a nice vacation place and retire as he planned as he has done nothing while in congress. Graham should accompany him on his future endeavors.

    • Grant1959

      I can’t wait until they unearth the secret side agreements and the kickbacks to the people you named.

  • Finder1009

    What an idiot. Iran never signed it so have ZERO obligation to follow it and are NOT following it. Congress never signed off on it so America has zero obligation to follow it. Obama tried to obligate America to a treaty without allowing Mandatory Congressional Approval by calling it an “agreement” instead of a treaty. Just one more attempt by that muslim traitor to enrich a muslim nation by breaking down America.

  • Grant1959

    It should be a prerequisite to ask these windbags some probing questions to confirm if they have even read the JCPOA and understand it. It is not and was not a treaty, it could never have gotten congressional approval. Iran gets to police itself and self report?? Iran must be given 30 days notice before and inspection? Military sites are excluded? Those are just a few of the gems they didn’t tell us upfront about this “great agreement”.

  • lorna shores

    thats why he`s not running again, he found out that his state won’t support him, NOW… get Lindsey Graham out, and McCaine is already gone!

  • DonOldGuy

    The Republican Party is guilty of its failure to support people loyal to the founding principles. By not supporting candidates who exemplify the needed actions and allowing Democrats like Kasich, DeWine, Flake, Graham, et al. to be recipients of the campaign funds of the party, they will reap a sad program of socialist, communist ideals.

  • mad as hell

    His name fits.

  • CaptTurbo

    F*** Flake! He’s a walking turd.


    It was not a treaty, and as Iran never signed it, how can it be an agreement? It was Obuma’s personal desires, period. And if it was a treaty it could not be enforced until ratified by the senate, which is part of Flake’s job, though he’s never done it

  • Danny S.

    Jeff Flake will not be missed when he leaves office. There was no deal !!!! Iran never signed onto a DEAL. There was no way to inspect anything Iran was doing to verify anything. This DEAL is similar to the North Korean deal Clinton made where we gave them everything with a promise from them which they didn’t intend to keep and now Trump has to deal with it. Let’s not forget that Israel brought forward evidence that Iran lied to Obama from the start . Let’s not forget that Iran is the biggest terror threat and responsible for the death of scores of US soldiers . Let’s not forget this deal never had the votes from the senate to be ratified into a treaty. This was a deal made by idiots who failed to understand who they were dealing with. This deal was going to kick the can down the road and make the world more dangerous.

    • mad as hell

      Only by the democraps

  • bobwhite1935

    It doesn’t make sense that fake Flake refers to himself as a US Senator & especially a Republican Senator he’s a RINO. He’s actually a welfare recipient doing nothing for his pay as are most of them in the US Congress.


    Our Great President Mr TRUMP is been attacked by All forces of evil in the camp of the demonRats . But We the Deplorables have the Big gun , “PRAYING” . I am asking to all of You to constantly talk to & pray to GOD the Father & Jesus the Son to protect & guide our President .
    Lets do it to MAGA , & when chanting go ” TRUMP USA” .
    Mr Sessions why are You NOT doing your job & fire rosenstein & mueller ??

  • Spunky

    Flake is just talking to be relevant. Not working

  • Mac147

    Flake is another Democratic shill just like McClain there must be something in the water, or to much sun I don’t know. Maybe it is a chance to see that this scumbag flip-flops on issues all the time & should be voted out.


    Who doesn’t know that “Flake” is not aptly named!!

  • Rodney

    Could it be any more appropriate that Jeff Flake is from Snowflake Arizona? The sooner that clown goes home, the better. He can take the rest of the anti-American lib-lites (RINO’s) with him.

  • Marvin Lindquist

    So did the senate approve this treaty as required? If they had then Trump could not walk away. Obama knew this treaty would not pass the smell test so he never even submitted it as required. Now North Korea knows that our senate will be involved so that there is a valid treaty that does have substance. No gifts like Obama did with Iran.

  • Sharon Melvin

    I will be glad when this idiot RINO is gone!

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    We got nothing on our side of Obama’s disaster of a “deal”.
    We lifted sanctions, gave them billions, and go no assurances in return.
    Obama the traitor made sure they could start their nuclear program, thanks Obama!
    Flake the snake is at it once again, smearing our President, and trying to undermine him.
    Go far, far, away, Flakie!

  • Tom

    What a Flake! RINO get him out of here…

  • Ronald Illingworth

    Senator Flake has it right. But, in addition, we can’t pull out of the agreement as there is no clause which allows that. We can only fail to comply with it. Of course, Trump doesn’t care that it makes no sense to do this. In his imaginary world, its all about him anyway.

    • Conservative and intelligent

      Mr. Illingworth. Are you NOT from Yorkshire. And NOT even an American? You say WE can’t pullout of a totally BS agreement, that was actually NEVER agreed to. Should you not say “you Americans” shouldn’t pull out. Please learn what you are actually talking about, before you but your nose into another country’s business? How has the “OPEN BORDERS” worked for GB so far. Does London NOT have a Muslim Mayor?. Are not RAPES of women not up over 500%? Has the Mayor not instituted “Sharia Law” principles in London? NO models in swimsuits on Buses or any other Public entity, based solely on Sharia Law? Have the police not been directed to “sweep under the carpet”, all the Rapes and abuses that women have, and are suffering in many cities in YOUR country, because Muslims can NOT be prosecuted for following their religion? Which condones the rape and abuse of women, especially infidel women. Get your own house in order, before you tell US Americans what we should and should NOT do.
      Get the UK straightened out first, Then maybe, but certainly NOT probably, you can attempt to interject you UK opinion on Americans. AND, are you not just another, Bleeding heart, Socialist/Communist college professor, with NO RIGHT to spew you vitriol BS in this country, at 71 years old. The worst kind of communist. Who lived through the cold war. Did you support the Soviet Union? Or did you back the western allies. I wonder.

      • Ronald Illingworth

        Ha, ha. You are so funny. Yes, I am an American. I served in our military for 20 years defending the US. Did you? I even live in the US. I am quite familiar with American law which includes free speech; however, I do insist on the person being informed and, as you have just demonstrated, you are not informed. Clearly, you have been listening to too much FAUX (Fox) News and the Right Wing pundits. You should try doing a little research on your own and look at both sides of the discussion. You might learn something.

  • randolph.poole

    “Flake.” What an appropriate name for this douche!

  • Just like McRino in every way.

  • It must have been a good decision if all the dems plus the flake all disagree with it.

  • cjakobsson

    Flake is right, and his points are valid. The nuclear deal was not perfect, but it provided for an increased allied presence in Iran, and the increased allied presence provided opportunities to take action to improve the overall situation. The action of trump in withdrawing from the agreement unilaterally did not make the USA any safer, and it did not make peace any more likely in the Middle East.

  • Paul Hunter

    I guess he was against it before he was for it. Sounds like almost like John Kerry (“I was for the Iraq war before I was against it”). Not a good role model to emulate. 🙂

  • jim jones

    That’s the whole point, Flake, you don’t know, that’s why you’re a looser and he big guys make the decisions!

  • souper

    WTF did he just say? “Blah, blah b blah b blah blah I’m so smart and the deal blah b blah multilateral institutions and organizations as arbiters of disagreement rather than just one country acting out ad hoc on its own blah blah blah. The most important, correct, insightful statement he said was “So I don’t know what that’s going be like”. That about sums up the whole flakey story.

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