Father and family of Manchester bomber arrested

The brother was arrested in Libya. He sang like a canary and knew everything about the plot to blow up a pop concert filled with little girls. The father was arrested in Libya, too, insisting his suicide bomber son was innocent. Under Islamic law, the father is correct. Murder and mayhem in the cause of Islam is righteous.

Libya — stop immigration from jihad nations. Trump is right.

Four men are now in custody, including three arrested in south Manchester on Wednesday and a 23-year-old detained Tuesday. Police have not yet found the bomb making equipment — the bomb maker must still be at large.

The mosque, which, it is alleged, funded al Qaeda, should be shuttered immediately.

“It is very clear that this is a network we are investigating,” Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said Wednesday following a series of raids and arrests after the attack.

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source: http://pamelageller.com/2017/05/father-3-family-members-manchester-jihad-bomber-arrested-aware-details-planned-terror-attack.html/

  • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    Naw! I’m sure it’s just a BIG misunderstanding! Keep it up England! Kill more of your citizens in the name of your Communist leaders, politically correct, social lies!

    • db

      actually that is what they want. They want population control and they murder and eat children. So don’t be so quick to judge others by your standards. They don’t have any! Anything goes with that messed up Crown and they take orders from the Jesuits, with whom they are in league, to destroy all Christianity from off the face of the earth, which is not going to happen, but they are going to try. That is why they want to blow everyone up, it’s part of their scheme to control populations by eliminating too many ‘useless eaters’! Got it yet? Hope you catch on soon!

      • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

        Thanks for the incredibly, unbelievable, scenario, and not dealing with the reality!!

  • Jim

    Execute at least 22 members of this family.

    • Earline Jackson
    • Earline Jackson

      Sorry, the pic wasn’t meant to be sent.damned phone.
      What was meant is, if there are more than 22 members in his extended family, execute them ALL.

    • Meathead

      No. Bulldoze 22 Mosques and and let it be known that a Mosque will be bulldozed for EVERY citizen killed by a Muslim in the future.

      • Louise Adams

        Good idea!

      • db

        yes, in Israel they do destroy the homes of those families who are related to terrorists who commit crimes against others.

      • Jim

        Only if they are filled to capacity with the believers of “peaceful” religion (?).

  • Easy Ed

    ANYONE who knew and did not tell the police is as guilty as the bomber and should face the death penalty.

  • Holy Joe

    It will take an event as big as the New York City Twin Towers 9/11 Atrocity to get either Europe’s or the U.K.’s attention to the reality of the really dangerours situation that their politicians have allowed to develop. Then they wil create a storm of talking and do absolutely nothing about it at all !

    • Meathead

      I disagree. They will pass legislation, like the Patriot Act, to suppress freedom and form a “Gestapo Like” Department of Homeland Security. ALL in the name of “safety” but actually a move towards a New World Order. The Serfs will do nothing to stop them just like Americans did nothing.

    • DollyT

      just like us!

    • db

      You will never get their ‘attention’ they don’t listen to anyone but the Black Pope, the Jesuits, who, if you knew their mantra, want to destroy as many people and esp. God believing people off the face of the earth. They all belong to the dark side, to satan, and do his bidding. Tht is why their attention is already captured by him and they do his bidding.

  • retiredsgt

    Those P.C. Jackassess in England and Europe DESERVE what they got! Though, you would think the English, having dealt with “The Turk” ( Muslums )in the past, during the Crusades would know better. Their modern education is probably just as screwed up as ours in the good ole U.S.OF A. Those who are IGNORANT of the mistakes of the past, ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT THEM!!

    • pmbalele

      Please do not blame English people. This was another saddest time in this world. How can a young man think of going to blow-up himself and others? What was he missing in life? I agree with Trump that such acts are for losers and cowards. If such people find they can’t stand living in this world, why can’t they hang themselves? That way we can at least sympathize with them’ not when they go killing others for their frustrations.

      • db

        hE WAS MISSING GOD! Allah is not God and those who worship anyone else are fools and are deceived to b3elieve they will go to some place called ‘paradise’ when they are headed straight for Hell. That is what the Bible says, not me. Evil is the ABSENCE OF GOD. Obviously, he had no real God in his life, only the ideology he was taught based on hatred of others, including yourself or you would value your life more than he did. Only those who have no reality in their life would do such a thing. Jesus came to give us just that Reality and He is not RELIGION! He IS Reality! God is love, and those who follow the True God are those who love, not those who destroy others because they have no love to give.

  • Meathead

    Keep in mind that Islam is peaceful. That’s why you hear the thunderous sound of Muslims condemning this barbaric act. Oh, you haven’t heard it? Well, don’t waste time waiting for it.
    Hopefully, people will awaken and start eliminating Islam and Muslims from this planet BEFORE it is too late. Don’t waste your time waiting for this to happen either.

  • Charlie

    Stop domestic terrorism in a heartbeat: outlaw islam in America, raze every mosque to the ground, build cathedrals over them and deport every moslem and his family that refuses to swear on the Holy Bible and maintain, under public supervision, allegiance to the US Constitution and American law. There is no room in America for alien Islamic ideology. islam in and of itself is the problem. islam breeds terrorists faster than rats.

    • db

      Yes, we need to stop allowing mosques to be built in America, that is for sure. We need to exile and export every Muslim from America and the world and send them back to their own country so they can worship whatever devil they want without bothering anyone else in the world. We have allowed too many already here and have ‘gone along to get along’ which does not work with them. They want to control and dominate and that is not how we operate in America, or the world. They have the wrong mind set and there is nothing that can overcome that except the love of Jesus, whom they reject as Messiah. So they will go on in their darkness and fall into Hell when they die. I pray their eyes be opened and their minds be illuminated with the Truth of the Word so that Jesus can be their Lord instead of Satan.

      • Charlie


  • Juanita

    Why is it that the authorities did not act until after the bombing?

    • db

      They were probably under orders from the QUEEN, who is part of the NWO, a Nazi, just like Soros and the rest of the Jesuits who torture their own people for not conforming. They are the ones using the Muslims to do their bidding and that is why they allow it to continue. go to Utube and watch videos of the Jesuits, that ought to open your eyes.

  • Vicky Goldstone

    Islam and Sharia advocate the violent overthrow of our nation and its constitution. Every public official has sworn an oath to protect and defend the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. They all ignore that oath when it comes to Islam and Sharia.
    We need to bring back Joe McCarthy to purge our country of these anarchists. Islam is not a religion by civilized norms, it is a violent social order and not unlike a cancer on the body politic. It does not qualify as a religion worthy of constitutional protections at least in its current form. Our society needs to be immunized and protected from this scourge!

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